January 27, 2013

a. Facilitator – David Doonan
b. Roll Call – Budd Dickinson, Steve Welzer, Jeff Turner, Charles Ostdiek, Karen Young, AJ Segneri, Susan Chunco
Absent: Farheen Hakeem, Darryl Moch
Observers – Jody Grage WA, Linda Thompson CT
c. Agenda revisions – Karen – proposal to change SC call schedule

a. Cash report to date – sent financial report, nearly $6k in general accounts, not enough to pay $8530 to Red Sun, payroll and rent can be paid.

b. Report on last mailing’s returns –
Average donation smaller than usual. Paid for itself but only slightly more. Regular donor portion about normal rate but Stein portion more in line with prospect mailing – may respond better to email request which is being prepared. Sign up portion was larger than usual but response rate lower. Was late so got in with holiday mailing. David Sacks will be talking to Jill’s campaign about their major donors.

c. Long range budgeting update – FinCom preparing statement from committee budget plan including for the future and for ideal situation as well as for survival.

d. Fincom recruitment update – Mark Jenkins seems to be approved, Cheryl Wolfe MT CPA working to get vetting from state, Susan Chunco on leave of absence, recruitment continuing

e. Merchcom update – new Green Party card design, Keystone demonstration visibility item, then t-shirt design.

In the queue:
691- Assign Green Party of Nevada to Temporary Inactive Status – Voting
1/21-27 – passing, has quorum

692 – Assign Desert Greens (Utah) to Temporary Inactive Status – Voting
1/21-27 – passing, has quorum

693 – Approval of Mark Jenkins, Arkansas, for membership on the Finance
Committee – Voting 1/21-27 – passing, has quorum

694 – Accreditation of Kentucky Green Party – Voting 2/4 -10

695 – Mobilize Opposition to Keystone XL Pipeline – Voting 2/4 -10 – amendment(s) may be coming
Received for the queue: None

IV. Transfer of Committee Listservs to Pair
David – several had interrupted service, max of 100 listservs on Pair and 24 hour tech support, $40/mo to add 100 more a year ago for total of about 120 now, 75 lists still available. Consensus to approve using Pair for listservs. Need to contact Cameron Spitzer that new listservs will be created on Pair. Need to retain archives. Susan and Budd will contact Cameron and David will follow up in addition.

V. LIAISON REPORTS- 25 minutes

Susan – will reconnect with her committees for reporting on the next two calls
Steve – BAC – Audrey going to Utah and will contact Greens there about revitalization, Tom Yager will update webpage; Platform – website old
Karen – MerchCom – Dani Leibling NY; Outreach – nothing new; FunCom – new member from CA perhaps
Charles – Outreach & BRPP – nothing new; EcoAction discussing Keystone proposal; IC – on listserv now; electing new co-chair, Global Greens delegates and alternates, and FPVA
Farheen (by email Thursday) – IC : A new Green, Carl Mealle, contacted Farheen about joining both GPAX and DRC. This is great news since DRC needs to elect a new co-chair.

Karen proposed to change SC calls to 2nd and 4th Sundays. Consensus to’make this change.

VII. NEXT MEETING DATE – February 10th

Budd Dickinson