May 10, 2015

Minutes – May 10, 2015

a) Facilitator – Jody Grage
b) Roll Call – Tamar Yager, Budd Dickinson, Audrey Clement, Jesse Townley, Jeff Turner, Darryl! Moch, Charles Ostdiek, Karen Young.
Observers – Paul Pipkin, Starlene Rankin


a) ANM. We need a decision on how to spend our time at the GNC meetings. The deadline was mid May. Darryl! and Karen have both made suggestions about framing the meeting and incorporated them with other conversations. Response from SC members to what has already been written requested. Comments included need to focus on ballot access/2016 election and need to focus on state party development. Darryl! and Karen will confer and send the combined thoughts.


a) Treasurer’s Report – Jeff T.

At the end of Thursday 5/7 we had $11,257 in the reserve account, $3830 of which is ANM registration money. The general operating account has a $5,800 balance after paying most of the May expenses. Another $5000 will be required for staffing costs by the end of May. We have to complete repayment of Macalester College by the end of June as promised back in October.

b) Fundraising Report
Tamar reported from first work of the new fundraisers. Next mailing nearly ready.

c) Finance Items for decision
Merch wants to reprint rise/resist/revolt t-shirts which sold out.


In the queue:

782 – Conflict of Interest (COI) statement for the GPUS from Finance Committee. Discussion thru 5/17. Vote 5/18-24, 3 week discussion period set by the SC since this is a major policy change. Karen offered some substantive language which is seen as friendly amendments. Length criticized but no specific edits suggested. Budd will post a reminder on the votes list. Suggested FinCom amend the title to Financial Conflict of Interest Proposal. Need for vendor contracts to be put out to competitive bidding reiterated.

Received for the Queue:

PCSC proposal to update Article X of GPUS rules – 2/3 threshold. Three weeks discussion period set by the SC since sponsor didn’t specify; Tamar is floor manager. Some friendly amendments will be included.

e) Committee Liaison Reports

Audrey – Fundraising Comm – objected to the fact that committee Co-chairs suspended meetings while newly hired fundraisers get acclimated to their jobs, because committee members were not consulted and the Funcom is responsible for overseeing the party’s fundraising activity.”

Tamar – ANM now doing weekly meetings; Diversity Waiver Application deadline 5/22.
Five cities interested in the 2016 PNC with template being prepared for standardized applications which are due 5/31.

Karen – Outreach Committee has almost finished brochure. It’s in 4 colors, can be done on home printer and print shop, and is okay in black and white. The next project will be developing a postcard for inexpensive distribution – hopefully this summer. A union designer can be the source of a union bug.
Karen – The web content subcommittee is behind schedule but should be done by mid-June. The template is okay but more content needed.

Darryl! – CCC continuing to do calls and work on state liaison system. The House and Senate Committee and Green Pages continue to do their work.

MerchCom – There will be no commemorative t-shirt for this ANM unless someone else does it.

Charles – EcoAction – no action beyond drafting a couple statements. IC mostly concerned with dues to international organization and needs to update its website. FinCom is discussing deliverables for accountant and treasurer.


a) CCC elections, members and election – The fifth male member was elected as a write in. A female write-in was also elected. Darryl! confirmed that he resigned so Sid Smith, the male write-in, can now be appointed.

b) PCSC and BAC liaisons
Audrey will replace Starlene as liaison to PCSC and BAC.

c) Personnel manual-

Sections 301 – 312 on benefits and maybe 201 on employment categories need review. Jeff wants the Personnel Working Group to look into this and come up with recommendations. Tamar will convene the group soon. Jesse has agreed to participate. Karen cannot work on it now because of other Green commitments. We need to know when the health insurance proposal is coming and how soon we must decide. Jeff will look for a copy of current contract.


Budd Dickinson

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