May 31, 2009

GPUS SC Conference Call
Sunday. May 31, 2009
8:00 p.m. EDT

Co-chairs: Jason Nabewaniec, Sanda Everrette, Jill Bussiere, Craig Thorsen, Budd Dickinson, Phil Huckelberry
Secretary: Holly Hart
Treasurer: Jody Grage
Staff: Tamar Yager, Brent McMillan

Cliff Thornton was not able to be on the call.

Facilitator: Charlie Pillsbury

Guest: David McCorqoudale, Green Pages

Brent sent a weekly work report to the SC list today. Intern didn’t show up, and called to let Brent know that he had taken another internship he preferred; apologized that no one had let the office know. Staff meeting on Friday. Friday, June 5, will begin dismantling and packing up office. Goal is to move the following Monday or Tuesday.

As of Friday, May 29, we have 34 registrations for the national meeting. This is not many and is causing concern.

Fundraising: Tamar put out action alert on Friday on single-payer. WIll put out email blast touting the national meeting.

Cynthia McKinney contacted office on Friday; was in DC for a television program and looking for a local Green guest to be on with her. Brent made recommendations. This may turn out to be an ongoing event.

On Wednesday, June 3 the “SVC” will be doing a de-briefing on the 2008 campaign with the Political Director.

Contacted by Christina Tobin from Free & Equal about an Independence Day event. See for more information.

Attended GPVA meeting yesterday. Workshops on organizing locals and recruiting candidates.

No new candidates this week. Some races coming up on June 9th, hope to have profiles on website soon. Of note, two MA Greens are running unopposed, husband and wife – will be a Green Parry first to have husband and wife in office.

Ballot Access – Louisiana: for HB 776 Elections/Congressional which would remove access to the primaries for three ballot access qualified parties, including the Green Party of Louisiana, there were no representation from third parties at first hearing; disparaging remarks were made about the Green Party; GPLA Secretary, Sean Clark, appeared at a subsequent hearing on Wednesday, May 27, along with other party representatives. The bill was defeated (a good outcome).

Tamar sent out a report of the SC list today. The last mailing was not as productive, but it was sent to a group which included non-contrubtors in our database, so lesser returns were expected. Expenses have increased: postal service now requires national change of address every 90 days, and postage has increased.

Online appeal on single-payer response was “awesome,” thank you, Jill, for writing it up. Obama report card appeal didn’t do as well. According to DiA, average donation rate is approx. 1 to 2 donors for every thousand; our returns are a little above that.

Brian set up a “527” donation appeal on Facebook that brought in about $350.

If we decide to print up Green Pages for the national meeting, Tamar would like to include donation envelopes.

Employee Free Choice Act will be focus of next Action Alert.

Jody sent out a copy of the financial status report yesterday. with information on outstanding bills. We will have a little more income over the weekend. Jody mailed Brent a check for $3000 for deposit and rent, depending on progress on the lease. Mailed $1000 to Palmer Hilton; they asked to be paid in full, but indicate they will accept installments. Brent and Tamar have not yet been paid for this month. Expecting a $6000 check.

$700 in general account; $1536 for ANM on hand. Accounts payable = $39.4K. Earmarked funds = total of $28k, with $21k in state sharing. Proposed loan would pay all state-driven state sharing for 2008 and first quarter of 2009, a little over $1000 for 7 states; over $3000 has been forgiven for national-driven state sharing.

III. GREEN PAGES – request for Printed Copies for National Meeting – Jody, David McCorqoudale
David McCorquodale (co-chair, Green Pages), joined the call. Green Pages would like to print copies for the national meeting; union press sent estimates for 12, 16 and 20 pages for 10 and 20 thousand copies. Need to know how many copies would be mailed, bundled. Jody stated that there are a number of other costs associated – bundles and individual copies to be mailed; depends on how many individual copies and and how many bundles, handling charges. Brian Bittner believes than everyone who has contributed in the past year is to get a copy. Jody has been trying to get information from Saltus Press, but the contact will not be back in until Monday, June 1st (tomorrow). Tamar stated that she had sent the costs to the SC list. She would like to include envelopes for return donations, cost to come from fundraising budget. David pointed out that they were planning to have a half-page fundraising ad in the issue. Phil wanted an estimate for best guess on projected returns. Jason asked what the overall goal of the project is. David replied that this had been part of the Green Pages proposal to stop printing, in response to the sentiment that many wanted to see one issue/year printed; was part of the projected Green Pages budget. They need to know if there is approval to print, so Jan Martell can proceed with the layout.

