FPVA Report – 2008

Meeting of the Federation of Green Parties of the Americas
Federación de Partidos Verdes de las Américas (FPVA)
Quebec City, Canada
8th of November, 2008


FPVA Co-Presidents
Julia Willebrand (United States)
Jorge González Torres (México)
Marco Antonio Mroz (Brasil)

FPVA Member Party Delegates
Julia Willebrand (United States, Green Party of the United States)
Jorge González Torres (México, Partido Verde Ecologista de México)
Marco Antonio Mroz (Brasil, Partido Verde do Brasil)
Leonardo Álvarez Romo (México, Partido Verde Ecologista de México)
Fabio Mariño Vargas (Colombia, Partido Verde Oxígeno)
Jean Cloutier (Canada, Parti Vert du Canada)
Silvaine Zimmermann (Canada, Green Party of Canada)
Fulvia Monti (Venezuela, Movimiento Ecológico de Venezuela)
Manuel Diaz Capdevilla (Venezuela, Movimiento Ecológico de Venezuela)
Manuel Baquedano (Chile, Partido Verde Ecologista de Chile)
Tony Affigne (United States, Green Party of the United States)
Roberta Moreno (Brasil, Partido Verde do Brasil)

FPVA Executive Secretary
Patricia Doneau (México, Partido Verde Ecologista de México)

FPVA Member Party Delegates Not in Attendance
Flor de Maria Hurtado (Perú, Partido Ecologista Alternativa Verde del Perú)
Alex Gonzáles Castillo (Perú, Partido Ecologista Alternativa Verde del Perú)
Edward Salazar Cruz (Nicaragua, Partido Verde de Nicaragua)
Miguel Ángel Pimentel (República Dominicana, Partido Verde de la Unidad Democrática)
Juan Manuel Velasco (Argentina, Partido Iniciativa Verde)

FPVA Observer Party Delegates
Roberto Cáceres (Partido los Verdes de Guatemala, FPVA Observer Delegate)
Matilde Baján (Partido los Verdes de Guatemala, FPVA Observer Delegate)
Margot Soria Saravia (Partido Verde de Bolivia, FPVA Observer Delegate)
Michel Dubouillé (Les Verts-Guyane, FPVA Observer Delegate)

Margaret Blakers (Australia, The Greens; Global Green Coordination-Asia/Pacific)
Catherine Grèze (France, Les Verts; Global Green Coordination/Europe)
Johan Hamels (Belgium, Groen! Global Green Coordination/Europe)
Adamou Garba (Niger, Rassemblement pour un Sahel Vert; Global Green Coordination/Africa)
John Rensenbrink (USA, Green Party of the United States Delegate to Global Green Network)
Justine McCabe (USA, Green Party of the United States Co-Chair International Committee)
Miluska Aguilar Jeri (Bolivia, Movimiento los Verdes)
Daniel García Colorado (Colombia, Partido Verde Opción Centro)


1) Welcome by the Co-Presidents: Co-President Marco Antonio Mroz of Brasil called the Annual Meeting of the Federation’s General Assembly (Asamblea General) to order at 10:20AM. He introduced fellow Co-Presidents Julia Willebrand of the United States and Jorge González Torres of México, and joined them in welcoming delegates to the meeting. Mroz proposed to the Assembly that Delegate Tony Affigne (United States) be appointed presiding officer for the meeting (facilitator). Del. Affigne’s appointment was approved without objection.

2) Procedural Rules: The presiding officer proposed discussion rules allowing open discussion among voting delegates and official observers; recognizing speakers from the chair only as necessary to permit orderly speaking queues; and empowering delegates to request translations among Spanish, English and French. Without objection, the procedures were adopted.

3) Official Record of the Meeting: For an official record of the meeting, Silvaine Zimmermann, delegate from Canada, agreed to note all decisions taken by the group, and to distribute those minutes to all delegates for review, before public distribution. Adopting a proposal by Co-President González, without objection the meeting asked guest Michael Feinstein (United States) to cease videotaping the proceedings.

