February 6, 2011

GPUS SC Conference Call
Sunday, February 6, 2011
8:00 p.m. EST

Co-chairs: Theresa El-Amin, Farheen Hakeem, David Sand
Secretary: Holly Hart
Treasurer: Jeff Turner

Jason and Brian were not able to be on tonight’s call. Brian will send a work report.

Facilitator: Farheen Hakeem

I. EXECUTIVE SESSION 8:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Personnel Items

CONSENSUS on agreement with former staff member to resolve various items; more information will be posted to the GNC

Update on Fundraiser position – Farheen


a. Jeff reported that he has paid bills for January, other bills up to date. He said there is just enough in thew bank will write up a cash balance report and send that to the SC.


The Media Committee has asked for an approval for $9/mo in their committee budget for a skype video conferencing account. This will be used for a planned regular livestream program. The SC agreed this is a good idea, not expensive, and that the MC has budgeted funds that would cover this.

SC AGREED, by consensus to approve the request.



1 – GNC Approval of Brent McMillan for Finance Committee (Indiana Green Party; 1/25/11)

Usual timeline, to go out Monday, 2/14; 50% threshold; David will be floor manager.

2 – Reconciliation of platform content conflict (Platform Committee; 1/31/11)

Usual timeline, to go out Monday, 2/14; 50% threshold; Farheen will be floor manager.



DAC – has had some “incredibly productive” phone calls, and may have a formula. Work is not finished, but moving forward well, hopes to be ready sooner than earlier thought. Survey responses were good, helpful.


International Committee, Annual National Meeting, Ballot Access. She is waiting to hear from Phil Huckelberry on a particular ballot access question. The IC co-chair election is coming up. There is a lot of activity on AnmCom on upcoming 2011 meeting.


FinCom has discussed the need for an accountant. Currently, Jeff has to act as accountant. FinCom recommended he draft a contract pointing out that he technically has a conflict of interest, but as a “one time” situation, he will work to develop some cost accounting and other standard practices. Contract would be for Jeff’s business, not himself, funds budgeted for accountant would go to staff. David pointed out that, if services performed are way below standard cost, they must be logged as gifts in kind.

V. Progress Reports on Co-chair nominations – Holly

Nomination period runs through February 13th Holly will send out reminders.

VI. Progress Report and Discussion on Fundraising – Jeff, et. al

BIll Kreml and Karen Young are building up a network committed to raising $1000/state. They now have 30 state fundraising captains. Brian will do some writing and messaging. Email and social media blasts related to upcoming holidays are planned. Jeff said that the key is for all to chime in: we will get our IT, database gear up to date and working, keep our office, look toward election year of 2012. We hope to raise $50,000 in addition to our usual cash flow by April 1st.

NEXT CALL: Sunday, February 27, 2011; 8:00 p.m. EST


Holly Hart

Secretary, GPUS