January 11, 2015

a) Facilitator – David Doonan
b) Roll Call – Darryl! Moch, Tamar Yager, Budd Dickinson, Jeff Turner, Audrey Clement, Starlene Rankin, Charles Ostdiek, Jesse Townley, Karen Young
Observer – Jody Grage
c) Agenda revisions – Add Accountant Job Description under II C


a) Committee Discussion – re-organizing the way SC relates to committees Discussion was about portfolio/areas of emphasis rather than liaison system and how the bylaws and rules and procedures are open to interpretation.

b) Fundraising Manager – Tamar The job listing ad is out and still running. About 15 resumes have been received. Budd will get the ad out to the national list and delegates should forward it to prospective applicants.

c) Accountant job description – A draft job description is needed. The Treasurer’s responsibilities described in the Bylaws may need slight amendment. There was no objection to the suggestion that this work commence in FinCom.

d) Forum – Audrey Audrey reported no forum access on phone while traveling and/or in rural areas. Jesse commented that while internet may not be available on someone’s personal device, it is customary to find a library or cafe with wifi. Work is still being done on ways to have opt out subscriptions to the main threads.


a) Treasurer’s Report – Jeff
We should have $20-$22k at the end of January depending on whether the current mailing brings in average or low income after bills are paid including $1k to Macalester. Remaining account payable to Macalester will then be $7k. The only other outstanding debt is the $3k for ballot access some years ago. There is $7200 in reserves for all money in committee and caucus accounts and no funds in the operating reserves account. The year-end income report by categories is not available, though David Sacks completed it through the end of November or mid-December and Tamar volunteered to compile the rest of the figures.

b) Fundraising Report
Income from most recent mailing may be average rather than low.

c) Finance Items for decision: none


In the queue:

Fincom member approval – voting ends today – passing.

ANM Proposal – voting ends today – passing.

CCC Election – Consensus to pull since the bios are not yet available. Charles will help floor manager Tamar pull it.

Received for the Queue: None


a) NC Delegate Meeting at 2015 ANM – TY
Workshop planning will begin later in January after the two locals are available. Discussion included when and how long the delegate meeting should be, if it should be open or closed, and if there should be workshops during that time. Goals should be defined such as working on the strategic plan, organizing, and face-to-face connections. An SC meet-and-greet was suggested.

Jesse reminded SC members of the National Election Strategy Call Tuesday 3 February.

V. NEXT CALL – January 25, 2015

Budd Dickinson