June 9, 2013

GPUS Steering Comm Conference Call Minutes – June 9, 2013

a. Facilitator – Jody Grage
b. Roll call – Susan Chunco, Karen Young, Steve Welzer, Jeff Turner, Budd Dickinson, Charles Ostdiek, Darryl! Moch.
Observers – Morgan Moss LA, Starlene Rankin
ANM – Tamar Yager – 9 pm

a. Cash report to date
Very low on cash; We covered our payroll and rent and are unable to make other payments due until about $2000 comes in. Mailing income expected to begin this coming week.

b. Authorization for Merchandise Purchases
The SC did not approve the requested authorization of $1K in funds to add to the previously approved $2K loan for merchandise purchases. We did approve $200 in case it is needed to complete a purchase. The Merchcom will decide how to spend the $2K loan and inform us when they have made that decision.

Vote to support $1000 for shirts over $2000 loans – Susan no, Karen no, Jeff abstain, budd no, steve yes, charles abstain, darryl! no – rejected.
Merchcom makes decisions about $2000 – consensus.
$200 budgeted funds for merchcom – consensus.

c. FEC filing process: Staff is working through filing all our past due FEC reports. We are up to November 2011 being filed. All reports due are expected to be complete by Wed. June 12. Deadline is Mon. June 17.

In the queue:
706 to 709 – IC proposals to Confirm Julia Willebrand 2013 FPVA Delegate; Confirm Vivek Ananthan 2013 GGN Alternate Delegate; Confirm Mike Feinstein 2013 FPVA Alternate Delegate; and Confirm Sanda Everette 2013 FPVA Alternate Delegate.
Voting 6/3-9 – quorum reached.

710 – Outreach Comm Bylaws Revision; Voting starts 6/17.

Received for the queue: None

a. Report from the Annual National Meeting Committee (ANMC) – Tamar – need committee reports, staff reports, SC candidate introductions; 58 registrations to date so should get close to 100 registrations including those not paying.

b. Agenda for NC meeting at ANM – SC members are requested to send comments on the draft ANM agenda (Draft Karen #2) to Tamar by Wed.

c. Agenda for SC meeting at ANM – Karen sent draft; Darryl! has suggestions on later timing, etc.; suggestion for availability of calling in, consideration of staff availability.

d. Facilitators – 7 nominees to date, Darryl! hasn’t made contact with George Martin, deadline Wednesday noon when proposals will go to the queue.

e. Election Tabulation Committee – Budd sent history of committee; suggestion to disband because we are using online voting; SC candidates could not be floor manager for elections; no ETC nominees to date. Jody will write up a proposal to abolish the committee – consensus.

V. Accreditation Improvements for Caucuses, etc.
Karen forwarded a draft of a revision to the AC bylaws from the AC, which does not alter caucus requirements. Darryl! – DivCom will be reviewing this issue at the next meeting on 15 June.

VI.Getting all our listservs under our control

Karen forwarded file with lists of pair, Cameron, and unclear lists. Suggest liaisons check with committees and someone check with caucuses. Some groups seem to be defunct. Budd will work on this issue.

Darryl! – DivCom has finally reformed and had email activity with forum format. Discontinuing yahoo list. Meeting at ANM – perhaps all caucuses together.

Darryl! – CCC will meeting at the ANM in addition to campaign school.

Steve – BAC voting on AR request for $5k

Steve – Platform discussing timeline for 2014.

Steve – Media – press release to halt offshore drilling

Charles – IC – voting to ask for $917 GGN dues

Charles – EcoAction – limited activity

Charles – BRPP – defunct – after Strategic Plan developed?

Karen – Outreach – prep work for branding campaign, new members

Karen – Strategic Planning – 4 areas with point person for each; effective advocacy and policy development, running & electing more candidates; increasing membership and diversity; more positive awareness of the party.

Susan – FinCom – Special meeting about FEC reports- will make deadline without FinCom assistance.

Susan – FunCom – hand addressing 500 envelopes for latest fundraising letter.

VIII. Executive Session (personnel) – No decisions made.