March 10, 2013

GPUS Steering Comm Conference Call Minutes – March 10, 2013

a. Facilitator – David Doonan
b. Roll Call – Budd Dickinson, AJ Segneri, Steve Welzer, Darryl Moch, Susan Chunco, Karen Young, Jeff Turner, Charles Ostdiek
Absent – Farheen Harkeem
Observer – Jody Grage
c. Agenda revisions – consensus for Jeff’s request to add fundraising discussion to end of agenda

a. Cash report to date –
We have little more than a thousand dollars in the operating accounts. We still owe $1665 for regular monthly services that I usually pay promptly at the first of the month. Then we owe Red Sun Press somewhere near $16,000 for the last mailing and the current one that is due to begin producing returns any day now. I am not expecting it to return enough to pay all of these bills and leave us with working capital for April and moving forward. We continue to have cash in savings to cover the earmarked funds for committees and caucuses.

In the queue: None

Received for the queue:

Proposal from GPCA – Debriefing about GPUS Presidential Campaign, an automatic part of every ANM in the year after each presidential year; floor manager Susan Chunco, on queue 17 March, 2 weeks discussion, 1 week vote.


Darryl: CCC planning campaign school at ANM and train trainers in fall; monthly webinars 3rd TU 9pm E;

GHCC/GSCC – Jeff acting as TR until Hillary taking that on in approx 3 weeks. Candidate database – Holly, Brian, and David Doonan handling. DivCom mtg soon.

Charles: IC – Farheen elected co-chair, FVPA and Global Greens reps elected.

Karen: Outreach Comm several people approved by states; first call soon; interest in communications rather than organizing.

Susan: Fundraising brainstorming on how to get more donors and more sustainers; phone banking on commission perhaps; Facebook perhaps; thank you calls up to date.

Steve: Media – press release on living wage. BAC – discussed pending legislation and fundraising including silent auction at ANM and profits from ANM to BAC; goals of 25 ballot lines in 2013 with 35 in 2014 and 45 in 2015, petitioning workshop at ANM.

The following ideas were raised. (The call recording can be heard by NC members at 605-475-3299, access code 332690.)

Increase use of social media for fundraising, online and quarterly mailings not enough.

Increase phone calls to previously regular donors.

Use 30-40k contacts on Facebook – need strong message to be effective.

Improve images on website

Improve designs and message and strengthen the ask.

Get going on major donors.

Increase number and amount of contribution for sustainers.

May need to ask for loans from members.

Assess results of phone calls.

Develop relationships with donors – call when not asking for contributions.

Enlist prominent Greens for fundraising assistance, perhaps barnstorming tours

Printer purchase necessary to sent Green Party cards out

Message – democracy is in crisis, multinational corporate fascism is rising, we need to build a vibrant program; necessity of financing worthwhile work; political urgency appropriate and criticism of corporate duopoly, Jill has good analysis for criticizing the Dems, we’re till the imperative

Use GPUS donor lists for each state; message – choice between a silent spring and a loud spring, value of national party; training next generation of leaders – webinars, campaign schools, etc.

Better shape than 08 and 09 when we had to cut salaries because of big debt from Chicago, not much to cut now

Need history of not taking corporate money for possible revisiting of that decision.

V. Next meeting March 24.
Karen – Need discussion of failing state parties including disaffiliating process.

Budd Dickinson