June 12, 2011

GPUS SC Conference Call
Sunday, June 12, 2011
8:00 p.m. EST

Co-chairs: Jason Nabewaniec, Audrey Clement, Leenie Venet Halbert, TamarYager, Farheen Hakeem, David Strand
Secretary: Holly Hart
Treasurer: Jeff Turner
Staff: Brian Bittner

Theresa El-Amin was not on the call.

Facilitator: Charlie Pillsbury

Request to ADD (pending 2/3 agreement): National Committee Size and Delegate Apportionment; GP-ILL, submitted 6/7/11; co-sponsor MTGP; AGREED

Office Manager – Brian

ANM registration as of Friday is at 32 delegates and 7 guests. Tamar, Jeff, Brian and members of ANM are working to keep people informed of their status, resolve registration questions.

Re-solicitation letter that went early April: returns continue to do well, now jsut over $18,000. This is a 2.65 to 1 return on ths initial investment.

Suggestion of having an open house at the new office the week after the ANM. Staff and some SC members may be in town, would invite area Greens. Tamar said that David Sacks and Jeff Turner will be in town, and can meet that week, and meet area Greens. Audrey is helping with logistics, as well.


a. Report

Jef reported: We have $12,000 in the reserve account for ANM registrations and IT Funds and Caucuses. I need to move another $300 there to cover June ANM registrations.

We have about $17,300 in the general account after checks clear the bank that have already been mailed.

We will have another $5000 to pay out for accounts payable and payroll by the end of the month.

Mail deposits have dropped off to about $1500/week – web deposits will total another few thousand by the end of the month.

I’m forecasting a June 30th bank balance of about $20,000 before we start the July disbursements. This would suggest that we have maintained fundraising at our breakeven level to cover our current operating costs for the second quarter, while moving our office to better digs, and keeping the recent large donation in the bank for a working capital cushion.

b. Approval of Fincom/Treasurer recommended announcement regarding disbursal of certain earmarked funds

Jeff sent out the text of an announcement, asked for SC approval.

SC APPROVED, consensus.

c. Approval of revenue reporting format

Jeff sent out a spreadsheet with a format for reporting revenue. Jeff and David Sacks worked out the format: sustainers/monthly sustainers; individual contributions broken down by small, medium and large donors; merchandise income; ANM or othe revent income; in-kind revenue. A separate page will provide more detail (merchandise sales, events, etc.)

Next project is a format for the presentation of expenditures, to be approved as soon as possible, in order to have the 2010 accounting completed and a year end financial report for 2010 to be presented at the ANM in Alfred in August.

2 funding requests coming up: [missed, secretary was responding to delegate who needs their password]; funds for a printed edition of Green Pages. Leenie has locating a printer that is not too expensive.

III. Discussion item: Letter for AMP – Farheen

A representative of an organization in Pakistan would like to meet with Greens. Farheen is willing to meet with him He has asked for some means of support for housing and travel. Farheen is not certain the GPUS can legally provide funds for foreign visitors. He has also has asked for a letter of invitation so he can obtain a visa for the visit. Farheen explained this is routine. Leenie stated that a visitor will need to show that they have finances for the visit and health insurance. They are not sure GPUS can legally do this as a political party. Tamar added that visitors also must show they have transportation back, and email letter are generally not accepted, we’d need a registered letter. She and Jeff suggested we write a letter explain that we cannot offer financial support for him to travel to the U.S. but if he travels here, we would be glad to meet wtih him. Audrey recommended we check with FEC and find out what we can or cannot do legally.

Farheen will draft a letter and send to the SC for review.


IV. PERSONNEL – Personnel Subcommittee Proposal – Jeff
SC agreed to the make-up of an advisory subcommittee as described last month. Leenie motioned, Audrey seconded, to create the subcommittee. Holly noted that this is what had been agreed to last month, with the next step to be a written description or proposal, and forwarded notes from that call to the SC list. Jeff also asked that we have a written description, had some questions about the current characterization of the subcommittee.


