June 14, 2015

Minutes – June 14, 2015


a) Facilitator – Jody Grage
b) Roll Call – Jeff Turner, Charles Ostdiek, Budd Dickinson, Tamar Yager, Andrea Merida, Jesse Townley, Audrey Clement, Darryl! Moch, Karen Young
Observers – Paul Pipkin, Starlene Rankin
c) Recording started.


a) Statement/official position on Bernie Sanders run for POTUS.
A statement is being crafted from conversations during staff calls, including Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, and the Outreach Committee. It was suggested that the statement needs to focus on what GPUS is doing.

b) Commission on Presidential Debates: Public Comments Invitation.
Audrey incorporated feedback to her 3-14 day proposal. With moving last paragraph to become the first paragraph, the SC came to consensus on sending the statement. Audrey and Tamar will work on a short message for an eblast encouraging Greens to make their wishes known to the CPD.

c) ANM –
The working reference paper Darryl! sent was accepted with a change to electoral strategy rather than overall strategy.

We are going to work with greens from MO that are registered for the ANM to help us with petitioning while we are in St. Louis. We also have contacts with the Socialist Alternative who are supportive of the Green Party and Jill Stein’s campaign along with a few other local activists. We are planning an event for Saturday afternoon at the Ferguson Police Station.


a) Treasurer’s Report – Jeff

Cash report sent that shows about $6000 in the general accounts and about $14,000 in the reserve account for ANM, caucuses, and committees. Expenditures include merchandise, completion of the web site – $1800, payroll on the 22nd – $4k, and mailing house – $4k-$6k.

First income from the latest mailing came in on Wednesday. The projection is for about $10k at the end of the month after all bills are paid.

b) Fundraising Report – Karen

Procedures and systems with the new fundraising team are being developed. The NationBuilder consultant has been hired and will begin cleaning up the database soon. Working on sustainers is a priority; each one will need to be called since credit card numbers didn’t make it through the transition; lapsed sustainers will also be called.

Tamar – The ANM fundraiser is being planned. Phonebankers are needed to call sustainers.

FundCom needs to recruit members since there are now only two; Bill Kreml is resigning after the ANM and Jennifer Sullivan is out of the country until the end of June. FundCom needs to resume a regular meeting schedule; in the meantime staff meetings are where decisions are being made.


In the queue:

783 – PCSC proposal to update Article X of GPUS rules. Vote 6/15-21.
The discussion period cannot be extended further and voting will begin tomorrow, without amendments that have been discussed.

785 – PROPOSAL TO RESTORE NC VOTES EMAIL LIST (from North Carolina GP with cosponsor by NWC and Maine GP). Vote 6/29 – 7/5. Lively discussion on the forum.

Received for the Queue: None

d) Committee Liaison Reports
Audrey – PCSC – controversy over the way proposed amendments were handled.

Jesse – Platform Committee has had no activity except for a quorum call for some time. Budd said that the platform process for 2016 is starting and we should hear something from them soon.
Audrey – FundCom hasn’t met for several weeks.

IV. EXECUTIVE SESSION (9:41 to 10:06 ET) – Discussion of the new CPD lawsuit from “Level the Playing Field”. John Andrews and the entire SC was present. Karen, Audrey, and Charles worked with John Andrews. They recommend that we join the suit. This was approved by consensus.

Budd Dickinson

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