May 26, 2014

a) Facilitator – David Doonan
b) Roll Call- Tamar Yager, Charles Ostdiek, Budd Dickinson, Karen Young, Kate Culver, Jeff Turner, Starlene Rankin
Absent – Darryl! Moch, Jesse Townley
Observer – Jody Grage

II. Old Business
a) Rebranding – KY

Aspects being favored: square with cleaner edges; square with G inside as an option; richer colors in palette #3; lockup option #6 that is simple with forward movement; a sunflower option using the Fibonacci spiral or a smaller sunflower; pillar graphics approved with some color changes.

b) Proposal for Rescheduling Holiday Meetings – Columbus Day and Christmas – decision for next SC

III. Standing Business

a) Treasurer’s Report JT – report received. After receiving another $12,000 bequest there is just over $14,000 in the general fund.

b) Finance Items for decision: JT Agreement to repay $2860.50 of state sharing funds to states needing ballot access funds (WI, IL, MA, MD, MO).This is only about a thousand more that had already been approved for payment. Agreed to pay an additional $119.50 of ballot access funds to MA and to pay COFOE (Ballot Access News) annual dues of $50. BAC is working on a proposal torequest a budget amendment for 2014 to add an additional $6000 to BAC budgeted funds. Fincom will be bringing a recommendation for repaying additional state sharing to the next SC meeting. There may be a request to allocate some of the new funds for building a new website if and when we move to the Nation Builder platform.

KY – Moving to NationBuilder database should be cost-neutral. $3k-$5k is needed to upgrade the website including the new rebranding. The IT committee has completed their stakeholder survey and will be moving toward setting up a meeting with key Greens and Nationbuilder. The Web Content committee is working on a new site map for the website.

c) Fundraising Report – A very successful mailing in March has gotten us through the March/April/May cycle covering our regular monthly expenses, plus paying some state sharing, investing in shirts and hoodies, making the down payment on the rebranding contract, paying dues current to Global Greens, and paying over $2,500 of ballot access budgeted funds (some of which we probably will get back) . June will see strong bank deposits from this next mailing that is due to drop in early June.

In the queue:
ID 741 Bylaws amendment 4-3.2 Steering Committee eligibility; Voting 5/19-25 – passed but barely made quorum, Several states/caucuses have not voted in some time and may need to be put on inactive status.

ID 742 Mission Statement, etc.; Voting 6/9-15

ID 743 NC Forum Transition; Voting 6/2-8; housekeeping changes will be handled later.

Received for the Queue: None

e) Liaison Reports Discussion: All – table

IV. New Business
a) Annual Meeting Schedule. KY

There is a need to discuss what to do with the GNC part of the program and anything else we would like to see happen there, including a structure of the segments, facilitators, etc. Tamar has sent a draft and discussion will continue on email and on the next call. Anniversary events including video taping and awards presentation are separate from the NC plenary. There will be a fundraiser Saturday night as usual.

b) Open letter on TTIP to European Parliament. KC

The letter was Written by German Green now living in FL. Kate will edit letter and get back to the SC. The suggestion that it go to the IC was discarded since the IC is currently inactive.

c) Debrief of our activities of this spring. KC – table to next call.

V. Next Meeting is June 8.

Budd Dickinson