July 1, 2001

For SB meeting. Discussed Jello’s appearance. There has been follow up. discussed Medea, there has been follow up. Costs for Lynne Serpe to facilitate. Flight and registration costs waived. We need to get a handle on number of home stays.

Costs for Global video which we can then sell and printing.

FEC filing is going up on website.

Mor fundraising mailings are going out to various lists. Money is coming in. Have $8100 in bank, though money is also going out.

Dicussed hiring fundraiser. Realize that the process needs improvement and regularization. Hiring should follow budget and management plans adoption. Same thing about offices.

Greenpages: Need to figure out finances with Michael and start paying off that bill.

Discussed the possibility of a future resolution stating that only a registered Green could be a Green candidate for President. That can wait a while but should be discussed well before 2003.

With IL in we need to get confirmation of who their delegates are. That has since been done.