Global Greens 2017

Global Greens 2017 met in Liverpool, UK together with the European Green Party Congress and the English and Wales Green party convention.  The biggest yet with over 2000 people from more than 90 countries attending.
GPUS was in full attendance with three voting delegates:
Ahmed El-Touny
Vivek Ananthan
Bahram Zandi
And we had several observers, Young Greens and our former presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein.
I had organized a workshop titled:
Green Alternatives to Militarism and War


  • Dr. Rebecca Johnson, Spokesperson for Security, Peace and Defence, GPEW (UK)


I was glad that they finally allowed my workshop to go forward after I changed the title from No to NATO

and it was quite successful.  Bodil Valero is a progressive green, anti-Nato Member of the European Parliament from Sweden and it was a great chance to have her on my panel.  We will be continuing our collaboration in the future.  

​T​he congress suppressed our anti-Israel resolutions and finally we had to launch an official protest for their treatment of our party:
In two separate panels the German Greens, specifically Reinhard Butikofer, MEP and co-chair of the European Green Party, had invited a representative from the Center for American Progress, a Democratic Party think tank to comment about the US elections while no one from the Green Party US was invited to speak!!!
ask fellow greens who were there to add their reports also.
Best Regards​,
bahram zandi, Ph.D.
co-chair, IC