June 17, 2012

GPUS SC Conference Call Minutes 6/17/12

a. Facilitator – David Doonan
b. Roll Call – Tamar Yager, Budd Dickinson, Audrey Clement, Susan Chunco, Darryl Moch, Steve Welzer, Jeff Turner; not on call – Theresa ElAmin, Farheen Hakeem
Observer – Jody Grage

a. Office Manager – Brian Bittner – report sent in, vacation week 2nd – 6th July for family reunion; Darryl offered to make deposit; Tamar and Budd to split phone coverage.

b. Fundraiser Report – David Sacks – will turn in report Monday

a. Cash report to date – $19,740 for ANM to far; about $30k should be in reserve (including reserve for caucuses and committees). We have $15k in reserve account plus another $15k in general accounts. Payroll is coming, but the resolicitation mailing should generate income by end of week; so will borrow from reserves short term to pay payroll. $6k of the loans were sent to BAC. Darryl asked for brief overview to open on the road. Darryl asked about Quickbooks acquisition discussed some months ago.

b. Form 990/990EZ for the period ending December 31, 2010 -Form 990 can’t be done without accounting reports according to Jeff. Darryl says the information should be available from records we have and need deadline to get it done; asked for narrative of what has happened by next SC meeting.

IV. PNC/ANM – Budd/Tamar

a. Schedule agenda for NC meetings Friday afternoon and Sunday at ANM – Tamar and Budd will do draft agenda for Friday afternoon; Jill Stein’s campaign will lead Sunday strategy session.

b. Need for second Election Admin – this afternoon Holly suggested a back up since she may not be in Baltimore; David Doonan and Hillary say Colin Beavan (No Impact Man) will be there; would be good candidate to highlight; and has said he would participate in some role. Tamar will contact him.

c. Friday night fundraiser at Metro Gallery for only guard fee with free band and cash bar. $20 advance and $25 at door with no one turned away.

In the queue:
671 – Approve Bill Kreml for Finance Comm; Voting 6/11 -17

675, 676, 677 – Last of the 2012 Platform amendment proposals; Voting 6/11-17

678 & 679 – Confirmation of David Cobb and Colia Clark for PNC Honorary Co-Chairs; Voting 6/25 – 7/1 – Colia Clark has no description, can be listed as NY US Senate candidate – David Doonan will sent website info.

680 – Greens’ Access to GPUS News Conferences – Voting 6/25 – 7/1.

Received for the queue:

Confirmation of Facilitators and Election Administrator for PNC – into two-week discussion tonight – Gloria Mattera and Jason Nabewaniec, Holly Hart and Colin Beavan.

Request for longer bios for SC candidates – updated bios on link will be available; David Doonan will set up a page for these.

No response to post requesting nominees for two facilitators for Friday afternoon NC meeting; could get people at the meeting itself.

Also no response to post requesting nominees for Election Tabulation Committee – may be able to use last year’s people.

1. GP of Tennessee’s Ballot Line – Darryl reported on legal issues that are unresolved; may or may not include presidential candidate.

2. CCC, GHCC, GSCC – Darryl – 12 June call; Google docs page with campaign info templates in the works; TH late afternoon meeting in Baltimore; plan to elect 3 co-chairs who will work together until the three groups separate; using funds to mail to previous donors and update website; future summer intern program being developed; clarifying membership on three committees.

1. Employment Agreements and Personnel Manual revision – Update – We had a discussion about the Personnel Manual. Audrey moved that SC consider approving the personnel documentation reported by the Personnel Advisory Group last October as recently amended by Jeff. Darryl seconded. The item will be on next agenda.

2. Fundraising – Update on fundraising – David Sacks’ last report 17 May, now on vacation again, report will be in on Monday, mid-cycle reports to the SC may be necessary; Karen Young finishing 3 years as FunCom chair and will not run again. Suggestion that the staff supervisor give reports on the SC calls.

3. PNC Travel Assistance – Special appeal raised $55 with another $60 coming in; gave out $1200 but some no longer needed it.

VIII. Next call 7/1/12