January 12, 2014

GPUS Steering Comm Conference Call Minutes – January 12, 2014

a. Facilitator – Jody Grage
b. Roll Call – Starlene Rankin, Budd Dickinson, Jesse Townley, Katie Culver, Jeff Turner, Karen Young, Darryl! Moch, Tamar Yager.
Absent – Charles Ostdiek
c. Agenda revisions – none

a. Cash report to date

Bequest arrived. 2013 year end report earlier today, $13k in bank with all paid except for Global Greens. Remaining $3k on loan, state sharing for ’10 and ’11.

January report – $28k in bank most of month bills paid, money to reserve for that received for rebranding; registration for ANM will go into reserve.

b. Fundraising – David Sacks sent in report.

Karen – David back to work as of last week. Green Party cards will be going out soon to 2013 donors, International funding call tomorrow night, December stronger than expected.

Starlene – ANM brought in less than expected, wondering about 2014 budget;

Tamar -budget amount is a placeholder – necessary only not to lose money – which we didn’t.

Starlene – caucus buttons could be sold at discount to clear stock, Darryl! – first promote at regular price; Tamar – caucuses could promote or use as free visibility, Kate – important to have in regular merchandise, maybe special on International Women’s Day; Darryl! – promote rather than discount.

Darryl! – some things on report may not be part of fundraiser tasks – need review; Tamar – some of those tasks don’t take much time to do – will ask David.

c. Lease – renewal/extension. (See 1/8 Attachment from Jeff)

Jeff – letter from landlord – development behind building – $50/mo increase for each of the next two years, co-tenant allowed which would reduce our rent but less than the co-tenant pays, keep an eye out for a smaller/cheaper space in the building; Tamar – has looked for other places and this is a good price and it’s LEED certified and ADA; Darryl! – recommends approval and there are exit clauses; need to respond to questions about the lease if/when they are asked.

Consensus to accept the lease offered.

d. Global Greens dues & FPVA dues
$917 previously approved – may need another year’s dues – check with Charles; FPVA dues not yet requested.

e. Merchandise purchases – hoodies and more

Approved hoodies to $1500 already, have money to make purchase new shirt design being worked on, hats, bumper stickers, Spanish t-shirt – MerchComm will discuss need to coordinate with ANM committee.

f. reimbursing GPPA for the November 16th Campaign School

Hillary asking for $500 that was paid for by GPPA now that we have funds – FinCom suggested half; Darryl! – more than $500 may have been spent; Karen – not discussed before and not in budget so not reimbursable; Tamar – maybe can use CCC budgeted funds, other states came to PA to attend; Jeff – CCC $1500 for 2013; Katie – was registration charged? not in 2013 now; Jeff – Hillary did request earlier in 2013; Jeff suggests from 2013 CCC funds.

Consensus to reimburse GPPA

g. Funds to be moved to reserve

FinCom suggests $13k (is one month’s expenses) in reserve and be stingy with general account spending.

h. BAC funds for AZ

$3k request for AZ from BAC – for 2014 and 2016 – Kate standing aside

Consensus with one stand aside

In the queue: None
Received for the queue: Fiscal Policy Document housekeeping changes (from Fincom). Floor mgr. Kate. Discussion 1/12-26. Voting 1/27 – 2/2

IV. Personnel Comm. – Lyceum, Office Manager Job Description, Evaluations

Jeff – Lyceum – top priority to finish Friday before last 2013 payroll, PTO on hourly basis.

Office Manager Job Description – Tamar – two issues – office writing checks other than payroll and working at home one day a week; suggestion that over specific dollar amount be authorized by treasurer. No checks in office now (occasional use of debit card); would require change in Fiscal Policy. Add Message Boards to duties; Operations Manager implies oversight of organization itself. SC needs to have information at least 48 hours before decision made. Need to come to consensus on changed title, office write checks. Working at home one day a week was approved by consensus. The rest was tabled until next call.

V. Bernie Sanders for President.- Starlene – Update

Tom has letter written and it will be mailed on our letterhead tomorrow.

VI. New GPUS-NC Bulletin Board – Darryl

Waiting for Isabel and Dave Doonan to document the process. Suggest that SC use the documentation to try it out and make future recommendations to the NC.

VII. Rebranding process and RFP for graphic designer.- Karen

Outreach Committee will be looking for approval soon with edited version coming in the next few days.

Timeline: Finish by spring to have for 2014 election season
9 Feb – RFP approval by SC needed – to send to venders
2 Mar – have proposal; Outreach Committee recommendations shortly
9 Mar – SC accept or expand list
23 Mar – Outreach Committee make final recommendation to the SC
11 Apr – initial looks from designer
20 Apr – select “look” with draft a few weeks later
19 May – agree to accept final design.

Suggestion to look at other political sites.

VIII. SC Operations – Karen

Tamar sent document, in-person meeting document also forwarded.

Discuss/approve: Agenda for our meeting on the 26th.

How we can and should improve SC functioning.

Darryl! – suggests email participation over the next few days;

Jesse – need to review portfolio system, addition in-person meetings – but they’re expensive;

Tamar – cull out standard things and usual practices, work on fewer important things;

Kate – deadline for material needed for SC calls;

Budd – need more facilitators for SC meetings; eliminate falling through cracks;

Jeff – portfolio and liaison structure, TR and SEC non-voting positions + 2 more co-chairs;

Starlene – more facilitators – trained, time limits, etc; portfolio; get more done between calls; evaluate committees as liaison;

Tamar – liaison system, committee chairs on SC calls, gifts with fundraising?, SC candidates for the future.

IX. Signing on to Global Climate Convergence.

“The Convergence is a multi-year education and direct action campaign that begins this spring, with “10 days to change course,” running from Earth Day to May Day, 2014. It provides coordinated action to multiply, amplify and build synergy across grassroots justice movements.”

Darryl! will prepare a proposal for NC approval.

X. Use of GP logo by “A Green New Deal for Alaska: Save Our Salmon”. Kate will draft a letter to be sent by the Secretary.

XI. Coalition for Open Debates for 2016. Starlene will draft a proposal to join for NC approval.
(Coalition website – http://opendebates2016.com/ )

XII. Proposal to modify Proposal 729 to eliminate Secretary requirement.

“3-2.7 Each committee appointment shall be communicated in writing, addressed to the Secretary of the party and to Co-Chairs of the relevant committee . . .” BRPP is discussing several changes. Budd will send new wording for the above.

XIII. Committee Liaison Reports – tabled.

XIV. Executive Session – personnel (postponed)

Budd Dickinson