July 15, 2001

ASGP SC Conference Call notes 7/15/01 submitted by Greg Gerritt

Discussed ME resolution on restructuring SC. ME is okay with an amendment to implement at the next meeting rather than immediately.

AZ resolution on immigration. General consensus is that while the rules are fuzzy, we are not amenable to changing the p[latform in between conventions. We can pass it as a resolution, put a link to it on the platform website (along with other similar policy statements), but the platform process is long and interactive, and we shold not be changing the platform except at a convention.

Saturday Night in SB genda is almost final, expanded the list of speakers to include two speakers on hispanic issues.

Friday Nite will be a program of international Greens.

Anyone needing rides from public transit to the site is requested to email <sbgreens@greeens.org> A data base is being worked up, and as long as you let them know, there will be pickups at train and bus stations in SB. Send complete information or it will be hard to pull this together well.

There are two places in SB owned by the same group, We are meeting at the site on Ladera lane.

Meeting will be recorded.

Naathalie will be sending out a complete list of workshops and commmittee meetings in the next few days.

Agreed to expand time for transcomm. New agenda has been sent out already. Also gave extra time to Internal Communications Committee

Alol Committees are asked to write up reports and send them in ahead of time. There will be many new delegates at this meeting, and these reports will help them get up to speed. So PLEASE write up a report for your committeee and get it in ASAP.

Complete budget is being worked up. Everyone should note that the budget is very iffy, becasue we can not completely predict fundraising success. We are going to have to phase in expenditures for committees as funds become available. Committees are asked to regularize their own process for funding to make budgeting easier over time.

There has been discussion about assessing fees to member states on a regular basis. Of course only the CC can make that decision, but the budget committee is suggesting assessing $25 to $100 assessments on a regular basis. Should be an interesting discussion. How to help states with fundraising is also part of where we are moving.

Right now we have about $8600 in the bank, we are presenting a budget of around $50,000 for the next 5 MONTHS, essentially from the SB meeting to the end of the year. Future budgets are being worked on, as is a complete fundraising plan. We he they will be on the web soon, but will definitely have hard copies in SB.

Regular mailings are going out. We are working on trying to pull together more lists and to set up proper databases. We are also trying to regularize phone solicitations for big donors. That should kick off soon. Alo working on hiring a fundraiser.

Next Green pages should be available at SB. We are finally moving towards a real functioning Greenpages committee rather than relying on one person to do a superhuman job. This continues to evolve, and we need to figure out the finances of greenpages better.

Agreed to fund for $100.00 Ben Manski representing us at Indiana Stae meeting in August.

We are printng up copies of the platform for every state party. Each state will get two free in SB, with the possibility of purchasing more by mail.