March 20, 2011

GPUS SC Conference Call
Sunday, March 20, 2011
8:00 p.m. EST

Co-chairs: Farheen Hakeem, Jason Nabewaniec, Audrey Clement, Tamar Yager, Theresa El-Amin, David Strand, Leenie Venet Halbert
Secretary: Holly Hart
Treasurer: Jeff Turner
Staff: Brian Bittner

Brian sent a report to the SC today. We are currently out of couple merchandise items, and “tabling season” is starting. We do not currently have a very active MerchCom, so we are relying on SC and FinCom for re-stocking merchandise items, and hope MerchCom will be back in action in the near future.

Annual National Meeting registration is now open. We hope to get a good number soon, we need to put down a deposit at Alfred University.

Brian has been operating without a contract for 2011, and believes that is the case for the rest of the empolyees and contractors.

Theresa noted that Brian is using personal cash for some expenses, and asked if there is a petty cash fund for these expenses. Brian replied that Sun Trust Bank was transferring from one credit card to another and our card # has changed, so the office card was temporarily not usable. In the interim, some critical expenses came due, so Brian paid out of pocket and will be reimbursed.

Leenie asked about back orders: what was the cost of merchandise and what we charge for the merchandise. Tamar asked of we had to pay at the time of order. Brian said we do.

General review of voting queue page and process, and media release process.


Committee liaison assignments – SC Co-chairs reviewed standing committee list and discussed which they would like to be liaisons for. This will be finalized online this week.

Tamar reported on current progress on DAC. They are looking at several options, and expect to put out a proposal by May 1st. They’d like to have a longer discussion period where they would take comments, and will meet weekly to discuss amendments.

SC Sub-Committees
Leenie expressed interest in the legal sub-committee and web content team.


a. Report
Jeff reported that we have no unpaid bills. We have about $600 in the bank and are expecting $3000-4000 to come in on the web account (general intake by month). There are about $30,000 of internal debt. Tamar Yager has announced a contribution of $900. Jeff was on a GPHI call yesterday, and HI will be the first state to make the $1000 in the GPUS fundraising campaign. Audrey announced that GPVA is near the mark, as well, so VA may be the first.

b. REQUEST from FinCom for loan authorization for $5,000.
FinCom has requested a proposal for approval of a $5000 loan, to go to a vote if they need to. The purpose would be to get extra funds to pay for the re-solicitation mailing, and merchandise purchases.

SC agreed to take this up online for a decision this week.
[NOTE: SC has approved the request. FinCom will inform the SC if they wish to go forward with the proposal. Audrey, Farheen, Tamar, Leenie, Jeff and Holly cast votes; all voted to approve the request. – hh, 3/23/11]

IV. OFFICE LEASE – Jeff, Brian

Brian reported: The lease is up May 31st. The SC left open the option for signing an extension at the current location unless a better opportuinty appeared. Brian, Tamar and David Bossermann have looked at a number of available locations in the area. There are spaces that have advantages and disadvantages, but Brian feels there are no real benefits in terms of work involved and funds to moving right now.

Jeff spoke with our landlord. Landlord said he could leave the lease rate the same this year, and raise it a lesser percentage the following year if we signed a two-year lease now. Jeff said the SC would make a decision by April 1st.

Leenie stated that she had found a possible location. Audrey noted it is close to where she works, and is willing to assist in checking out locations. Tamar and Tom Yager have looked at several from Craigslist. Brian noted that we should discuss priorities in considering locations. [Secretary’s cell phone stopped at the 2-hour mark, missed part of Brian’s comments.]

Tamar will send everything she, Brian and Dave Bossermann have compiled to Audrey. If Audrey sees something that looks like a good possibility, she can check it out.

V. REVIEW: Policies for GPUS Databases and Web Access Policy

TABLED to next call.

On the last SC call of 3/06/11, the SC adopted the policies as written, and also decided to include the document on the next call agenda to have more chance to review for any needed tweaks or amendments.


10:49 – 11:30 p.m.
1) SC Approved that David Sacks be hired as Fundraiser through August 15th, with the hope that this will jump-start fundraising and will be able to sustain both fundraising and the fundraiser position beyond that point. Tamar will be staff supervisor for this position.

Audrey and Farheen had to leave the call before a vote was taken. Both expressed support for this proposal. Theresa stated that she was opposed to hiring anyone right now, because we don’t have the funds to pay him. She was concerned he may not be clear on the terms of this employment; she also wanted a contract finalized before hiring. Theresa left the call. On the call: Jeff, Jason, David, Leenie, Tamar and Holly voted to approve.

2) Jeff sent two documents related to the position: a job description and contract. These were sent a few hours before the call, and not all SC had a chance to review. These will be taken up for online discussion and vote this week.