4) Approval of Agenda: On behalf of the Co-Presidents, from recommendations by delegates, the presiding officer presented the Co-Presidents’ draft agenda, including the following items:
i) Roll Call of Green Parties: Introduction of Voting Delegates.
ii) Discussion regarding acceptance into the Federation, with Observer Status, of Green Parties from Bolivia, Guatemala, and French Guyana.
iii) Discussion of proposal for creation of a Foundation of Green Parties of the Americas.
iv) Discussion of election of Italian Greens living in North and South America, to the Italian and European Parliaments.
v) Discussion of election, by country, of Green representatives to the 2010 MercoSur Parliament.
vi) Discussion of recommendation for a joint Federation position, for Global Green participation at the World Social Forum (in Belém, Brasil, 27-31 January 2009).
vii) Discussion of Young Greens participation in the Federation.
viii) Discussion of formation of a Women’s Commission in the Federation.
ix) Development of position of the Federation, with respect to the creation of a Global Green Secretariat, and the proposed work plan for the Global Greens, as agreed under documents adopted at the Green Congress in Sao Paulo.
x) Discussion of position of the Federation, with respect to the role of the Global Green Network (GGN) in the proposed Secretariat.
xi) Discussion of Executive Committee members’ duties and rights.
xii) Election of Executive Committee members.
xiii) Discussion of the FPVA List Serve/Web Site.
xiv) Discussion of Federation bylaws (estatutos).
xv) Presentation by guests from Green organizations in Colombia and Bolivia.
xvi) Discussion of where/when the next FPVA meeting will be held, and who will organize it.
xvii) Approval of closing political declaration, by the Asamblea General.
The proposed agenda, with amendments, was adopted unanimously, and appropriate time allowances for debate on each item were agreed. It was also agreed that the meeting would recess for 90 minutes, at 2:00PM (1400h).

5) New Observer Parties from Guatemala, Bolivia, and French Guyana
Delegates agreed by consensus, that the Partido los Verdes de Guatemala (PVG) is approved for Observer Status in the Federation. To achieve voting membership, the party will provide full statutes and other documentation, for distribution to the Asamblea General, no later than one month prior to the next FPVA Annual Meeting. Del. Baquedano (Chile) will be the contact person, for receipt and review of the final PVG application for membership.
Delegates agreed by consensus, that these same procedures will be applied to the Bolivian and French Guyanese parties, also seeking approval for Observer Status.
Delegates agreed by consensus, that the Partido Verde de Bolivia is approved for Observer Status in the Federation.
Delegates agreed by consensus, that Les Verts-Guyane are approved for Observer Status in the Federation; and also agreed the Federation will consider creating a special status of “Permanent Observer” for their case (and others, perhaps Puerto Rico and Québec) when we review and develop new statutes.
Following approval of their Observer Status applications, representatives of the Guatemalan, Bolivian, and French Guyanese parties were welcomed to sit among the Assembly, report on their parties’ activities and political situations, and participate in the remainder of the meeting as our newest provisional member parties.

6) Creation of a “Foundation of Green Parties in the Americas”
After hearing an exploratory committee report by Co-President Mroz (Brasil), and Dels. Manuel Diaz Capdevilla (Venezuela) and Manuel Baquedano (Chile), the General Assembly agreed by consensus, to endorse in principle, creation of a non-governmental organization, a Green Foundation, to promote the growth of Green parties in the Americas; learned that Eva Goës of the Green Forum (Sweden) has endorsed formation of this American foundation; agreed by consensus to allow the exploratory committee some discretion in developing plans for the Foundation, with Del. Baquedano serving as point person for this effort; agreed by consensus that for each participating country, a point person for legal matters should be designated; agreed by consensus that draft statutes for the Foundation, currently available only in Spanish, should be translated into English and distributed to all delegates as soon as possible, with commentary to be submitted by all delegates within one month of that distribution; and agreed by consensus that a final proposal for the Foundation will be distributed to all FPVA member parties, no later than one month prior to the next Annual Meeting of the Federation.

7) Support for Italian Greens, Seeking Election to European and Italian Parliaments
Delegates agreed by consensus, to recommend that our individual Green Parties prepare to organize their Italian expatriate constituents, to help elect Greens to the European Parliament, in elections scheduled for June 7th, 2009; also agreed that Co-President Mroz will provide needed legal details and background information.

