July 8, 2005

SC Call Notes — 8 July 2005

Maya O’Connor, Jake Schneider, Jo Chamberlain, Gwen Wages, Steve Kramer, Jody Haug, Greg Gerritt
Staff Brent McMillan, Emily Citkowski

Notes Greg, Facilitation Jody, Time Maya

Abbreviations used:
AC = Accreditation Committee
ANM, ANMC = Annual National Meeting Committee
BAWG = Ballot Access Working Group
BRPP = Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee
BC = Black Caucus
CC = Coordinating Committee
CCC = Coordinated Campaign Committee
CG SC = Campus Greens Steering Committee
ComCom = Communications Committee
DC = Diversity Committee
DIA = Democracy in Action internet service
DRC = Dispute Resolution Committee
FC = Fundraising Committee
FEC = Federal Election Commission
GP = Green Party
IC = International Committee
LC = Lavender Caucus
NPWG = Nominating Process Working Group
NWC = National Women’s Caucus
PEC = Presidential Exploratory Committee
PCSC = Presidential Campaign Support Committee
SC = Steering Committee
SPWG = Strategic Plan Working Group
[Brackets denote editor’s suggested corrections. Some punctuation corrections done with no content change. -ed.]

Published Agenda
Extra call focusing on Tulsa –

5 min – facilitator, times, note taker (Greg); agenda revisions

5 min – Voting Queue – new only:
Million More March (Jody)
Tulsa facilitator approval (Greg)

5 min – miscellaneous urgent stuff – DRC?, etc.

10 min – budget (Jake)
response to Diane regarding ANM budget (Jo)
10 min – plenary agenda (Greg)
10 min – scheduling (Gwen, Emily)
5 min – tabling – GDI charged?, etc. (Gwen)
5 min – peacekeepers – training announcement approved (Jody)
5 min – delegate packet suggestions (Emily)
10 min – elections – software election program for open ballots, election of Secretary with IRV format
5 min – other…

5 min – new SC Sunday afternoon meeting in Tulsa, F2F meeting in September (Jody): resignation pledge, portfolios, etc.

Voting Queue:
Due to electronic glitches this is less than a full review.
Added Million More March endorsement to voting queue. Jody will floor manage. Vote after Tulsa meeting. Added vote for Tulsa meeting facilitation. Each candidate will be listed separately for a yes or no vote. All candidates that receive more than 50% of the vote will be on the team. Greg will send a note to NC and voting page crew explaining the vote.

Right now DRC does mediation. There are some thoughts that it would be nice to have some way to actually get people into dispute resolution when needed. Currently the situation is that in several of the cases brought to the DRC, one of the parties to a dispute seems to be refusing to participate, and therefore the DRC can not take any action. The only way to resolve this seems to be a resolution in the NC authorizing the DRC to look into situations even when one of the parties does not wish to participate. Once the NC authorizes such a system, then the DRC would have to develop rules for it and bring those to the NC for approval before taking on such cases.

In the meantime it seems to fall to the SC to remind folks about list decorum. Gwen agreed to start drafting such a letter.

Tulsa meeting
Budget is a mess. GPUS is likely to lose money on the meeting rather than break even due to smaller attendance than planned for and if the the current resolution from FL and VT passes, the red ink will be huge. Discussion around the idea that the tradition of the GPUS is that the annual meeting is normally a self-supporting activity with all expenses for it, as much as possible, covered by registrations, and that includes bringing staff and meeting planners/managers to the meeting. If resolution 152 passes then the GPUS will have to use money that has already been allocated to other projects, the tier 2 committee budget, to pay for the national meeting. The SC agreed that they would send further notes to the NC reminding them of the financial jeopardy that resolution 152 places the organization into. Post Tulsa if 152 passes the budget will need major revisions and have to come back to NC for a new vote.

Also seems that folks are waiting until the vote on 152 is over before registering so registrations are very small as of now.

Went over the schedule, as soon as lists are working again the draft schedule will be sent out to NC for further comment.

Need to ask committees to sign up for meetings and note that space will be available if they can not get it together to request it ahead of time. We are still adding workshops. Tables are available, and non-GPUS organizations will be paying for tables.

Still need to get more vetted candidates for CCC, Greg will send out a note. Greg will send out a note about votes and nominations for SC and CCC.

Need volunteers to use the software package that is available and has been used previously.

Note that folks elected to SC should try to stay for post meeting SC meeting.

All SC members are requested to write a portfolio report to hand over to new SC members.

Emily updated us on list and voting page problems, seems like a DNS problem that should be fixed in 24 or so hours.

Adjourn at 8:40 PM
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