Gary Frazier

MY Candidates Statement

My name is Gary C. Frazier Jr. I’m 42 years of age and I am from Camden NJ. I’m also the Co-Chair to the Green Party of the State of New Jersey. I’ve submitted to you my Bio already and I trust as long as it was, many of you have taken the time to read, follow links and most of All you have gained a different perspective as All of You get ready to engage Myself and my fellow Sister and brother in this Upcoming Election. Our Plight in the Unification of Our People continues as well as diversifying the Green Party Which We guard safely in Our Respective States and Communities while upholding, accepting and adhering to the accountability of the principles and pillars of Our Party as a Whole Black Caucus and as registered Greens. I also hope that All of you see the sacrifices that have been made from people like yourselves and across this country whom have lost their homes, relationships, lives and countless amounts of dollars on a fraudulent election illustrated by Murder She Wrote, as Bernie sings the “Blues” on a road not taken. Nothing but smooth sailing in yet the greatest, the best, witch hunt hoax, totally fabricated by a landslide of intelligence, peddling thru the collusion of an oligarchy, whipped into the finest right and left winged Duopolistic Scandal the “Price is Right” Has Ever produced… Oscar winning performances for Future Focus and Sustainability of the year goes to which Ever right or left winged media can Spin the “will” on the American People’s eyes and lands the closest to the dollar of the 1% without purposely going over the dollar of the 99% . I think Us Socialist might call that inflation. Social Justice and Equal Opportunity of the year goes to landing on America We Are Awake Again! Somebodies calling Our Nameeeees. Greens! You better Rushhhhhh! Well who are WE Greens? We are All the marginalized, the forgotten ones from All walks of life. We come by weigh of Champions. Grassroots Democracy at its rawest. Every minority marginalized Democratic City, County, Borrow and State of Us who are diversifying this Party teaching the Progressive ideology with seasoned minds veganized by gluten free hearts. Oh, yeahhhh We can smell what decentralization is cooking and Our respect for Diversity is embedded in Us. A spirit given to All of Us whom have Respect first for ourselves and then for the Human Race. Many before Us were branded by Lynch as a reminder to Us Our Women, Our Offspring and Our Communities. Forever We’d be indebted, Our Curse, the Scars, the Crows. Your Curse, Our plight…Social Justice and Equal Opportunity. Match made in heaven huh? How dare you speak of Economic Wisdom that keeps dollars in marginalized communities or of raised bed gardening as opposed to Liquor stores and unhealthy shops that Our People have patronized all of Our lives after the burning of Black Wall Street? I believe the Socialist would call that Social means of Production. How dare you bring folks together from all walks of life and host anti oppression workshops and runaways inequality workshops holding accountability to even the late bloomers in this SOOO called Green Party agitating the minority and millennial electorate? The platform speaks clearly to it and WE live it Every Day. Our Poverty alone echoes the fight for 15 NOW Platform. Decentralization Pillars peace in our communities, while Decriminalization reduces the school to prison industrial pipeline industry. Eco socialism produces Ecological wisdom. it harbors Us like an anchor, indoctrinated with the symbol of Hope, Our Sunflower. Your oppressor has always been Our Oppressor just like You have always been the Offspring of your parents who have been against all of which SO Many of You are against today.

Who’s on the Intelligence here? Two classes of Races have emerged. Poc watch shockingly, popcorn in in hand, dormant and slumberous. Eyes wide open swinging their heads Angrily towards the right and spellbound toward the left. Curiously yet Optimistically They are seeing it through me and People like Dee and Tony. They see Us in this Party like they see You …. Exposing White Supremacy What? Is this an epiphany? What? Our black lives matter? Hold up? When haver Any of You Ever done that? Journey to Wopila??? YES! You mean like stop fracking Our homes thru poisonous erosive pipes that cause contaminant diseases thru distribution systems, that by Any Means Necessary is flushing Poc out their homes, schools and communities through gentrification as the Per Pupil Spending is being engulfed by the charter school movement while the Traditional Educational System Plummets sending some of Our States Top Educators to the Unemployment line? Taking our History and Our Very Existence along with it brick by brick, street by street and block by block DACA by ISIS…Oh and in one more breathe…. Sigh……I’m pretty sure Gerrymandering …. falls somewhere far and in between 9 squares miles of a city like Camden NJ and all marginalized Cities across this Country under the established Democrats. Candidates statement? I’m giving Us a fact statement, a Choice statement. A Water truly is life statement but for whom is drowning of thirst? Surely the Pillars and the Principles of Our Party outweigh the needs of the few just as it does the needs of the many, nothing flows so effortlessly off Our tongues: Our People, Our Planet, Over Profit. True Marxist Appropriate, Resonating fuels of Energy to All of Our Recognized States, Cities, Counties and Caucuses. OUR People struggle Every day from dehydration but Our hunger for change streams like a Valley. Many of Us live in places in which some of you would never go or may not have ever been before but see yourselves needing to go, not only to grow this party but because the Pillars and Principles are speaking to Cores just as this Revolution drove Us All Together. You see places where access to descent jobs looks like freedom to a slaved man living in a free State and You see the Oppressor. We hear the Green Party Screaming Community based Economics in one breath While A trained man has learned a new term and He wastes no time into his communities spreading CBA’s (Community Benefits Agreements) to offset CBE’s like a GMB (get money boi, hustla’ i.e.) Poisoning his people while opening the flood gates of the prison industrial complex, fueling capitalism and gentrification. He’s establishment. To his people he’s coming up. To others he’s excelling. He was taught well, invited to all the top meetings, sharp as needle, the verbiage, posture, blended voice to tame his black man syndrome. Community based Economics? Nahhhhh You mean Social Justice and Equal Opportunities. By teaching the ideology of how Community based economics benefit communities where Poc live and providing a jumpstart in those Communities for Personal and Global responsibility as well as for the threshold we must reach. The respect of Feminism and Gender Equity Alone in Our Party can send a Synergy across this nation that can surely bridge the Gaps desperately needed with The Women’s Caucus that represents All People No matter who or what their walk of life is so long as they are in line with the pillars and key core values of Our Party. Pop Corn Down, Feet on ground and the earth is about to shake. The Blueprint has always been with Us. It’s time to Green Up and Move Green in Like We’ve never done before. If the People see US they will come. Can you hear the winds howling? That’s Our Spirts and minds connecting. Can you feel and see the offspring of the civil rights movement awakening? It is Not Just Us. it is All of You too or We Wouldn’t All be Green Right Now. Respectably not forgetting Gender Pronouns too but damn sure mindful of em. The Progressive left struggles no more to Unite. Nor do We work in silos, pushing each other further to the left embracing the Progressive Ideology tongue yet scolding each other’s identity through clean glass vs dirty glassism. We are Greens! Continue growing This Party is why I have Come to this level and to offer up and help establish Key relationships with Communities and Cities I am connected to Across this country that will work to gainful resources not only into Our National Party but to All Our State affiliates and Caucuses! We are Not turning Back. Bodley We All Shall Go and fuel and jump start Our States. I seldomly adhere to the Traditional sense of asking for Ones Vote… I earn it. I am Green…Use ME.

Gary Frazier (he, his him)
Camden NJ
Co-Chair Green Party New Jersey
Camden County NJ Co V.P.
Liaison New Jersey Green Party Black Caucus
GPUS Delegate Green Party New Jersey