January 21, 2007

GPUS-SC Conference Call January 21, 2007 8:00 p.m. EDT Participants: Jim Coplen, Katey Culver, Jody Grage, Steve Kramer, Holly Hart, Budd Dickinson, Echo Steiner, Rebecca Rotzler, Liz Arnone, Brent McMillan, Emily Citkoski Observer: Julia Aires, GP-FLA Facilitator: Katey Timekeeper: Steve Abbreviations used: • AC = Accreditation Committee • ANM, ANMC = Annual National Meeting Committee • BAWG = Ballot Access Working Group • BRPP = Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee • BC = Black Caucus • CC = Coordinating Committee • CCC = Coordinated Campaign Committee • CG SC = Campus Greens Steering Committee • ComCom = Communications Committee • DC = Diversity Committee • DIA = Democracy in Action internet service • DRC = Dispute Resolution Committee • FC = Fundraising Committee • FEC = Federal Election Commission • GP = Green Party • IC = International Committee • LC = Lavender Caucus • NPWG = Nominating Process Working Group • NWC = National Women’s Caucus • PEC = Presidential Exploratory Committee • PCSC = Presidential Campaign Support Committee • SC = Steering Committee • SPWG = Strategic Plan Working Group [Brackets denote editor’s suggested corrections. Some punctuation corrections done with no content change. -ed.]

1) STAFF REPORTS a. POLITICAL DIRECTOR – Brent Green Party is currently at 14 candidates so far for 2007. Brent is preparing for things to happen on the west coast in February. He will be flying to San Francisco/Okaklnd for the GPCA strategic planning retreat on Feb. 23-25. From there, he will go to Seattle; then to San Juan island (they are paying for that part of the trip), back to Seattle, then back to DC. He will be back in the national office March 2. Since we don’t have a budget, Brent is personally underwriting this trip from his own pocket. There is some effort in CA for Greens to help with finances, and Greens in San Juan are paying for that part of the travel cost. Cynthia McKinney will be in the SF/Oakland area at the same time; it will be interesting to see what is discussed and what happens.

Brent is encouraging all state parties to be working at this time on strategic planning for the next 2 years, looking to the end of 2008.

b. FUNDRAISING – Brent This week, Brent worked w/ Jake Schneider to get up and running. Brent is focusing on calls to large donors. For direct mail, plans to work on donor list solicitations have taken a back burner to large donor calls at the moment, due to time involved.

c. OPERATIONS – Emily Merchandise Committee call was this afternoon: MerchCom will be tabling at the Jan. 27 march in DC. They cannot sell t-shirts, but will have a table. Discussed marketing plan, looking towards 2008. They want to set some programs in place with 2007 as a testing ground for some ideas. Discussed working with state parties and helping them with their own lit. and materials as well as utilizing national merchandise. The committee needs a new co-chair to replace an outgoing co-chair.

Outreach has a call in two weeks; plans to hold calls concurrent with MerchCom meetings, sincere there is a lot of overlap.

Richard Scott sent out the Impeachment Petition on Friday. 800 people have already signed up. Other impeachment websites are asking to post links. He has done outreach looking for groups, and they have also been coming to us. This increases exposure, sign-ups and potential donors.

They will also be sending out an announcement tomorrow promoting the Jan. 27 event. Brent noted that he has put up information on Green activities for the Jan. 27 event in DC on the website. Frustrated that there was no information on Green activities and nothing provided from GPAX until a day or two ago, he put up information from the DC Statehood Greens site. This includes a list of gree-related events, and where marchers can go to hook up with the GPAX contingent.

QUESTION from one of the Green Pages co-chairs on whether Green Pages can accept paid advertising. We may need a policy for this. Rebecca forwarded to the SC list information from Mike Feinstein for history on the early policy regarding this. ========== Discussion ========== — Jody – it’s important that both SC and FundCom discuss this. Supports including advertising and having a discussion on how to avoid potential problems that could arise. Would be good to get information from other groups. — Liz – has seen comments of some who have strong opinions against advertising. Personally favors it; if we abide by our 10KV and exercise prudence on what we accept and establish guidelines, being that we have a shortage of avenues for fundraising, i could be helpful. — Budd – supports careful use of advertising. — Rebecca – is hearing many things from different sides of this issue; would like to see discussion between members of different committees – Green Pages, Fundcom, Fincom. — Steve – similar thoughts to what Liz says. Supports ads and getting guidelines in place. — Echo – does Green Pages have consensus on this? (No.) She has some concerns. — Jim – [sent comments to SC earlier; not in favor]

Katey suggested setting up a conference call for above-named committees, if they wish. Jody would first like to collect information about other groups’ policies before tomorrow night’s Fundcom call and invite someone from Green Pages on the call. She will relay SC sense: general support but concerns, a need to discuss potential problems.

