May 29, 2011

GPUS SC Conference Call
Sunday, May 29, 2011
8:00 p.m. EST

Tamar Yager, Jason Nabewaniec, Leenie Venet Halbert, Farheen Hakeem, David Strand; Audrey Clement called in an hour into the call.
Secretary: Holly Hart
Treasurer: Jeff Turner

Brian was not able to be on tonight’s call. Theresa was not on tonight’s call.

Facilitator: Leenie


Brian sent a report with a few updates. The office move is complete, internet, phone, etc. are hooked up. Thanks to DC Statehood Greens and David Bossermann for assisting with the move.

Tamar reported that the current direct mail fundraising has been going well.

Fahreen reported that she has emailed the Pakistani delegates who recently wrote and are in meeting with Greens in DC. She has not yet heard back. [NOTE:  As of today, she has heard back, and is following up. – hh, 6/3/11]



The reserve account has $10,870 in it, which is only a few hundred $ short of the amount required to cover Caucus funds of $2900, ANM funds of $5800, and IT funds of $2400. The general accounts have approximately $19,000 in the bank, which is nearly the amount of the recent major donor receipt.

Fincom is waiting to see that our fundraising continues to hold up and maintain that bank balance of approximately $20,000 before recommending any further debt repayment authorizations or budgeted spending authorizations. We have $30,000 in the bank ($20,000 from large contribution and what belongs in reserve). We have added a staff person, we are paying bills and staying even.

Brian sent to the FundCom results of the most recent direct mail resolicitation (R-11-04) as of Friday’s bank deposit: mailer cost = $6,914.18 returns as of 5/27/11 = $16,846.33 mailer profit = $9,932.15

This consists of 328 responses, for an average contribution of $51.36.

FinCom – year to date income: we’ve brought in $125,000 this year, far short of our income total but we have been frugal with spending and are maintaining balance in account.


III. Review SC rapid response, sign-on process – Holly
Reviewed processes for expedited NC votes and rapid response SC decisions. Need to have a clear, *brief* summary of what is being asked, statement, where to contact.


IV. PERSONNEL – Personnel Subcommittee Proposal – Jeff
Still in progress. Audrey has asked for a committee substantially different from the description the SC approved a few meetings earlier.


V. VOTING QUEUE/misc. secretary items – Holly

#595, Approval of International Committee delegates to FPVA and GGN has been challenged with a procedural objection; the outcome will be known late tonight. Leenie asked if the IC would be amenable to having their delegates voted on separately, instead of as a slate. Farheen stated she thinks the IC would be willing to do this.

Audrey asked that the discussion period for #594, Proposed Mission Statement, be extended for one week. Her state party will be meeting and may amend it.

SC AGREED to the extension.

Holly reminded SC that states reporting delegation changes and updates need to be sure to include requested information: names and email addresses for all incoming and outgoing updates.


VI. Committee Reports
David – Platcom is voting oi a timeline for the next (2012) platform update.

Leenie – GreenPages is searching for printing cost for either 8- or 12-page printed version.

PCSC – is voting on a schedule to take on various tasks. First round potential candidate names need to have hard copy letters sent; second-round group also needs hard copy letters sent; Leenie and co-charis are working on finishing this; third round candidates names are currently being collected. They are also working on putting together a candidate handbook.


VII. Review and Discussion of ANM draft plenary agenda – Jeff, Holly, et al

Jeff and Holly worked over the GNC meeting schedule. The goal is to ensure time for financial issues, and other work more flexible, to allow for time for delegates to attend workshops.

David Korten is expected top address attenders via internet. David Cobb, former GPUS Presidential candidate and currently Move To Amend (Corporate personhood) spokesperson will be attending and will speak at a couple sessions and fundraiser. Jason recommended we record David Cobb’s fundraising pitches to have on the website and use in email blasts.

Jeff asked that the SC make Strategic Planning an ongoing item for future conference calls. SC Agreed.

NEXT CALL: Sunday, June 12, 2011; 8:00 p.m. EST

Holly Hart
Secretary, GPUS

Steering Committee Online Vote

IC Proposal for GNC to approve IC nominees for FGPVA and GGN Farheen Hakeem submitted this to the SC for an online vote on whether to forward this to the voting queue immediately (Monday, 5/23). Seconded by Holly Hart

Approved as of Sunday, 5/22. Farheen Hakeem, Holly Hart, Theresa El-Amin, Jason Nabewaniec, Leenie Halbert, and Tamar Yager voted to approve. Audrey Clement voted not to approve, giving as her objections:

1) The FPVA election was conducted using STV rather than IRV in violation of IC Rule 3-1.7(a);

2) No election for FPVA or GGN alternates was conducted in violation of IC Rule 3-1.