July 24, 2011

GPUS SC Conference Call
Sunday, July 24, 2011
8:00 p.m. EDT

Co-chairs: Jason Nabewaniec, Tamar Yager, Audrey Clement, Farheen Hakeem, David Strand, Theresa El-Amin
Secretary: Holly Hart
Treasurer: Jeff Turner
Staff: Brian Bittner

Leenie Venet Halbert was not able to be on tonight’s call.

Facilitator: Nan Garrett

Vote on whether to add a particular item submitted for the voting queue on tonight’s call. See the ***’d item (#2) in Article V, Voting Queue.

There is now a request from EcoAction that the GPUS endorse a “Children of Fukushima” statement. This came in yesterday. Audrey would like it placed on the agenda instead of rapid response, because rapid response requires 80% approval to endorse.

Office Manager – Brian
Brian has opened a new post office box in a central location in Washington, D.C. Those SC members who need stationary, contact Brian for an updated sheet. New address is PO Box 75075, Washington, D.C. 20013. The office will continue to maintain the old PO Box at DuPont Circle, because a lot of past mailers will continue to use that address for a time.

Brian contacted Hungerford Printers in DC, approved proofs for new mailing and return envelopes. He also sent a proof of the 2010 platform summary. These should be done in time for the ANM

Brian sent a report on 7/21 for AnmCom with a registration update. There are currently 99 total: 45 paid delegates, 30 GreenFest, 10 presenters or exhibitors, the rest diversity waivers. Total registration income report has been forwarded to the AnmCom and treasurer.

Brian sent an e-blast to entire subscriber list on Friday reminding people of the national meeting and the deadline for making food and lodging reservations. On behalf of the PCSC, he sent outreach letters to approximately 20 potential Presidential candidates.

The office experienced an internet outage on Thursday due to a power loss, resolved Friday morning, .

Brian and some SC members are working to host an open house at the new office on the evening of August 10th.

Jeff sent report which shows bank balances through today. General account:$1,517.00; reserve account: approx. $14,000.There are some additional ANM funds in the Paypal account. He has paid everything due for July except for the webmaster billing that comes at the end of the month.

This week, he will transfer all ANM monies out of the reserve fund into the general account for paying the ANM expenses coming up over the next two weeks. Registration fees collected to date are a little over $6000, about half of the budget. Tamar says she and Rachel have a list of vendors, exhibitors, and Greens who have not yet registered that are expected.

Jeff is working on reporting format, to be finalized post-ANM. Discussed with Brian the advisability of dropping our automatic postage meter. He is also working with the webmaster to resolve some questions about domain names, security. We need to plan to hire an accountant.

III. Review and Discussion of ANM draft plenary agenda
SC meeting and orientation plans

Tamar and Theresa both sent out possible agendas. Discussion of when to meet on Sunday, GNC meeting schedule.

Tamar proposed the GNC meeting end at 11 a.m. instead of 12:30 p.m. Earlier morning SC meeting would start earlier and overlap by one hour. SC AGREED, by Consensus

Tamar proposed that the SC meet from 7:45 – 9:45am, 11am – 12:30pm, and 1:30 – 3:30pm. Audrey proposed we go with a morning partly informal and partly business and Noon session only. Audrey’s proposal was not taken up, then withdrawn.

VOTE on Tamar’s proposed schedule
Tamar – Yes
David – Yes
Jason – Abstain
Theresa – Yes
Audrey – No
Jeff – Yes
Farheen – Yes
Holly – Abstain

PASSED, 5 Yes, 1 No, 2 Abstain

IV. VOTING QUEUE; misc. secretary items, as needed – Holly
NOTE! Votes cast on closed/open at close ranked choice votes can NOT be changed once cast!!!!!

#605 – Bylaws Amendment: SC
Proposal has reached quorum and, barring a very large shift, will not pass

#612 – SC Co-chairs election
#614 – Secretary election
Voting period will run from 7/30/11 – 5:00 p.m. EDT, Saturday, 8/6/11 !!!

1) Submitted by GPMI; 7/13/11; GPUS statement on Libya

Holly recommended this wait until after the ANM, because the voting queue needs to be clear of votes other than SC elections until they are finished. Other option is to put this in the voting queue now and expedite the discussion and vote.

Farheen would like to be floor manager. Holly will contact sponsors and IT and see if having this in the discussion phase over the SC vote would create any problem. [NOTE: It turned out that a proposal in the discussion phase would not affect the SC election proposals, so this has now gone to the voting queue; voting period will commence 8/8. – hh, 7/28/11]

****2) Submitted by GP-IL, sent from Audrey – Proposal for 2011 Apportionment and Timeline

Request to go out on July 25th. 1 week discussion, 1 week vote. 2/3 threshold.

This proposal was not submitted by the SC call deadline, so the SC needs to agree to add this to this call agenda.

Request 2 weeks discussion, 1 week vote; simple majority threshold (what happened to the 2/3 and 80% last week)

VOTE to include on the agenda
Tamar – Yes
David – Abstain
Jason – Yes
Theresa – No
Audrey – Yes
Jeff – No
Farheen – No
Holly – No

FAILS; 3 Yes, 4 No, 1 Abstain


****3) EcoAction request for GPUS endorsement
Agreed to consider the request. Holly proposed the SC endorse this statement, Children of Fukushima. SC AGREED, Consensus

1) Proposal for Delegate Apportionment; MGIP

2 weeks discussion, 1 week vote; ranked choice vote

Floor manager: Leenie

2) Amendment to Rules & Procedures, Caucus Accreditation; GPOH, AZGP, DCSG

Theresa – AC, ANM, Outreach; Outreach is not functioning, no response for a call for volunteers.

Green Labor Network has revived, she feels there is a good opening for the Green Party among Labor. She is on the Coordinating Committee of the Emergency Labor Network, and has recruited some new Green Party members.

David – had hoped to help revive the Diversity Committee, and its role with helping caucuses get off the ground. That hasn’t happened, but some of the forming caucuses are organizing; he hopes a new caucus accreditation policy will soon be adopted.

Platform process should soon be in operation for the 2012 cycle.

VII. STRATEGIC PLANNING – Discussion – all, as needed
Tamar suggested this be one of the first items addressed with the new SC.


Holly Hart
Secretary, GPUS