GPUS Organizational Chart


1. The Executive Committee is elected by the National Committee. In this example, the Executive committee consists of 2 co-chairs, 5 coordinators, and a treasurer and secretary, for a total of 9 people. However, we can also continue with a 7 person Executive Committee by moving the Treasurer and Secretary to a coordinator position (for example, the Secretary can oversee the Internal Division and the Treasurer can oversee the Financial Committee).

2. At its annual meeting, the National Committee will develop goals and projects to obtain those goals. This will be the template for the Executive Committee. The two co-chairs will oversee the entire operation. They will coordinate with the rest of the Steering Committee to ensure that projects and goals are being completed and serve as spokespersons for the party.

3. The Coordinators will be responsible to oversee their respective divisions. They will be the conduits for all communication between the Executive Committee and the various committees. The Coordinators will make sure all tasks are being completed by their respective committees and deal with any problems that may arise in their committees.

4. Staff will be plugged in to one or more divisions. The Fundraiser will, of course, be working with the Financial Division and the Political Coordinator will be working with the Electoral and Organizing divisions.

1. Moves workload from Executive Committee to Committees.
2. Job descriptions for the members of the Executive Committee are much more defined.
3. Communication channels are much more visible and defined.


1. Bylaws should reflect that annual meetings will be for development of goals, strategies and projects.
2. Bylaws should reflect that National Committee delegates shall serve on at least one committee. A fall back position is that if a delegate is unable to serve on a committee, the state party shall find a replacement within their state.
3. If it were decided to go to a 9 person executive committee, the bylaws would need to be changed to reflect that.
4. Also needs to be decided if Executive Committee decides among themselves who serves as co-chair and who serves for which coordinator position or if each of those positions is elected separately.