June 17, 2001

Conference Call notes 6/17/01

David reported that preparations for FEC filing going well. Much of the documentation is in hand. Still need AFFILIATION agreements .

Discussed NY situation in which two competing bodies claim representation. Greg will write letter to NY on our position, CC will see letter when it is ready.

We are marginally involved in Nader law suit on debate commission. Asgp has been subpoenaed.

For SB meeting Registrations are coming in. Delegates who have not yet registered needd to move on that. $200 fee covers room, board. May not cover all other expenses, such as copying and recording the plenary, so we are likely to need to pass the hat. Also, we are going to try to arrange a Sat night fundraising event, maybe with Christopher Hitchens. Folks staying over Sunday night will need to pay for that too.

Started making a list of things to think about. copying, printing, dataports, sound system, note taking, faciliation, media, press, Anyone wishing to eat, they must give at least a week’s notice.

Tabling. charge a fee and percentage of commercial vendors. There is space for state parties to display materials.

Discussed future ASGP activities,. Trying to get Field organizing properly instituted. Dean is also sednding out a variety of planning materials. Things are going up on web site. Lookxs like there will be more focus on field work than creating an offfice in next year.

Hope next Green pages will be ready for SB meeting.

Fundraising mailings are going out, bringing in some money. Need to create and clean up lists.

Campus Greens are moving forward and coordinating well with ASGP.