V. VOTING QUEUE/misc. secretary items – Holly
GPVA Proposal for GPUS MIssion Statement has been amended; contineus discussionperiod through 6/19, 1 week voting from 6/20 – 6/26

Newly submitted voting queue items:
i. PROPOSALS for GNC Approval of Delegates to GGN and FPVA

– IC has re-submitted their re-formatted proposal in the form of 5 separate proposals, one vote for each delegate.

– Farheen has submitted for the SC’s consideration (with IC approval) a proposal to send part of the IC’s re-formatted proposal to the voting queue: votes to approve the GGN representatives. IC has withdrawn votes for FPVA reps for now.
SC Agreed.

ii. See above, “National Committee Size and Delegate Apportionment”

SC agreed to send this to the voting qeue on the current timeline, Monday , 6/20th. Audrey and Tamar asked that the timeline be expedited to go out tomorrow (Monday 6/13).
Vote on whether to expedite timeline:
Holly – No
David – No
Audrey – Yes
Tamar – Yes
Jason – No
Leenie – Yes
Farheen – No
Jeff – No
Propsoal Fails, 5 No to 2 Yes; Proposal will go to the voting queue 6/20. Audrey will be floor manager.

c. Review of proposal guidelines/length of voting page documents – Holly, Tamar

Tamar has suggested written guidelines, and has spoken to Audrey about coming up with some. Holly sent her a suggestion based on what information she has.


VI. Committee Reports

Audrey – BRPP: Co-chair Hugh Esco has called for an election for co-chairs Audrey volunteered to serve again, but the committee has not gone ahead with the election. She stated the committee has not been active or functional for quite awhile. She wants to get the committe back on its election schedule.

Jeff – Fundraising, asked Tamar if she knew when we might have more mialing initiaitves, cash flow. We will need some significant fundraising right away in July. Tamar said they had discussed having a letter go out immediately after the ANM (when mailings have done very well).

Leenie – searched ror printer for a print issue of Green Pages. Theyhave had a confrence call and put a paper together, with the plan to have it available for the ANM. Next week, they will know whether they are successful in getting the content they planned, and will then requst funds.


VII.Review and Discussion of ANM draft plenary agenda – Jeff, Holly
Jeff and Holly held a call with Hillary Kane, AnmCom Co-chair, and Rachel Treichler, GreenFest coordinator. GNC agenda is set for intensive finance review and discussion on Saturday morning, with an opening for strategic planning on Saturday afternoon. We will request input for those interested in streategic planning as to what they would like to include.

NEXT CALL: Sunday, June 26, 2011; 8:00 EDT

Holly Hart
Secretary, GPUS


ONLINE BUSINESS, May 20 – June 11, 2011
Request to Endorse October 6th “Our Tahrir Square” Action in Washington, D.C.; from UFPJ contact
APPROVED, Rapid Response, June 5, 2011

Voting to approve were Holly Hart, Farheen Hakeem, Leenie Halbert, Tamar Yager, David Strand, Jason Nabwaniec and Theresa El-Amin. Audrey Clement voted to oppose, on the grounds that the request also involved a committment to be at a specific event, and she believes it is a distraction from business Greens should be doing at that time. Jeff Turner abstained (he had said he would vote to aprove if approval was unanimous; otherwise, to abstain).

Request to Endorse Statem,ent on JejuIsland, South Korea; forwarded by International Committee
APPROVED, Rapid Response, June 5, 2011

Voting to aprove were Holly Hart, Audrey Clement, Leenie Halbert, Tamar Yager, Farheen Hakeem, Jason Nabewaniec and David Strand.

Request to sign on to Letter asking various watchdog organziations to rescind TransparencyAward given to President Obama; forwarded by Green Party member
APPROVED, Rapid Response, June 5, 2011

Voting to aprove were Holly Hart, Theresa El-Amin, Leenie Halbert, David Strand and Jason Nabewaniec. Tamar Yager and Audrey Clement both declined to vote, due to the extremnely bad formatting of the message, which made it difficult to read over.
Request to Endorse Green Party of Japan call for No-Nuke Actions on June 11; forwarded by International Committee
APPROVED, Rapid Response, June 7, 2011

Voting to approve were Audrey Clement, Leenie Halbert, Farheen Hakeem, Theresa El-Amin, David Strand and Holly Hart