May 20, 2012

GPUS SC Conference Call Minutes – May 20, 2012; 8 p.m. ET

a. Facilitator – David Doonan
b. Roll Call – Audrey Clement, Steve Welzer, Jeff Turner, Susan Chunco, Farheen Hakeem, Theresa El Amin, Budd Dickinson, Tamar Yager, Darryl Moch (joined the call about 8:20 pm ET)
Observer – Jody Grage
c. Agenda revisions – new batch of platform proposals. (found out after the call that these had already been added to the queue – BD)

a. Office Manager – Brian; sent earlier in the week
b. Fundraiser Report – David; sent earlier in the week

a. Cash report to date – cash report sent out earlier today, $128 in SunTrust, $1575 in web deposit, increase income only in AMN receipts – when moved to reserve account balance will be only about $200, made payroll;

David Sacks has been doing more calls, Bill Kreml and Karen Young also calling.

b. Decision item.
Title: Authorization for loans not to exceed 1% of the Annual Budget.
Description: Proposal to authorize a $3,000 loan to support the 2012 GPUS ballot access drive.
Presenter: Finance Committee
Source: Tom and Tamar Yager
Amount: $3,000
Terms: Non-interest bearing
Purposes: 2012 GPUS ballot access drive
Repayment Plan: From fundraising proceeds as GPUS finances allow after the balance of 2008 state sharing is paid
Consensus to approve. (Darryl was not present for this item.)

IV. PNC/ANM – Budd/Tamar
A. Results of phone calls with potential election administrator (one), honorary co-chairs (one male/one female), PNC facilitators (one male/one female). Decision needed on recommendations for NC affirmation. David Doonan not available because of other duties, Gloria willing, Phil willing (perhaps election admin), Holly may not be able to come EA or Fac, no contact with Cynthia HC(Theresa will call) or Rosa yet, David Cobb willing HC, Frank not asked yet; continue to online decision.

B. Housing for staff and SC – reimburse SC for up to $55/night for 4 nights

In the queue:
660 to 670 – 2012 More Platform amendment proposals
Discussion 5/8-5/20, voting 5/21-5/27.

654 to 659 – 2012 Platform amendment proposals (Batch #1).
Voting 5/14-20.

Received for the queue:
Conflict of Interest Proposal – CA
Findings were submitted by Darryl – no citation from relevant rules. Applicable conflict of interest law unknown; payment to
Farheen seen to be repayment of expenses; suggestion Farheen consult with FEC.
Approval of findings – Budd no, Audrey no, Susan no, Jeff no, Tamar no, Farheen recused, Steve no, Theresa no, Darryl abstain; findings not approved.
2 weeks discussion and 1 week vote; Floor Manager – Budd.

Approval of Bill Kreml for Finance Committee – FinCom –
Floor Manager Susan Chunco, two week discussion, one week vote

Loan Proposal for total of $12,000 including $3,000 SC approved loan –
SC Presenter; Jeff and Budd will do minimal rewrite to make it very clear than the NC is being asked to approve $9000 loan that with the $3000 already approved loan totals $12000; Audrey yes,

Susan yes, Jeff abstain, Tamar yes, Farheen abstain, Steve yes, Budd yes, Theresa abstain, Darryl no;

proposal passes; one week discussion and one week vote,
Floor Manager – Susan.

Proposal to clarify SC findings process – table to next call.


1. Employment Agreements and Personnel Manual revision – Updated

IV. Next call – 6/03