FPVA Report – 2014

Federation of the Green Parties of the Americas 
Declaration of Lima

Lima, Peru
Dec. 2014, 

The Greens of the Americas and the State of Democracy

Delegates from 10 countries in the three Americas, gathered at the XV Annual Meeting of the Federation of the Green Parties of the Americas held from 5 to 7 December in Lima, having discussed the current state of democracy and the environment in our continent consider:

– In our continent, as in the rest of the world, a new wave of conservative tendencies promotes fundamentalism and authoritarianism both right and left; threatening the democratic achievements and advances in environmental work in recent years.

– Democracy faced constant attacks promoted by large corporations, which alter the electoral process by millionaires financing for campaigns of official candidates. Similarly, the oligarchic and clientelist as buying votes mechanisms, using government machinery and indefinite reelection represent an assault on the electoral process.
Given these assaults on democracy, the daily actions of the movement of political ecology are an effective and forceful response. Therefore, in addition to reaffirm our commitment to the environmental principles of respect for life in all its forms, promotion of alternative energy and recycling, conservation of ecosystems and protection of animal life and reducing CO2 emissions; Green Parties of the Americas declare that:

  • Condenamos The Conservative government of Stephen Harper in Canada for their support to mining corporations operating in antiecological manner, polluting and destroying ecosystems in Latin American nations.
  • Demonstrate our concern and rejection by the construction of the canal in Nicaragua threatening the ecological and economic balance of Nicaragua.
  • Condemn the anti-democratic and anti-ecological attitudes of the Bolivian government, including term limits, the release of transgenic and deployment of nuclear energy.
  • We show our concern for the progressive anti-democratic and anti-ecological attitudes of the government of Venezuela.
  • We condemn the government’s share of Brazil in international projects such as the Bolivian Highway in Indian Territory Isiboro Secure National Park (TIPNIS), lack of leadership in climate change agreements, increasing deforestation of the Amazon, the violation of rights indigenous and confirmation of the Nuclear Agreement between Brazil and Germany.
  • We denounce the inaction of the government of the United States against the global climate crisis, its position on the oil sands pipeline from Canada to Maine and pressure President Obama to Congress authorizes fast track the Trans-Pacific (Covenant TPP).

The Green Parties of the Americas meeting in Lima, we also express our appreciation for the progress that our members have made in favor of ecology and reason:

  • We reaffirm our commitment to increasing legislative exchanges between the Greens of the Americas, promoting the development of legal systems that contribute to the reduction of global warming and the protection of life in all its forms.
  • We support the peace process established in Colombia.
  • We welcome the government of President Jose Mujica in Uruguay, for their democratic progress and Republicans in the fields of human rights and individual freedoms.
  • We support open dialogue with the Uruguayan progressive political forces to potentiate the creation of a Green Party in the country.
  • We reiterate our support for all peaceful movements promoters of political and citizen participation in our continent.
  • The Green Parties of the Americas firmly uphold our conviction that political participation coupled with environmental education, the route to a humanity can live and prosper in harmony with nature.

The Federation of Green Parties of the Americas.
Lima, Peru
December 2014