January 23, 2011

GPUS SC Conference Call
Sunday, January 23, 2011
8:00 p.m. EST

Co-chairs: Jason Nabewaniec, Farheen Hakeem, Theresa El-Amin
Secretary: Holly Hart
Treasurer: Jeff Turner
Staff: Brian Bittner

David Strand was not able to be on the call.

Guest: Hillary Kane, AnmCom, Co-chair, for ANM proposal.

Facilitator: Theresa


Personnel Items

8:07 – 8:07 – 8:36 p.m. ET

Farheen reported that the group involved in hiring a fundraiser has received applications and hopes to review these and come out with next steps by the next SC call.

In response to an inquiry from an NC delegate, monthly reports of office activity will be posted to the NC.



Brian spoke with Red Sun Press’ Eric Johnson, our direct mail re-solicitations. They had a good conversation Red Sun is interested in continuing as our vendor, and they discussed upcoming re=solicitation.

Last week, Brian prepared an email appeal theme of 1st Anniversary of “Citizens’ United” Supreme Court decision, which drew a good response.

About $7800 in so far this year in mail and web contributions.

Brian continues to send out personal re-solicitation letters to contacts throughout the country, hopes for first returns in the upcoming week. He sent out about 300 letters.

Brian manages GPUS Facebook page and Twitter. Holly asked about the Care2 account, which Starlene Rankin of the Media Committee recently reported had over 10 thousand signers. Brian said he will check up on that account and see what organizing can be done.

[Update, 1/24/11: According to Brian, in terms of the party care2 account, our “official” page (which the office has administrative access to) is a much smaller page, with less than 10 members. There are several Green Party groups and pages, some of which are quite active and have many thousands of members. I report on the “official” Facebook and Twitter accounts because we have access to post content on those pages. The only page we have such access to on care2 is not the one Starlene is referring to. But I am happy that there is a lot of independent Green Party activity on care2.]


Jeff and Brian are working to tie up loose ends in accounting, some from years back. They hope to enter 2011 with the correct balances going forward. When final checks are written, we will have about $1500 in the bank. We need to pay web manager and February rent, so we need to increase fundraising/income this month.

Jeff stated we need an accountant. He is currently serving as both treasurer and accountant, am willing and able to do both, but we need to get an accountant. Jeff has spoken with Hugh Esco who described a policy his state party had regarding conflicts of interest for people who are hired and also serve in a volunteer role. Jeff would like to pay his staff to do some fo that work, and would re-engineer the treasurer’s job, so it becomes a normal, small, volunteer task. Jef will discuss this with FinCom and see what recommendations may come forth.


Jeff sent out a list of FundCom ideas for fundraising campaigns. He has invited people to join FundCom meetings. FundCom has had great discussions, a lot of good ideas. One effort is for a state-by-state network of fundraising captains, to raise $1000 per state, for near-future fundraising drive. Consensed on waging a non-stop dialogue/campaign with different subjects and messaging. They hope this will grow exponentially, turn peoples’ attitudes around, so that everyone gives something, no matter how small. They hope to build up the sustainer program. They want the SC to speak up about this and be involved; make this a priority for the next two months.

Theresa pointed out we don’t have 50 state parties, some will need to raise their bar.

Farheen asked how one signs up to be a state fundraising captain. Jeff said, Just Volunteer. Karen Young and Bill Kreml are building a network and are keeping a spreadsheet. Jeff also asked that SC lend open support for fundraising efforts, encourage support, use FundCom-created messages.

Jason re-inforced the idea that the SC needs to help change the culture, where every individual feels empowered to give. Our budget projections are loftier than our means to bring in the funds, at the moment, the SC needs to focus on that portion of outreach to NC delegates, committee members. He recommends SC send out a letter to every member of the NC, asking them to join in this effort; lead by example.

V. Co-CHAIR VACANCIES – Jason, et al.

After 3 SC Co-chairs resigned, the SC discussed how to proceed with an online election, per GPUS rules.


Jason stated that these rules weren’t written to handle a situation where there are multiple vacancies. There is either flexibility or lack of clarity depending on how one looks at it. Jason believes we should conduct two elections simultaneously: one election for the vacancy that expires this summer; another for two vacancies that run through the sumer of 2012. A question could arise if a candidate wants to run in both elections. Jeff suggested we fill the short term vacancy now, then fill the other two after; it was concluded that this would not really fit with the timeline given in the rules.

SC agreed to declare three Co-chair vacancies, and post an announcement calling for nominations tomorrow (Monday, January 24).

VI. COMMITTEE REPORTS – various co-chairs

Credentials Committee needs to get started on their work toward 2012, and need an SC liaison. No decision was made, yet, to appoint an SC liaison

PCSC Co-chair A. J. Segneri planned to be on the call to give an update on PCSC work. He was not able to be on the call, so sent a report he asked to be included in the minutes (included, below)*.

Farheen: GPAX has not been active. DRC has had some brief action, called to resolve something, but the issue was resolved.

Jason: It doesn’t make sense to try to redistribute the assignments, let’s request that all committees submit reports as to who their co-chairs and members are, what they’ve been doing the past year and what they plan on doing the upcoming year. Jason is liaison with MerchCom, CCC (currently undergoing re-vamping), Congressional Committees, will take on Fundraising.

Theresa is liaison to AnmCom and the IC. She asked to take Ballot Access and hand over FundCom to Jason, who agreed.

VII. VOTING QUEUE, if needed; misc. items – Holly

1) submitted, 1/16/11; AnmCom: Proposal for 2011 ANM

NOTE: AnmCom Co-chair, Hillary Kane, is available to be on the call if we have questions or want more information. She will be standing by, in case we want to contact her.

2 weeks discussion, 1 week vote

50% threshold

Floor Manager: Theresa

Farheen noted that the timing occurs during Ramadan, asked about the availability of food and meals after dark. Jason noted that this is a small village, not much offered after hours. Options are to bring food, or find home stays where one could use a kitchen after dark. Hillary said they would work to would be able to accommodate this need.

Misc. Reports

a. Forum Manager update, if possible – hope for next call.

b. Calendar; see above, in conjunction with call for committee reports.

c. Directory update; to come out soon after Calendar call.

NEXT CALL: Sunday, February 76, 2011; 8:00 p.m. EST



I would like to provide this for the minutes in regarding the activities the Presidential Campaign Support Committee has done thus far.

In December of 2010, I sent out an outreach letter via email to those individuals that met the following criteria:

1. That were previously a presidential and vice-presidential candidate for GPUS; such as Ralph Nader, Winona LaDuke, Cynthia McKinney, Rosa Clemente, David Cobb, Pat LaMarche

2. That received a first round vote in previous Green Party Presidential Conventions; such as Stephen Gaskins, Jello Biafra, Kat Swift, Jesse Johnson, JoAnn Beeman, Kent Mesplay, and so forth.

There is a third category of prospective candidate, and in order to bring those names forward a discussion list called the GPUS Prez 2012 List. Since the inception of that list, little over 29 names have been brought forth. Through the committee process there will be a 2 week discussion of those individuals on the list, then another week or two of committee members voting on the names in question. Upon which those prospective candidates that was voted by the PCSC members will receive an outreach letter.

Any further questions can be brought to my attention at either AJ.Segneri@gmail.com or at 815-499-2765