Cost estimated for 15,000 20-page issue = slightly over $4000; + $1600 for envelopes. We would need to pay up front.

Sanda, Craig are in favor. Jody – visit later on the call; wait until we get final figures from May and make a decision by Wednesday. Phil, Budd opposed. Holly opposed at this time. Jill asked to see some income figures. Budd said it would be good to print something, suggested we tell Green Pages we will print something, but not able to pay lay-out and don’t know how much we will print. SC will make a decision on this this coming week.

IV. LOAN – Jody
a. Loan would be for $25,000

b. Legal report on liability. Phil is hoping to get a note next week from Andy Finko. If we wait to send out the loan proposal, this could come out about the same time and should answer questions that may be raised on the NC. In terms of liability, state parties would be in line, although it’s extremely unlikely that anyone would go after state parties, because there is no money there.

Jody asked to have the loan proposal go out immediately, as funds are needed right away. Jason noted that it would be good to have the information available, as there have been questions raised; but also noted a “pre-announcement” has already gone out, anyway.

SC AGREED to have this go out now, 1 week discussion, 1 week vote; possibility of a week extension, if needed. Jody will be floor manager.

V. LEASE – 20-25 minutes
Draft lease from Jack Menase. Brent sent to John Gloster, Holly, Phil, Jill and Jody; Jody sent to Andy Finko. Both John Gloster and Andy Finko stated we need to remove paragraph 42. Another recommendation from Andy Finko. Landlord wants a resolution designating who is authorized to sign; and signatures from a designated co-chair, secretary and treasurer. Sanda is opposed to a two-year lease. Phil stated we should trust Brent’s judgment, as he is on the ground, and can ask that we get attorneys’ recommendations incorporated. Phil would like Brent take recommendations to landlord, then take back response and have SC approve it up or down.

Proposal to approve resolution on authorize three signatories to sign the lease and Brent to carry it out tomorrow.

Jody – Yes
Jill – Yes
Phil – Yes
Jason – Yes
Sanda – No
Budd – not comfortable with 2nd year increase, but votes Yes
Holly – Yes
Craig – No

Budget – Jody is willing to work with Hillary (AnmCom co-chair) and report back to SC by Wednesday. Phil asked for clear budget with revenue projections, SC sign off on budget. Also, our registration numbers are extremely low; when is drop-dead date for canceling meeting. A contract with the venue has not been finalized, yet. Jason asked to take into consideration the fact that delegates may not be able to cancel flights.

AnmCom is holding a call to address workshops this Tuesday. Holly will send SC a draft of plenary time blocks.

a. QUESTION of splitting Proposal #393
Phil suggested extending discussion for two weeks; consider incorporating smaller changes recommended; straw poll to NC about thresholds for committee P&P’s, based on results, make a final amendment based on feedback from NC. Phil suggested putting straw poll on voting queue as a “non-binding item.”

Craig wishes to have an outside facilitator for all calls, and suggested 3 more individuals that would be willing to do so. Most, not all, SC members agreed that outside facilitation is helpful, but facilitator needs some understanding of what work the SC does. Craig will contact Greg Gerritt, former member of the SC. They will be asked to observe an SC call before facilitating one.

Vote on Duncan Autrey as possible facilitator
Jody – Abstain
Budd – No
Craig – Yes
Phil – No
Jill – Yes
Sanda – Abstain
Holly – Abstain
Jason – No

Vote on Joni LeViness as possible facilitator
Jody – Abstain
Budd – No
Phil – No
Jill – No, because we’re not all comfortable with having her
Craig – Yes
Jason – Abstain
Sanda – No but
Holly – Yes, but not pushing it, for the reason Jill notes

10:41 – 11:06 p.m. EDT

Holly Hart
Secretary. GPUS

NEXT CALL: Sunday, June 14, 2009; 8:00 p.m. EDT