FPVA Report – 2004

Report on Federation of Green Parties of the Americas (FPVA)
2004 Annual Meeting
Curitiba, Brasil – September 10, 2004

Antonia Melo Viana, Brasil
Marco Antonio Mroz, Brasil
Manuel Baquedaño, Chile
Marelby Agatton, Colombia
Flor de Maria Hurtado, Perú
Jorge Gonzales Torres, México
Leanardo Alvarez, México
Julia Willebrand, USA
Alan Kobrin, USA

Catherine Greze, European Green Party
Claudio Aguirre-Bianchi Aguirre, Sweden

Social Forum, Porto Allegro, Brasil, January 26-30, 2005.
Participation by Greens from all Federations.

1. Limited public presence of Greens in previous forums. Marco Antonio Mroz, international Secretary of GP Brasil will contact forum organizers as to possibility of more prominent 2005 Green public presence, e.g, listing in Program and space for a Green kiosk.

2. If kiosk possibility is realized, literature and Green materials, buttons, posters, stickers will be needed. Discussion held but no decision made as to choosing a single issue for Green focus. Issues which had support are globalization and bio-diversity. (European Green foundation may provide some financial assistance.)

3. Discussion to continue online after Marco Mroz ascertains status of Green public presence at Forum.

Marelby Agatton, Colombia presents plans for Campaign to Free Ingrid Betancourt. Plan includes worldwide congress to meet in Bogota, Columbia in 2005

1. Nov 19th 2004 (1000 days of captivity) worldwide event to publicize Ingrid’s continued captivity and to bring pressure to bear on President Uribe. to negotiate for her release.

2. Feb 23, 2005 . major event in Bogata to include Nobel prize winners and other prominent people.

3. Kiosk at Social Forum. Swedish Green foundation may provide finanacial assistance.

Election of Co-Presidents/GGC Delegates
Antonio Melo Viana, Jorge Gonzales Torres and Julia Willebrand reelected as co-Presidents of the Federation.

The three co-chairs are also elected as FPVA delegates to the Global Greens Coordination.

Report by Julia Willebrand, Green Party of the United States