February 23, 2014

GPUS Steering Committee
Meeting Minutes

Sunday, February 23, 2014 – 8:00 p.m. ET

a. Facilitator – David Doonan
b. Start recording of call
c. Roll Call: Tamar Yager, Budd Dickinson, Charles Ostdiek, Kate Culver, Starlene Rankin, Jeff Turner, Karen Young, Jesse Townley. For item II.b. John Andrews and Tom Yager.
Absent — Darryl! Moch.
Observer: Jody Grage

II. Old Business
a) Evaluation of Committees
Jesse — CCC — continuing webinar training sessions, problem with accessing recordings,
Tamar — ANM –good, fact-oriented committee; registration page up, good list of potential Speakers
Kate — FinCom functioning quite well and there is money in the bank; need to evaluate ifwe need so many committees.
Jeff — Merch Comm needs more people though has a lot of artists, need people to run thestore; FinCom needs more young people; FunCom needs chairing since Karen resigned.
Karen — Outreach has raised almost $1500 for rebranding campaign, developed strongproposal, Facebook project and polls moving along, many committees need to do better onagendas/minutes/etc.
Starlene — Media doing great including streaming, social media; BAC needs better administrative functioning and membership list updates and work plans.
Charles — EcoAction and IC — neither highly functional — will send written report.
Jesse – Platform committee- not a lot of quick movement; some people just criticizethe status quo. Defeat of schedule proposal demoralizing to committee

b) Following up with Bernie Sanders
Reviewed Sanders public interviews — where coming from, parameters, etc.;
99% chance he will not run; if runs,has mentioned Independent or Dem,
said he will never play the role of a spoiler, said he will not run
against Warren, has not expressed interest in building something
Questions for Sanders could include:
Would you run as hard as resources permit including in battleground states?
Would you make a commitment not to drop out to throw support to Dems?
Would you encourage people to support Green Party/third parties?
Would you not endorse those running against Greens?
Who do you envision as a running mate?
Would you run as an independent and seek the Green endorsement?
Follow up could include in-person meeting with more than on Green.

Fusion candidates permissible in about half of states for presidential race. Could form coalition with Green + Progressive Party in VT/CA, Peace & Freedom in CA, etc. — Dem?/safe states?/drop out before final vote; not expressed any interest in building something lasting;Greens offer 444 Electoral votes/95% of voters.

Karen — SC needs to take up issue of spokesperson/people — professionally dressed, articulate, well prepared, etc. — need within a couple months.

Sanders’ brother elected Green in UK — Starlene has reached out — no response.

c) Wiggio Tutorial – 5 min. max. Starlene will work with those who want help, Charles feels he’s okay,Jeff, Kate, and Budd are interested.

d) Update on Florida –
Kate — sent letter to all of FL officers on website; invitation resulted in one person interested in talking and have problem addressed, other person called Kate and said theysaw no problem. Brief conversation resulted in person saying wouldn’t talk to Kate again. State meeting tomorrow night and Kate invited on by one of members, she plans to attend. Kate has talked to other CCmembers and they are concerned about behavior. Kate sees a need to create a more egalitarian and collaborative relationship between national and state parties and that the SC does have a role.
III. Standing Business
a) Treasurer’s Report –
There is nearly $10,000 in the two general fund accounts, but almost $2,000 needs to be transferred to the reserve account. The goal is to have all earmarked funds in the reserve account, plus an additional $13,000 in reserve for one month’s baseline expenses at month end.

b) Fundraising Report – Dave Sacks sent report. Mailing goes out next week.

In the queue:
ID 736 – Join the Coalition for Open Debates 2016, Voting 2/24 -3/2.

ID 737 – GPUS signing on to ….Global Climate Convergence, Voting
2/17-23. Has met quorum.

ID 738 – Amendments to Bylaws: Name and Mission Statement, Discussion
2/17 -3/2.

Karen — No comment on mission statement, Karen will send reminder for second week of discussion.

Received for the queue: None

e) Liaison Reports

Starlene sent in reports — CCC members – several candidates already running,

Budd sent one notice and got no response; encourages recruitment; question if those who were appointed are full members or need to be elected. Appointment is only good for a year. Starlene and Jesse will help with CCC election call — Budd will forward previous call for nominations.

Karen — scheduling last of conference calls about structure with Hugh Esco this coming week,

What is CCC doing besides monthly trainings — need to do something to encourage new members, reorganization of CCC proposed in Iowa City — CCC umbrella committee to include Hs/Senate committees — targeted to have elections in December which didn’t happen — in place within a couple months of elections — should happen within a month; find one winnable federal office

Charles — short reports on EcoAction and IC sent;Global Greens dues question — no contact from Global Greens secretary to date; Farheen hasn’t contributed in seven or eight months, Julia Willibrand has medical problems; Charles will suggest holding new elections and may have to do them himself

Need temporary liaison to replace Darryl!?Tamar will call Darryl! to see what to expect from him.Darryl! asked Jesse to step in on a couple committees — and BRPP members are all vetted by state parties.Charles will follow up with BRPP.

Diversity -Kate will talk to Darryl.
IV. New Business
a) Switching to Forum – Karen says there may be a proposal coming from BRPP. We discussed the pros and cons. Can get email format but have to respond on the forum. Jeff said, “Tell me why!” Budd is also concerned about the need. Tamar said that we need to respect diversity and be careful that the technology we use can be used by all.

Budd Dickinson