May 12, 2013

GPUS Steering Comm Conference Call Minutes –
Sunday, May 12, 2013
a. Facilitator – Jody Grage
b. Roll Call – Jeff Turner, Susan Chunco, Budd Dickinson, Karen Young, Darryl Moch, Steve Welzer, Charles Ostdiek. Absent: Farheen Hakeem, AJ Segneri
c. Agenda revisions – none

a. Cash report to date – sent report, as of last night $678 is in the general account and $1583 is in the web account, ANM Iowa venue down payment sent for $1905, leaving $2395 remaining in the reserve account for the ANM; Red Sun press still owed $6982.

May send smaller mailing than usual but criteria being determined; David is working on an analysis; ; Stein list more apt to give on line; will pull out 500 names to hand address and hand stamp to try for higher rate of return; follow up calls suggested by Darryl! with analysis of returns; call to sustainers rather than letter suggested.

b. Merchandise Proposal Sent – need t-shirts printed to fill in sizes for ANM plus new ANM design. $2000 loans pledged by FinCom and FunCom members; GNC vote required since we are already over the loan limit; request expedited proposal; probably last time to order old design; Outreach Committee is working on new design for fall/2014.

Consensus to forward to voting queue – Jeff will send heads up GNC list, in queue next Sunday, Darryl floor manager, 1 week discussion and 1 week voting.


698 – Apportionment of Green National Committee – attempt to modify threshold unfortunately resulted in it being cancelled; will be resubmitted with minimal discussion phase (2 days). New proposal is #704.

699 to 703 – Approval of IC Election of 2013 FPVA and Global Green Network Delegates – has quorum and is passing.

Received for the queue:
From International Committee (Darryl floor manager, 2 weeks discussion):
Confirm Julia Willebrand 2013 FPVA Delegate
Confirm Vivek Ananthan 2013 GGN Alternate Delegate
Confirm Mike Feinstein 2013 FPVA Alternate Delegate
Confirm Sanda Everette 2013 FPVA Alternate Delegate

Proposal to Approve $2,000 Loan from Green Party Members (FinCom/MerchCom proposal; see 2b above)

IV. Agenda for ANM – Charles

Darryl will remind Tamar to send previous ANM agenda. Will include Election Debriefing and budget discussion. SC Election voting closes 5 pm Sat. SC meeting afterwards – retiring members optional attendance, staff required for early part, continuing and newly elected to attend.

V. Donor Thank You Calls – Karen

FunCom asked for help from SC in making donor thank you calls; 6 agreed to do so, 2 have done so and reported to David Sacks; if calls not made the opportunity has been lost; important not to take on task if not going to do it.

VI. Report on Strategic Plan Working Group – Karen
Draft will be ready for informal discussion by early July. Will not be ready to vote at ANM; mission and vision nearly complete.

Charles – IC voting on whether or not to ask GPUS to pay dues for Global Greens Network – about $900; IC statement about Canadian Keystone plan may be coming.

Steve – Media – press release about hands off Syria.

Karen – liaison responsibilities; Outreach – rebranding campaign timeline, reviewed website contents and organization and cleaned up info ready to go to David Doonan.

Karen – FundCom – prospecting with candidate lists from 2012 and 2013 by way of state party leadership; may do email blast followed by phone calls so it’s not so expensive – by end of July.

VIII. Calendar of upcoming SC meetings
May 26, June 9 and 23.

Budd Dickinson