July 29, 2012

GPUS SC Conference Call Minutes – July 29, 2012

a. Facilitator – Jody Grage
b. Roll Call – Budd Dickinson, Steve Welzer, Susan Chunco, Jeff Turner, Charles Ostdiek
Absent – Karen Young, Darryl Moch, Farheen Hakeem, AJ Segneri
d. Agenda revisions – Susan sent proposal on Updating and Improving GPUS Election Database – Approved by consensus to add to agenda.

a. Office Manager – Brian Bittner – Brief report outlined a week when he was on vacation and a week in which the office was closed for three days for the convention.

b. Fundraiser – David Sacks – no report received

c. Tamar remains on SC listserv since she is serving for 3 months as staff supervision – Approved by consensus.

a. Cash report to date
Sent two attachments – money in reserve account for requirements.
General Account – $22k.
All ANM meeting expenses paid except for 3 reimbursements.
Webmaster chores and compensation – more billing coming in this month.
Cash pro forma – projection through August with very modest income estimate.
Resolicitation to drop 8 September.
Ballot Access funding should be possible according to projection; 2008 state sharing to CA for $2400 by end of August.
Susan – how do mailing requests do in fall, especially in election years?
Budd – BAC hasn’t requested the entire budgeted amount.
Jeff – BAC urgent.
Steve – Stein campaign expects to take in much more.
Jeff – matching money from Feds not yet received.
Jody – clarified $2k to finish CT and PA and an additional $2k to leave $11k of budgeted funds ($27k- $12k loans – $2k – $2k = $11k), other funds werecontributed directly to BAC.
Jeff – GPUS will help affiliated states, Stein will help other states.
Stein campaign will pay $2k in Baltimore campaign expenses.
Proposal to authorize $4k to BAC from budgeted fund – $2k requested plus an additional $2k – Approved by consensus.
Proposal to authorize CA 2008 state sharing of approximately $2400 –
Approved by consensus.

c. Proposal from David Doonan to rebuild web site with Joolma for $5k
Budd – 2012 IT Development budget $2500 – could this get David started?
Charles – social media tie-in very important, Steve and Susan agree.
Jeff will get specific proposal from David and it will be decision item on next call.

IV: Proposal to update Election Database from Matt Cleveland to improve appearance, accessibility and functionality pro bono in August. See below. Suggestion to consult with David Doonan. Approved by Consensus.

Susan left call.

Need clarification of what election databases we have and who is working on them.
Jeff – Brent McMillan maintaining database of elected Green officeholders.
Jeff – all databases need to be on pair server.

IV. In-person SC Meeting (January?) – Farheen – tabled
Jeff – funding isn’t available for this year.
Steve – could be self-funding or individual fundraising.

In the queue: None
Received for the queue: None

(See separate message with interests, including Charles info.)
Jeff – volunteer to liaison with ANM.
Budd – hoping for another volunteer; TR & SEC not liaisons – only co-chairs.
Budd – co-chairs encouraged to talk amongst themselves about liaison roles.
Charles – may be interested in ANMC, especially the food; will contact other co-chairs about his interests where they coincide.
SC contact list – Budd will update.

VII. STRATEGIC PLANNING (Karen) – table until next call

1. Employment Agreements and Personnel Manual revision – Update.
Jeff – Will work on it when Nan is done with ballot access work; with Maya and David Sacks wife, Erika.

IX. Next meeting – 8/12
Facilitator – Budd will arrange; suggestion to add Jody to list.

Subject: GPUS Elections Data Base

Sponsor: Susan Chunco

Background: The GPUS Elections Data Base was revised in 2007/2008 by Pennsylvania Green Matt Cleveland. Since then it has not been updated and improved. There are both issues of code that need to be changed and additional functionality that needs to be added, including changing the front page of the data base to provide a more informative and easy entry point.

Matt Cleveland has offered to do those upgrades for no charge to the GPUS. He also has a specific time window in which he can perform the improvements, which is the first two weeks of August while his family is out of town.

Proposal: The the SC give direction to Matt Cleveland to upgrade the appearance, accessibility, and functionality of the GPUS Elections Data Base and to report to the SC about the improvements made upon the conclusion of his work.