July 12, 2015

GPUS Steering Committee Meeting Minutes for July 12, 2015


a) Facilitator – Jody Grage
b) Roll Call – Budd Dickinson, Andrea Merida, Karen Young, Audrey Clement, Jeff Turner, Tamar Yager, Jesse Townley, Charles Ostdiek, Darryl! Moch.
Observer: Starlene Rankin.


a) Forum/Listserv – Implementation of Proposal 785
The proposal only deals with the Votes List, so the discussion/affairs list is not to be reinstated. NC Business on Forum remains only for archival purposes and does not accept new posts. Andrea, Charles, and Jesse will form an ad hoc committee to work with the listserv/forum managers on moderation and other communications procedures. Press releases are still going only to the forum and even fewer people are seeing them now. At Budd’s request, Jesse changed the name of the “National Committee Salon” to “National Committee Discussion”.
b) ANM Update. TY
Tamar will post registration information to the GNC listserv. During the call, Jesse moved the ANM Forum from GPUS Business and into National Committee Discussion so it is now an active sub-forum again and NC members can post new threads and comments about the ANM. It is here:


a) Treasurer’s Report – Jeff T.
The financial report was sent showing $8650 in general account, with about $1800 coming in for ANM since 7/1 to be transferred to reserve funds. BAC has $3000 of restricted funds after payment of $1000 approved for MO. There are some unexpected ANM expenses, but the fundraiser should provide revenue.

b) Fundraising Report – KY
The revenue report was sent shortly before the call and shows June brought in almost $19k gross so we are at 66% of the income goal rather than 55% as we were at he end of May. Every category increased in percentage. Income should be $102.5k but is at $68k. The last mailing about Ferguson has performing poorly, bringing in $5k rather than usual $12k, but $8400 has already come in in July including returns from the 2nd mailing that are still coming in. The last eblast on independence did very well and brought in over $1k. Work on contacting sustainers and entering sustainer credit card information into NationBuilder continues. The SC is urged to become sustainers if they are not already. Eight phone banking volunteers are being trained. A facebook campaign is using “election not coronation” with caricatures of Hillary & Jeb. Fundraising at the ANM will include an open mike with Green Party talent and an auction run by David Cobb. New eblast templates are being developed.

c) Finance Items for decision: none


In the queue:

790 & 791 – Steering Committee Elections – Discussion 7/3 – 7/17, vote 7/18 – 7/25 – quorum reached; NOTA will be added. There will be a forum for candidates on a conference call Thursday 16 July from 7 – 8:30. Send potential questions to Karen.

786 – Election Tabulation Committee Election- discussion 6/28 – 7/5, vote 7/6 – 7/12 – quorum reached.

787 thru 789 – Approval of ANM Facilitators – discussion 6/28 – 7/5, vote 7/6 – 7/12 – quorum reached.

Received for the Queue:
Proposal for PNC 2016 venue – TY
Floor manager – Tamar; approved to expedite into queue tonight, 2 weeks discussion, vote begins Monday after the ANM.
e) Committee Liaison Reports
Audrey -PCSC – Rich Zitola running for male co-chair; BAC approved sending AR $1000 to reimburse paid petitioner; Fundraising still has not yet had a meeting.

Karen – Web content committee reports website content nearly ready and will go live TU after ANM – 28 July, communications plan being developed for the transition, Karen only temporary de facto chair; Outreach is working on Sanders talking points with Media Committee, the brochure has been delayed to coordinate with the website.

Jesse – Platform – No action although supposed to start work in June.
Jesse will investigate. CCC – presenting electoral strategies at ANM.

Tamar – eblast on TPP with click through to make comments scored the most responses ever.

Charles – IC meeting during ANM including Skype call with convener of Global Greens.

Darryl! – CCC – survey plus webinar; Green Pages continuing – new issue soon; Diversity – still trying to schedule a call; BRPP – 4 long-standing proposals have been approved to go forward.


a) Bernie Sanders talking points KY
A discussion was held and no decisions made regarding the content of the Bernie Sanders talking points. Comments were taken under advisement for further fine-tuning of resolution of messaging concerns.

Budd Dickinson