8) Green Party Participation in 2010 Mercosur Elections
Delegates agreed by consensus, to support our Green Parties in the Mercosur/Mercosul countries – Argentina, Brasil, and Venezuela (Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and Perú are Mercosur associate members) – in their efforts to organize Green candidacies for the Mercosur Parliament, to be elected in 2010; also agreed to recommend that the “Mercosur region” Green parties form a working committee, to discuss joint preparations for participation in those elections.

9) Federation position, for Global Green participation at the World Social Forum
Upon request by our Federation representatives to the Global Green Coordination (GGC), Co-Presidents Marco Antonio Mroz (Brasil), Jorge González Torres (México), and Julia Willebrand (United States), and a formal request by GGC members Catherine Grèze (France), Margaret Blakers (Australia), Adamou Garba (Niger), and Johan Hamels (Belgium), the Asamblea General discussed the importance of a global Green policy, to be advanced by Greens from all countries, who attend the World Social Forum in Belém, Brasil, 27-31 January 2009 and the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, 28 January – 1 February 2009; the Assembly agreed unanimously to oppose the resurgence of nuclear energy development throughout the world, to condemn the use of food crops in the production of ethanol, to strongly endorse accelerated development of solar, wind, and other renewable, sustainable energy sources, and to explain our Global Green policy to the world’s publics in its crucial ecological, as well as its positive economic dimensions; also agreed to request that our GGC representatives present the approved Federation position to the full Global Green Coordination, for further discussion and coordinated action.

10) Establishing the “Federación de los Jóvenes Verdes de las Américas”
The Asamblea General heard a report by Del. Roberta Moreno (Brasil), with draft statutes, requesting support for the creation of a Federation of Young Greens of the Americas, arising from discussions at the May 2008 Global Green Congress in Sao Paulo, Brasil; delegates agreed by consensus that we support the Young Greens proposal; that within the next 11 months, the Federation and FPVA member Parties should review and amend their statues to enable the participation of Young Greens, not just in parallel organizations but as meaningfully participating members; that within 11 months the Young Greens will distribute to the General Assembly their final proposed statutes, for review at our next Annual Meeting; and that the Federation Members will support the Young Greens of the Americas, so they will be well prepared to participate in the next meeting of Young Greens of the world in Graz, Austria, 30 August – 06 September 2009.

11) Establishing a Women’s Commission in the Federation
After hearing a report from Del. Fulvia Monti (Venezuela), delegates voted by a show of hands (11-0-1), to endorse creation of a Women’s Committee for the Federation; and to recommend amendments to our Federation statutes to incorporate a Women’s Commission.

12) Global Green Secretariat, and Proposed Work Plan for the Global Greens
Guest Margaret Blakers (Australia) and other members of the Global Green Coordination presented a GGC proposal to establish a Global Green Secretariat, and to approve a Work Plan for the Global Greens, to serve as the Secretariat’s mandate, until the next Global Green Congress in 2012 or 2013.
Overarching design and functions of the Secretariat (GGS) are proposed to include:
*Facilitate Global Green networking and cooperation
*Develop common views and campaigns
*Facilitate Green presence at global events
*Liaise with the Global Green Network (GGN)
*Support Greens by exchanging Skills and Support
*Promote our values and help implement Global Green Charter
*Situated in Australia
*Governed by the Global Green Coordination (GGC)
*Budget about 100 000 Euros/year

GGC requests that Federation member parties:
*Distribute the Work Plan for discussion by our national parties
*Respond with comments, within 1 month of receiving final Plan from GGC
*Authorize FPVA to ratify the Plan, towards its approval by all 4 Federations
*Authorize FPVA to review the Plan’s progress, after 2 years
*Develop a process to finance the Secretariat’s work (including 1% financing as requested)

Delegates agreed by consensus to approve in principle the Global Green Work Plan, and Secretariat proposal; to request that the Global Green Coordination incorporate into the next version of the working document, language to incorporate an ombudsman function, whose purpose is to uphold our respect for the diversity, traditions, customs, histories and social conditions of each people, especially Indigenous people, from all nations and communities of the world.

13) Report on Global Green Network
The Asamblea General heard a report and Advisory from GGN Del. John Rensenbrink (United States), about the Global Green Network (GGN), explaining how GGN was formed, and its role in the new Global Green Work Plan and Secretariat; and the Assembly agreed by acclamation to thank John Rensenbrink for the work he has done to help the Global Green Coordination incorporate the Advisory’s recommendations into the Work Plan for the Global Green Secretariat’s design and functions.

