July 8, 2001

Conference Call notes. ASGP SC 7/8/01

For the SB meeting we sare still working on agenda, workshop, committee meetings. If you are planning a workdshop of committee meeting and we do not have notice of it yet, let us know.

ME has proposed a by law change to restructure the SC. (y’all should have seen it alreay as it hasgone out over the list) We think the appropriate way to deal with it is to take it up in SB with an amendment about when it takes effect. Tom S. will work with the ME folks on that.

The AZ resolution on immigration will be taken up as a resolution, not a platform change.

Various states are requesting legal help with restructuring themselves. David Cobb has continued to do this work on an availability basis. If any State Party has a member who is a lawyer who can volunteer some time to help states with legal questions, please send him outr way or have him contact DFavid.

For SB registration, the list is continuing to be updated. The credit card machinery arrived Saturday, so the processing is a little behind. If you expect to EAT on site, you MUST register by JULY 19 so food can be planned. If you are REGISTERED, you can pay on site, though the earlier you pay, the better. John can answer questions if you have them. You can call him at 1-805-682-4050. Remember, if you are coing for Thursday Night, you need to register and pay for that too.

Saturday Night fundraising program is coming together, headlined by Jello Biafra.

Lynne Serpe is going to be our faciliatator SB.

We arte working with a printer to figure out how much printing will cost us. Need complete list of materials to be printed ASAP. If there is something you need, contact Dan Myerson.

We shall be revitalizing Presidential Exploratory Committee at SB. Think if there is someone who should really be on it.

Paperwork for FEC filing is moving along. We have affiliation agreements from about 20 state parties, and sevral are in the mail. If your state has not taken care of this, they should be thinking about it alot. Eventually state parties that do not sign an affiliation agreeement may not be considered members. No hard and fast deadlines yet, but please make sure your state party hastaken up this issue.

fundraising mailings continue to go out.

Budget, management plans, fundraising plans are moving forward. Some have already been posted on the web, and updates will be posted this week. Budgets submitted by committees are realistic and we are working on how to phase in spending based on fundraising gear up.

Greg will be the SC presenter of Living Wage resolution submitted by TX. (went out this AM)