Finance Committee Proposal



Jake Schneider, GPUS Treasurer, PH 920-830-9688

Discussion December 6-15, Vote December 16-31

The nature and activity of Green Party finances has changed dramatically since its first fiscal policy which was adopted in April 1998. The Steering Committee has determined the need for a Finance Committee for better monitoring of fiscal activities.


There will be a standing Finance Committee whose primary task is to monitor fiscal activities only. In addition it is to ensure these rules are approved; consult with staff and officers to make recommendations to the Coordinating Committee for fiscal policy changes; and prepare annual budgets and occasional budget amendments for the consideration of the Coordinating Committee.

The Finance Committee will oversee day-to-day affairs of party finances such as bank accounts, methods of disbursement, etc., as well as obtain an independent annual audit of our financial affairs by a certified public accountant, as the Finance Committee shall be considered our audit committee.
The Treasurer and accountant will consult with Finance Committee on our fiscal policies; the Finance Committee is authorized to bring issues of concern to the Steering or Coordinating Committee and temporarily halt transactions if they raise concern.
The Steering Committee with direction from the Coordinating Committee shall implement whatever actions are recommended in order to continue financial transactions.

Membership on the Finance Committee will be, at a minimum, the Treasurer, the accountant, the designated Steering Committee member who is on the banking signatory card, and any Steering Committee members who choose to join. Any member of the Coordinating Committee may join with the voted approval of the Coordinating Committee. Volunteers for the Finance Committee shall inform the Steering Committee of their interest, so that the Steering Committee may call a timely election for approval of the new member. The Treasurer shall be the chairperson of the Finance Committee and the designated Steering Committee who is on the banking signatory card shall be the co-chairperson of this committee.