Format for Submitting Proposals to the Green Party

Adopted 2001

Proposals may be submitted by individual member states, co-presented by a consortium of states or by authorized committees.

Proposals shall be circulated, discussed and debated in accordance with existing Green Party bylaws and procedures.

A Brief statement on the background of the proposal and the process involved in bringing it before the Coordinating Committee for a decision shall be included in a reasonable and succinct format. While assuring freedom of speech, every effort shall be made to exclude insulting language, slander, hyperbole & innuendo.

Proposals shall include the following:

1. The action required by the Green Party of the United States.
2. The timetable anticipated for implementation.
3. Who will be accountable and responsible for the implementation.
4. How will progress be reported to the Coordinating Committee.
5. What, if any are the budgetary implications of the proposals adoption?
6. Possible applicable references sources.

We propose the following proposal format to be utilized to the best of the presenters ability:

Green Party Proposal Format

PRESENTER: (State, Group of States or Committee)

CONTACT: Primary Presenter (name, address, phone number, email)

SUBJECT: (10 words or less)

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: (100 words or less. To include relationship, reasons and/or justification to the Green Party)

FULL PROPOSAL (suggested 200 words or fewer)

TIME LINE: (Period of implementation to include a sunset clause where applicable)

RESOURCES: (Where required to include personnel, number of meetings, frequency of meetings, projected work hours, finances etc.)

REFERENCES: (Sources for readily obtainable materials to aid in the decision making process of voting members)