February 9, 2014

GPUS Steering Committee Minutes – Feb 9, 2014


a. Facilitator – David Doonan

b. Roll Call – Karen Young, Budd Dickinson, Tamar Yager, Kate Culver, Jeff Turner, Starlene Rankin, Jesse Townley.

Absent – Darryl! Moch, Charles Ostdiek
Observer – Jody Grage

II. Old Business

a. Rebranding RFP and Process; Decision item – KY

Updated version on Wiggio based on feedback and some rewording to get away from perception as mainly environment party; will go out to potential designers this coming week.

Timeline – March 6 – Outreach recommend short list of designers, March 9 – SC accept short list or expand, 3/23 – further research, recommendation, etc. SC choose vendor.

Consensus to go forward.

III. Standing Business

a) Treasurer’s Report, Fundraising Report & Finance Items for decision – JT

February may be a slow month so bank balance may decrease slightly. One month of basic expenses are in the reserve account.

Global Greens dues – will contact paid staff at Global Greens directly to get clarity. bad practice to pay without invoice – needs to be in Fiscal Policy; need to address lack of process in the IC.

State Sharing – Jeff sent 2010-11 state sharing spreadsheet with suggestion to pay small amounts less than $100. Total is $13k. suggests to pay states needing money for ballot access; suggestion to write off KY, AK, and ND since not in existence during that time; (Black Caucus giving $500 from their funds for travel for Asa Gordon) Consensus to pay states under $100 plus others in need of BAC funding up to $2500 total repayments.

Fundraising – Tamar – GP Cards going out as people make donations. David and Brian have a plan to send GP cards to 2013 donors with thank-you letters as they donate this year. They are working on a plan to get the others out because it is expense in labor, materials and postage to send them all at once. Resolicitation letter will go to printer tomorrow.

In the queue:

ID 736 – Join the Coalition for Open Debates 2016 – much discussion on list including calls to withdraw the proposal;

Starlene – floor manager – will send post answering questions; Jesse – many objections to individuals in coalition with whom we don’t agree rather than critiques of the proposal itself;

Kate – people speaking out both for an against so shouldn’t be pulled – choice up to the GNC and defeat only means that the GNC doesn’t want it;

Jesse – need to be sure that some in the coalition don’t highjack the process if the proposal passes; Karen – need to have active GP involvement if part of the coalition; Kate – some GP action steps are in the proposal.

ID 737 – GPUS signing on to ….Global Climate Convergence – Need discussion on the list to raise awareness

Received for the queue:
Mission Statement – latest version on Wiggio under pending proposals, “dedicated to transforming” rather than “works to transform”. unalienable or inalienable? – ask Bill Kreml. Floor manager Kate. Budd will put it up after Kate sends the final language.

c) Liaison Reports Discussion

Quite a few reports posted – Karen will check to see what reports were not posted.

How to report in minutes: Suggestion to post on national discussion forum with link to them in SC minutes. David D is working on setting this up.

CCC – Election needed before begin work to amend CCC rules; Budd put out call for nominations in December with no response and will send out another call; phone recruiting needed to get candidates, include language with mission statement and what committee is.

BAC – Need to review plan that will be voted on and probably approved by BAC.

IV.. New Business

a) Suggested changes to liaison tasks. Creation of portfolio system for SC as an option.

Follow-through is a problem as is division of labor, scheduling non-urgent as well as urgent items, and need for spokespeople. Budd has sent out notes from the Sunday night meeting in Iowa City. Match skills and talents and interests of individual SC members to the tasks.

Also no one’s in charge – like a “chairman of the board” – could be SC internal decision;. Request for each SC member to write down there skills and knowledge. Suggestion for structured hierarchy of leadership. Compensation may be needed to put in the necessary time. – Tabled until specific proposal. Karen volunteers to work with Kate to put together a discussion as the next step. Jeff – hopefully have ready for next SC including changing the rules.

b) Wiggio Tutorial. Tabled.

c) State Party Concerns – decision on next steps. Kate – Florida members have reported not being allowed to participate in their state party. Kate requests okay to have discussion with state party leadership to hear their concerns. Then Kate would assess the situation and hopefully come up with some suggested actions. Consensus to approve Kate’s request.

d) SC/Staff reimbursement policy for ANM

Tamar – emailed ideas to SC, not reimburse if not at SC meeting after ANM, assistance to SC candidates to stay for that meeting. How to work with candidates who are and aren’t elected, matter of responsibility that comes with leadership, perhaps minimum for travel and lodging with per diem for meals available as necessary, consider paying for hardship cases if necessary, continue discussion.

e) Orientation for candidates for SC/invite to ANM Sunday meeting – discussion and appoint a few people to work on this. Tamar – previous committee of 3 to do phone orientation so those interested could call in and ask questions; perhaps those not elected could observe the SC meeting Kate will work with Tamar on this.

V. Executive Session – personnel KY
No decisions made.

Budd Dickinson