February 20, 2011

GPUS SC Conference Call
Sunday, February 20, 2011
8:00 p.m. EST

Co-chairs: Jason Nabewaniec, Theresa El-Amin, David Strand, Farheen Hakeem
Secretary: Holly Hart
Treasurer: Jeff Turner
Staff: Brian Bittner (after executive session)

Facilitator: Holly

8:08 – 8:21 EST
Personnel Items
1 – Settlement – done; more TBA
2 – Update on Fundraiser position hiring – Jeff


At the end of January, we have nearly $1000 more than we did at the end of December. We have no outside accounts payable or loans payable, thanks to the Juoni Trust contribution in early January. Not enough to immediately hire a fundraiser, but in better shape than we have been.

Jeff writes: Now all we need is a successful special one-time fundraiser of $50,000 and we will be out of the woods with all state sharing paid, money in the reserve account for funds belonging to committees and caucuses, and a small, but positive, bank balance that we have not had for at least three years!


Brian sent a report to the SC today. He said the SC may forward whatever they feel comfortable reporting to the GNC.

Brian is confident the ANM proposal will pass, and will be working with ANM and GreenfFest organizers to begin setting up the registration process and scheduling NC events. The SC will be responsible for plenary sessions, hopefully organized as soon as possible.

Fundraising drive, with goals of making office improvements and retiring state sharing debts, continues. ANYONE LISTENING IN, FEEL FREE TO ADVERTISE THIS ON STATE & LOCAL LISTS!


Lease ends May 31, and the landlord wants to know our intentions. We have options for 1, 2 or 3 year leases; rates increase are spelled out.

Jason asked if there is cheaper, better option. Jeff stated that we’ve searched DC over and over, doesn’t think we’ll find anything cheaper. Space is enough to function, we’re short-handed, short in bank, doesn’t want to saddle Brian with having to move unless we stumble across a good deal. SC generally felt we should wait for another year, although Jeff noted that this would put us into the 2012 election season, which is not ideal for an office move.

Jeff offered to follow up with the landlord to see if we can get a customized lease at the same rate and come up with a formal proposal. There may be other timing, 1 or 2 years, we don’t want to be moving during 2012 election.

SC AGREED to continue discussion, and that Jeff follow up with the landlord, find more information and draw up a proposal.

V. QUESTION – Possible use of $2000 for SC travel in budget for ANM travel, expenses

AnmCom has asked the SC to DECIDE whether to use these budgeted funds for ANM travel and expenses.

Jeff suggested that it be made known that anyone elected to SC is expected to ANM, to stay and extra day or two. “We’ll kill two birds with one travel bill.” New SC has a meeting immediately following the ANM (not cursory, plan ahead).

Theresa asked how it would work for SC candidates, who may have made arrangements to leave earlier. Also, she noted that we don’t actually have the $2000. Jeff explained that allowing ANM to use the funds helps keep the registration cost down.

Jason believes it’s important to have a strategic planning meeting, but important to include new SC members, so it would be later in the year, if at all. We’ll have to see what finances are or fund it privately. He is ok with allocating this budget item to cover ANM costs.

David agrees, hoping that we’ll have a fundraiser and be better off financially later in the year, ANM can work with larger budget base.

VOTE to re-allocate funds in budget line item.
Jeff – Yes
David – Yes
Jason – Yes
Farheen – Abstain
Theresa – Abstain
Holly – Yes
PASSES, 4 Yes, 2 Abstain. Theresa will inform AnmCom of this decision.

GPoNYS – Request for GPUS Endorsement of UNAC event.
2 weeks discussion, 1 week vote
50% threshold
Floor manager: Holly

VII. DISCUSSION – Jason asks that we begin discussion of 3 critical issues for GPUS to highlight for upcoming election cycle – Jason

Jason explained: Last SC Face-to-Face strategic planning meeting (2008), we determined it was important to have 3 main issues we could focus on keep in the forefront. We need to start thinking about it and talking about what those issues should be. These should be topics that can be particularly useful statehouse candidates can use, important at state level, in the media, and where GPUS would have a position different than the major parties. We could use a couple of green papers on each issue for deeper knowledge, to aid candidates and Media Committee. Useful as resource for candidates. When we have discussion with delegates, candidates, committees, ask them for input on what they think will be important issues.

Theresa stated she feels this is not the SC’s role, rather part of the Media Committee’s work. Jason explained that this is something different, not meant to duplicate what the Media Committee does.

David – make sure others are aware that we have resources candidates can use.


Jason – Elections Working Group from last year’s ANM is getting close to having a new statement and proposal to re-constitute the CCC.

FundCom – So far 30 state parties have come up with a fundraising captain. CA is one of the larger parties that doesn’t have one yet. If anyone knows of someone who would be interested, please let FundCom know.

Theresa – expressed appreciation for Scott McLarty and Media Committee, but feels “issues” really emanate from that committee, not the SC. “Stopping FBI Repression” conference in North Carolina media notice was a good example, drew interest in GPUS, thanks to Scott and Brian’s work.

David – one more vote on Platform to complete this cycle. He is getting questions on when the platform will be posted on the website, andwill be asking Platform Committee if all but that final bit can be posted.

Jeff – MerchCom has been quiet for about 6 weeks. He has recruited Sanda Everrette, who has been vetted by GPCA to join. The committee co-chair has stepped down, so Jeff has invited Emily Citkowski (former operations director and office manager) to assist in transition. They plan to do an open solicitation for members.

IX. Progress Report and Discussion on Fundraising – Jeff, et al.

Jeff – has hopes to see more non-stop chatter about fundraising. Brian has reported a few donations tagged to this effort. We are aiming for $50,000 by April and have a way to go. Jeff encourages everyone to write a check for $50 or $100, mark the check as part of this effort, and note that online.

This is urgent NOW – in addition to usual fundraising, this is a special effort. We need to get this done in the next month or two, so we can hire a fundraiser.

X. DISCUSSION – Personnel Committee

Jeff – This would be a regular GPUS standing committee, an advisory committee. Membership should not be entirely SC members. Members should have personnel skills, background; would advise with hiring, work review, contracts. Jeff suggested a minimum of 3, with 1 SC member; supervisor of staff, other SC as needed. This may need GNC approval. Should we take our current hiring committee whole we continue to discuss the definition of this committee.

Hiring committee will make written suggestions for SC to consider. Theresa asked if there was a timeline. Jeff felt there was no clear timeline, but hopes to see written suggestions within a couple month.

SC AGREED to have current hiring committee assist with recommendations for a Personnel Committee, hope to have something “concrete” within a couple months.

NEXT CALL: Sunday, March 6, 2011; 8:00 p.m. EST

Holly Hart
Secretary, GPUS