2) TREASURER’S REPORT/FINANCES – Jody Sent out cash flow report this evening. This doesn’t show all the income, as no credit card income is reported for this month, yet.

There has been little comment on the NC on the proposed 2007 budget. Jason Nabewaniec, NY, sent a list of questions, to which Jody has responded.

Budd asked if people understand and support the 20% overhead on state sharing. Clarifications: not something being tacked on extra; goes to pay for mailings and processing.

Holly stated it might have been beneficial to have discussions among FinCom and other committees, and hopes this will be done in future budget cycles.

3) VOTING QUEUE – Holly 1/21/07


DISCUSSION #256 – DAC: Allocation of Delegates to the National Committee of the Green Party, Amended Discussion through 2/4/07; EXTENDED 2 WEEKS Voting period: 2/5/07 – 2/11/07 Hart// 2/3

#257 – ANMCom: Hosting of the 2007 Annual National Meeting Discussion through 1/28/07 Voting period: 1/29/7 – 2/4/07 Hart// IRV

#258 – SC, FinCom: 2007 Proposed Budget, Amended Discussion through 1/28/07 Voting period: 1/29/07 – 2/4/07 Grage// 1/2

RECEIVED for the VOTING QUEUE received, 12/24/06; GPGA, GPRI to co-sponsor: A resolution to authorize the continuing appropriation of Party funds to meet the Party’s obligations in the absence of an adopted budget covering the 2007 Fiscal Year; to provide guidance to the Finance Committee on the preparation of a budget for 2007; and for other purposes. **** Question of whether this is moot pending passage of a new budget proposal. Concerns that Finance Committee is being asked to do things not in its purview. Liz will relay these questions and ask the presenters to address them. If they respond within the week, SC will take it up online for the voting queue. ***** 1-20-07 Liz writes that she has received no response from GPPA or GPRI from her message. Liz has emailed them, will call or explain concerns and see what they want to do. ==== Liz will contact GPGA and GPRI by phone to see how they want to proceed with their proposal submitted a few weeks ago.

4) QUESTION on DAC Proposal: Can proxies be accommodated on the voting page and how would this be done? Charlie Green was contacted for a general response, and made clear that more information is needed. Budd will contact Susan Dridi and Hugh Esco and relay further information to the SC.

5) Campus Greens Update – Echo They are deciding whether to become a network. They are planning a conference call for next Sunday, and Echo will touch based with the organizers then.

6) UFPJ January 27th March – Holly GPUS was not listed as one of the endorsing organizations; GPAX is listed. Secretary has given them GPUS name as co-endorser; their page is no longer visible, but has been assured they have our form and will have our name included.

Ted Glick (Climate Crisis Coalition) asked about the possibility of a joint contingent w/ Climate Crisis and GPAX members. Both groups have already established their starting points, but Rebecca will email him to see if there is some point along the route they may hook up.

7) World Can’t Wait Event in February, NYC – Rebecca GPUS co-sponsored World Can’t Wait event January 4, 2007, in DC. Steve Kramer spoke at the event. The text of his speech has been sent to the NC list.

WCW has asked GPUS to co-convene an impeachment event in NYC in February. They want groups supporting impeachment to put together a panel of sorts and help find a location.

Steve had to leave the call at this point.

8) PORTFOLIO REPORTS Policy- Budd – Following GPAX, IC and Platcom discussion on listserves.

Internal – Katey – Working on a form to make reporting to the committees to NC easier. Is there a way to automate this going out periodically to committee co-chairs? (Holly suggested contacting someone with the technical skills to set up an automated email message.) – Legal – Has not received current contact list from Steve, yet, but he will send it; Holly sent earlier list of potential legal team. Katey has approached some contacts and has gotten some interest from some to be part of a legal team. – Personnel -made initial contact with Budd and Maya O’Connor

External – Rebecca – Media – getting more recognition for press releases; number of requests for interviews – good work. – Green Pages – moving ahead with funding questions. – Merchandise – see Emily’s report, above.

Outreach – Echo – Recommends a sign-up form for Campus Greens on GP website.

Electoral – Jim – Conference call as held two weeks ago w/ PCSC, CCC, BAC, ANMCom for discussion of floor rules for 2008 convention. Met with some to work on a committee to put together a proposal. Another meeting is set for this Thursday. – Concern from PCSC about being kept in the lop of any presidential news. Jim will keep in touch with them.

Finance – Liz – Covered by previous reports. Publishing minutes of FinCom and FundCom meetings.

Secretary update – Holly Progress report on updating delegate manual (updating outdated acronyms and terms, new info needed), hope to finish in two-four weeks. Upcoming projects are annual meeting reports on the web; bylaws proposals review; secretary manual/calendar.

Forum Managers – still looking. Secretary would be happy to receive suggestions, will follow up on Liz’s suggestion.

1/21/07 Holly Hart Secretary, GPUS

NEXT CALL: Sunday, February 4, 2007. 8:00 p.m. ET

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