July 10, 2011

GPUS SC Conference Call
Sunday, July 10, 2011
8:00 p.m. EDT

Co-chairs: Leenie Venet Halbert, Audrey Clement, Jason Nabewaniec, Farheen Hakeem, Tamar Yager, Theresa El-Amin, David Strand
Secretary: Holly Hart
Treasurer: Jeff Turner
Staff: Brian Bittner

Guests: Angel Torres (AZ) for the forming Latino Caucus for the caucus accreditation proposal
Observers: Julia Aires (FLA)

Facilitator: Jason

1) Proposal from GPOH; Bylaws Amendment on Caucus Accreditation; received June 9th, updated this afternoon; request expedited timeline, 1 week discussion, 1 week vote, 2/3 threshold.
SC agreed to add this to the agenda after the staff report.

2) Audrey asked to add an agenda item regarding the list of SC candidates. She objects to two of the candidates and would like the SC to make a decision.
SC agreed to add this to the agenda at the end of the voting queue item.

Office Manager – Brian
The office is continuing to take registrations for ANM. We have 36 registrants and more that have come in not yet counted.

Brian will be working on coordinating rides to the ANM from DC.

a. Jeff emailed a report: It’s been a full quarter of a year since we hired Dave Sacks and received the large contribution of $20,000. We continue to maintain that $20,000 cushion (from a large donation Brent obtained in April) as working capital in the general fund. Monies are set aside in the reserve fund for caucuses, the ANM, and the IT fund. We owe next to nothing except for state sharing and committee earmarked funds in the approximate amount of $30,000.

Meanwhile, at mid year, we are falling far short of our budgeted fundraising goals for 2011. There are many things in the budget that have not been funded as a result. So the good news is that we are not overspending our incoming cash flow.

There are no more costs associated with moving our office, and the full deposit from the old office has been returned to us. The Finance committee advises that we maintain this working capital balance without embarking on any new expenditures until the ANM is completed and we see that our new donor database and fundraiser can begin producing an increase in our monthly cash contributions.

David Sacks has nearly completed the database migration to Salsa and will be able to devote full time to fundraising. David sent a fundraising report to the SC.

Last call, the SC authorized some funds for Merchandise for ANM, printing of Green Pages. These are budgeted expenditures we haven’t yet paid this month.

b. Request from Latino Caucus
They have raised funds for financial assistance for members traveling to this year’s ANM. They asked whether they could have this processed through the national office. FinCom and Jeff recommended this be processed through “special projects” designation.

Audrey asked why the funds couldn’t simply be given to the AnmCom and disbursed through them. Jeff replied that this still falls under our rules. He asked whether we considered this “special project” or “ANM expenses” or whether forming caucus members could simply collect the money and disburse it? Tamar said funds running through ANM could be difficult, could get muddled. David stated the general rule that funds raised could be considered a political expenditure; feels that sending money to a dedicated fund is the most above-board way to do it.
VOTE on Request expenditure and language to approve a special project for the purpose of receiving earmarked funds donated in support of prospective Latino Caucus members at the 2011 ANM

Jeff – Yes
Farheen – Yes
Tamar – Yes
Jason – Yes
Audrey – Abstain
Holly – Yes
David – Yes
Leenie – Yes
Theresa – Yes

APPROVED; 8 Yes, 1 Abstain

c. Request for funds for Green Pages layout
Funds approved on the last call didn’t take into consideration funds for layout, thinking at the time it would be an in-kind donation. Leenie offered to donate a portion of the $300 and asked GPUS authorize $100 to pay the designer. Jeff pointed out that this is still within the amount budgeted for Green Pages.

SC APPROVED $100 toward layout for Green Pages.

III. VOTING QUEUE; misc. secretary items, as needed – Holly

#600, 601, 602, 604 – Approval of George Martin, Budd Dickinson, David Doonan, Darryl! Moch as ANM facilitators; End tonight; All will be approved *if quorum is reached!* [NOTE: It wasn’t, possibly due to a partial system outage which prevented the usual “voting genie” notices from going out. The proposals are being voted on again. – hh, 7/14/11]

#599 – GP-ILL: National Committee Size & Apportionment; Voting period is tomorrow through Sunday, July 17th

#605 – GPoWS: Bylaws Amendment, Steering Committee; Discussion continues through 7/17; Voting period is from 7/18 through 7/24

#606 – Election Tabulation Committee Election; Voting begins tomorrow through 7/17; Failed previously due to lack of quorum

1) Proposal for Delegate Apportionment; MGIP
2 weeks discussion, 1 week vote; ranked choice vote
Floor manager: Leenie
On the last call, the SC agreed that Audrey would follow up with MGIP to resolve several points and clarification issues she had raised. Audrey reported that the last communication she had was a couple weeks ago. MGIP understood what the concerns were and did not object, but the proposal has not been re-submitted.

