January 13, 2013

GPUS Steering Comm Conference Call Minutes
Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013 – 8:00 p.m. ET

a. Facilitator – Charles Ostdiek
b. Recording started.
c. Roll Call – Charles Ostdiek, Susan Chunco, Steve Welzer, Budd Dickinson, Jeff Turner, Farheen Hakeem, Karen Young, Darryl! Moch
Absent: AJ Segneri

d. Agenda revisions – Item IV. Complaint from GP member about GPVA was removed from the agenda by a vote of 5-2-1. Yes – Karen, Steve, Budd, Farheem, Darryl!. .No – Susan, Jeff. Abstain – Charles.. The SC had a plan determined online prior to the meeting that will be executed led by Darryl! , and thus the question if its placement on the agenda resulted in the vote.

a. Cash report to date – $5900 in general accounts as of 1/11/13. Dec 31 report was sent. Only Red Sun Press bill carried over ($8530).

Karen asked about staff reports, which are due.

b. Green Senate Campaign Committee – Jeff
Jeff is taking on the treasurer role for this. GPUS office will be address for this committee. Jeff will maintain a Credit Union account. Jeff suggested renaming the conmittee, Green House.& Senate CC.

c. Charles asked about a 4-year budget. Jeff – Fincom has discussed this. Part of Strategy Plan process. Karen – need to recruit people for fundraising. Darryl – good idea; worth a discussion.. Karen – “We don’t have any sound financial basis for projecting revenue increases, because we haven’t had any year-to-year increases for several years. I think it makes more sense to wait until we have shown what percentage revenue increase we might realistically be able to achieve, before projecting more than one year out.”

In the queue:
691- Assign Green Party of Nevada to Temporary Inactive Status – Voting 1/21-27

692 – Assign Desert Greens (Utah) to Temporary Inactive Status – Voting 1/21-27

693 – Approval of Mark Jenkins, Arkansas, for membership on the Finance Committee.- Voting 1/21-27. There was discussion on the Mark Jenkins bio issue. No bio yet received. Susan will remind him.

Received for the queue:

Accreditation of Kentucky Green Party – floor mgr: Susan. 2-weeks disc, 1-week.vote.

GPUS Mobilize Opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline; Endorse the Feb. 17 Keystone XL Protest at the White House; Support the Keystone Blockade*. *Presenter: Green Party of ****New York. There was discussion about requests regarding the west coast line. Floor mgr. Charles. 2-weeks disc, 1-week.vote.

a. Darryl – CCC- (GPHC and GPSC) combined.

CCC+2 is taking on the tasks formerly done by Brent tracking candidates and candidacies. The committee has identified a point person who will maintain the databases and coordinate efforts with the GPUS home office and the website contractor to keep information current and available in several locations

CCC +2 plans to do a formal candidate school training during the ANM and in the fall conduct a train the trainer candidate training so that we will have a team of trainers able to conduct candidate trainings CCC+2 will work in conjunction with the Stein campaign when possible to be part of the candidate trainings being offered around the country. CCC+2 will continue to offer its web/teleconference series monthly. Regular committee meetings are held the 1st Tuesday 9pm EST 6pm PST and the web/teleconference series on 3rd Tuesdays from 9-10 EST 6-7 PST. Calls are being recorded and can be made available for review by others as well as supporting documents via google.

CCC+2- Jeff Turner has begin the transition for the GSCC treasurer and reporting to the FEC. While he does not officially serve on this committee as an SC member and GPUS Treasurer he felt it necessary to maintain the committee rather than lose it and start over. Suggestions include combining the House nad Senate committees into one since the House committee is not currently recognized by the FEC. Jeff will be invited to the March meeting after he has had time to review materials sent to him from David McQ during this transition and we will establish practices and plans from there.

Green Pages ED Board- Green Pages is in development for the next edition. No further update

Bylaws, Rules, Policies & Procedures – dormant at the moment but will be activated soon given the work of the strategic planning work group which will most likely necessitate activation of the committee. I will be reaching out to the NC to identify members of the party who may be qualified and interested in serving

Credentials- committee has no activity at this point see SC Hakeem report

Diversity- communication has been made to past members and call for new members went out in 2012. we will be activating the committee within the next couple of weeks with an open call meeting. Details forthcoming

b. Karen – Outreach Comm new person & active soon. Also Merch Comm – Jan M & Jeff T., co-chairs. Please continue working to update web pages. Strategic Plan Group – had first meeting. approved time table. Work groups forming.

c. Steve – BAC & PlatCom webpages still need work. Will make calls. Media & PCSC.active.

d. Charles. – Working on OutreachCom. Still not on IC list. Will talk to Darryl about BRPP.

e. Farheen – GPAX and DRC are pretty dormant.

IC is keeping us abreast of the situation in Mali, which is kinda depressing.

There is a report from the FPVA delegates of their experience. It is available from Julia Willebrand.

f. Jeff – ANMC – difficulty finding location for this year’s Annual Meeting. No proposal. Iowa? CA? Minnesota? Ease of travel & Local support are factors.

V. Next call: 1/27 (talk about changing meeting schedule.) Facilitator: Budd will check with Jody. Darryl and Farheen also volunteered.