January 2, 2011

GPUS SC Conference Call
Sunday, January 2, 2011
8:00 p.m. EST

Theresa El-Amin, Jason Nabewaniec, Julie Jacobson, Craig Thorsen, David Strand, Farheen Hakeem

Secretary: Holly Hart
Treasurer: Jeff Turner

Staff: Brian Bittner, Brent McMillan (outgoing Executive Director)

Mike Feinstein was not on the call.

Facilitator: Julie


8:10 – 8:17 p.m.



Craig suggested we extend the application period and post the announcement further. He asked that this be on next week’s agenda, since this hadn’t been proposed for this week.

Jeff said it’s been almost a month since this closed. He and Phil Huckelberry (on the hiring committee) recommend that we not extend the period, and that we consider the applications that have come in now. Farheen said that 13 applications have come in.

AGREED that Farheen and Craig will co-chair hiring committee. Application period is closed, We will review the applicants we have. Applications will be forwarded to the SC.


a. OFFICE MANAGER – Brian (given at the end of the call)

Brian has been working on a ballot access drive in his state of Maryland. They will turn in their petitions tomorrow (Jan. 3), and are hopeful of success.


Brent has sent a report for the past week. He has been invited to join this call for any questions or discussion regarding his work, transition, etc.

Brent will continue to oversee and work on elections database, and will be available for questions.

SC APPROVAL, by Consensus.


Jeff asked if the discussion period should be extended. The Finance Committee has prepared several comments to be used in response to any questions that maycome up during the voting page. Jeff left the call after this item, due to a family function.

VI. REPORT back from the “Whistleblower” sign-on letter (Eco-Action request). We were too late to be included in the sign-on. The effort to get Congress to establish whistleblower protection.


The Platcom sent 3 proposals to reconcile various new platform updates, the end of the 2010 cycle. Mike Feinstein had objected, and Craig stated on the call, that this would fall outside the rules, as platform update work was to have been done in an even numbered year. Craig said he would have a proposal ready for the next “regular” SC call, to have the GNC approve approving final platform updates in this (odd-numbered) year. David suggested the SC simply sponsor the proposals, as a compromise. Others agreed to stand aside.

Craig’s posted these “findings” : These 3 proposals violate the rules that stipulate the platform process be completed in 2010. The SC is prepared to propose that the GNC approve extending the timeline.


VOTE on Craig’s findings: These 3 proposals violate the timeline of Prop 462, which requires all Platform amendments be submitted by August 29, 2010.

Craig – Yes
Julie – Yes
Jason – No
Farheen – No
Theresa – No
David – Yes
Holly – No


The proposals will go to the voting queue on the regular voting queue cycle, to go out Monday, January 9th. David will be floor manager.


VIII. Delegate Apportionment Committee

Craig asked for clarification on which weeks the SC would be holding regular calls. The Delegate Apportionment Committee also has bi-weekly Sunday night calls, and wants to schedule them so they don’t conflict with SC calls, since two SC members are also members of the DAC. Craig reported that the DAC has been slow about getting its work done and won’t be finished with their work before this year’s ANM.

The SC will consider whether to start calls an hour later. Holly will contact Jason (who just fell off the call) to see if that will work for him, and the SC will decide how to proceed.

NEXT CALL: Sunday, January 9, 2011; 8:00 p.m. EST