2) (Addressed after the Staff Report)
Amendment to Rules & Procedures, Caucus Accreditation; GPOH, ASGP
They are requesting an expedited process in order to help the Latino Caucus achieve provisional status (would be newly created with passage of this proposal) by the ANM.

Not all SC members have seen the revised proposal. Audrey, Holly, Jason and David pointed out some language that would need to be revised slightly. Holly proposed this be taken up online, working out minor revisions should be quick. Farheen later re-stated the proposal and added that we take a few days to work out language, then take an online vote. Goal would be to have the proposal go to the voting queue on July 17th.
SC AGREED to take this up online.

Angel Torres (co-chair of the forming Latino Caucus and of AZGP) reported that the forming Latino Caucus has more than 20 members and representatives from several states. They would like to be accredited, if not this year, then by the time of the 2012 nominating convention. This would give them more strength and interest going into that year. They invite co-sponsors. He said they are interested in working to make the proposal read for the voting queue. They would like to have this done before this year’s ANM, but if more time is needed, would like to ask that it be the first item of business on the ANM agenda.

MISC. Reports
Projects: ongoing committee updates, still ongoing.
Not heard back with details on automating committee pages’ membership lists, but
hope to get that info, asap.

Audrey objected to including Thomas Muhammad and AJ Segneri in the list of SC candidates. She pointed out that Thomas Muhammad was nominated early on, but that was not posted to the NC “votes” list. AJ Segneri expressed interest in a position and subsequently confirmed his nomination, but he hadn’t been nominated on the “votes” list. Audrey had sent a nomination for Mark Swaney very late in the day on Thursday, which didn’t make it to the “votes” list due to the outage; however, she has a copy she later forwarded to the list.

Holly went over the timeline, explained that the outage on some of our system caused a delay. She had planned to post a list of candidates earlier on thursday, then held off until Thursday night in case of last-minute nominations; then, due to the outage, emailed the candidates directly. Based on some past instances and requests from others, she wrote that the nomination period be extended by one more day. AJ did announce with a bio during that time. Suggested the SC, given the outage and problems in communications, accept all candidates, considered a one-time approval.

Tamar said she talked with James Jones; he is not on the “votes” list. Holly stated she had gotten a nomination message from his state but not yet seen a confirmation from him. Tamar said he is working on getting on the GNC, couldn’t have posted directly to the list.

Farheen said she felt we were spending a lot of time on this, asked to go to a vote. Tamar suggested we err on the side of caution and accept candidates who have declared and confirmed their acceptance of nomination; Jeff, Theresa and Leenie agreed we have a good reason. Theresa and Audrey pointed out that Thomas’s nomination was not posted to the NC list, although it had been sent some time ago. Audrey stated we need to make sure the rules are in place, or anyone could do whatever they want, no order, and not fair to the NC. Leenie brought up a situation where an announced nominee was not included in the candidate list. Holly and Tamar clarified that in that case, Holly had followed up more than once, but didn’t receive a response as to what term was being sought.
VOTE to accept all candidates for SC, given the outage and numerous last minute attempts to communicate, provided that those candidates who have not yet done so confirm their acceptance of nomination (or self-nomiunation) to the “votes” list before the vote goes to the voting queue.

Tamar – Yes, and ask that all nominees respond to NC list with their affirmation.
Theresa – Yes
Audrey – No
Jeff – Yes
Farheen – Yes
Leenie – Abstain
David – Yes, agree with Tamar
Jason – Yes
Holly – Yes

SC APPROVED; 7 Yes, 1 No, 1 Abstain

IV. Review and Discussion of ANM draft plenary agenda
Most recent draft schedule was sent to the SC. Based on interest from members of BAC and PCSC and from feedback given to members of AnmCom, Saturday afternoon is being organized by several working with Ballot Access, 2012 Presidential cycle, and electoral work. Once that is available, we will post the ANM agenda to the NC for any needed feedback.

TABLED V. Follow up, talk or events with Jello Biafra; Research on finding a new bank – Audrey, Leenie


Theresa mentioned she is now on the steering committee of a ? Labor Network, hopes to facilitate labor support for the Green Party.

Leenie reported that the print edition of Green Pages should be ready on time for ANM.
BAC is talking about setting up a conference call, probably in a week or so.
PCSC will have a conference call next Tuesday; finished sending out exploratory letters to prospective Presidential candidates; in the midst of a co-chair election; finished draft questionnaire.
Media Committee continuing work
Merchandise – Leenie has gotten a complete merchandise list, looking over strategically considering how to use the funds just allocated.

Farheen – IC is working on electing alternates to FPVA and GGN.

TABLED – VII. STRATEGIC PLANNING – Discussion – all, as needed
Come on, let’s do it!

Holly Hart
Secretary, GPUS

NEXT CALL: Sunday, July 17, 2011; 8:00 p.m. EDT