14) Discussion of Executive Committee Members’ Duties and Rights
The Asamblea General discussed the question of elections to the Comité Ejecutivo; five members of the Assembly who participated in statutes revisions at the FPVA meeting in Santo Domingo, 2002 – (Baquedano, Mroz, Torres, Willebrand, Affigne) – gave diverse interpretations of what they were; after discussion and several informal polls, the Assembly agreed by consensus to retain the existing structure of three co-presidents, with an elected executive secretary.

15) Election of Executive Committee and Executive Secretary
Delegates voted by a show of hands (9-0-3), to elect Julia Willebrand (United States), Jorge González Torres (México), and Marco Antonio Mroz (Brasil) as Co-Presidents, to serve until the next meeting of the FPVA; and agreed by consensus to appoint Patricia Doneau (México) as FPVA Executive Secretary, for administrative duties under the direction of the co-presidents and the General Assembly, until the next FPVA meeting.

16) Federation Listserve and Website
The Assembly heard a report from Executive Secretary Patricia Doneau, identifying the “Federation” side of the website – links to the left, and the individual “Parties” side – links to the right; received instructions that documents and revisions to the Party areas should be sent to Exec. Sec. Doneau, for submission to the webmaster; and was informed that a new Federation domain at <www.verdesamericagreens.org> is currently linked to the original site at <www.fpva.org.mx>, but will soon become the exclusive Internet location for our Federation.

17) Estatutos (By-Laws) of the Federation
Delegates agreed by acclamation to create a Statutes and Bylaws Committee, to review concerns and suggestions for statute revisions, and report those proposed revisions to the Assembly, no later than one month prior to the next Annual Meeting; voted unanimously to elect to this Committee, Delegates Silvaine Zimmermann and Jean Cloutier (Canada), Manuel Diaz Capdevilla (Venezuela), Manuel Baquedano (Chile), Leonardo Álvarez (México), and Fabio Mariño (Colombia); and agreed by consensus that the Committee will choose its own point person/coordinator.

18) Presentation by Partido Verde Opción Centro (Colombia)
The Assembly heard a report by Daniel García Colorado, Secretary General of the Partido Verde Opción Centro (PVOC) in Colombia, who explained the history and political program of the organization; Co-President Mroz accepted PVOC’s documents for further review.

19) Presentation by Movimiento los Verdes (Bolivia)
The Assembly heard a report by Miluska Aguilar Jeri of the Movimiento los Verdes in Cochabamba, Bolivia, who explained the history, publications, and political program of the group, and invited delegates to attend the “World Social Ecological Forum” at Komunidad Janajpacha in Cochabamba, 28-30 November 2008; Co-President Mroz accepted the group’s documents for further review.

20) Guest Intervention
The Assembly heard a statement by guest Johan Hamels (Belgium), expressing concerns and asking the Federation to take action, regarding the political initiative of the Partido Verde Ecologista de México, which would reinstate capital punishment in México, a position which is proscribed in the Global Green Charter; Del. Álvarez of México responded with an explanation of PVEM’s position and rationale; delegates agreed by consensus to consider Hamel’s request via the Federation listserve, and to request that the Partido Verde Ecologista de México submit the exact wording of their capital punishment initiative for distribution to the FPVA membership, which the Partido Verde Ecologista de México agreed to do.

21) Next Meeting of the Federation
The Assembly heard Del. Baquedano’s proposal to host the 2009 Annual Meeting of the Asamblea General in Chile; by acclamation the delegates approved the Chilean proposal.

22) Political Declaration
Del. Silvaine Zimmermann (Canada) offered to coordinate the drafting of a political declaration from the meeting, in consultation with Del. Fabino Mariño (Colombia); and to distribute the draft to delegates via e-mail, seeking quick approval; Zimmermann’s offer was accepted by the Assembly, by acclamation.

Having reached the end of the agenda, Del. Affigne thanked the Assembly for a long day of cooperative work on many difficult agenda items; the Co-Presidents thanked Del. Affigne for his facilitation of the meeting; the meeting adjourned at 8:05PM (2005h).