May 8, 2016

GPUS Steering Committee Minutes
Sunday, May 8, 2016 – 8:00 p.m. ET

a) Facilitator: Sid Smith
b) To hear recording: 712-451-0019, access code 926334, ref #2
c) Roll Call: Audrey Clement, Sanda Everette, Jan Martell, Andrea Merida, Charles Ostdiek, Paul Pipkin, Jeff Turner (joined late), Tamar Yager. Absent: Bahram Zandi (traveling). Observer: Starlene Rankin
d) Agenda revisions: Tamar requested a brief executive session at end of meeting.


a) For decision: Proposal to Amend SC Online Voting Procedure – Audrey. This proposal adds 48-hr. discussion period for online decision-making when proposals are introduced during regular SC calls. Approved by consensus.
b) Report of online decision to instruct the Media Committee to Issue a Press Release (see addendum below). Voting yes: Audrey, Sanda, Charles, Paul, Jeff, Bahram. Voting no: Andrea. Abstain: Jan, Tamar. Approved.


a) Treasurer’s Report – Jeff. Sent cash report, nearly $45,000 in the bank, $32,500 of it is reserved funds leaving about $12,500 for general activities. $3k check going out to Georgia for ballot access from earmarked funds.

b) Fundraising Report – Tamar. First Friday e-blast has brought in about $500, next letter going out around the 24th. Audrey made calls last week, says letters & e-blasts reinforce calling, and Tamar said calls make letters and e-blasts more effective. Greenline is not fundraising but a content piece, more like outreach. Andrea thought Greenline should be coordinated with the Outreach Committee. Tamar said that Peter Orvetti was doing a great job, and if Outreach wanted to take it over, that would be fine. Tamar and Starlene are collecting state lists of voters and donors, need more help making calls.

c) PNC Update – Discussion: options for SC meeting and NC meeting at PNC. Members each expressed their opinion about meetings and timing. Further discussion can happen online, decision for next meeting 5-22.


In the queue:
a) 819 – Ozone Depletion
b) 820 – Health Care
c) 821 – 4-Year House Term
d) 822 – Legislative-Executive
e) 823 – Minimum Wage
f) 824 – War on Drugs
g) 825 – Foreign Policy
h) 826 – Free Speech & Media Reform
i) 827 – Political Reform
j) 828 – Puerto Rican Independence
k) 829 – Forestry Additions
l) 830 – Forestry Introduction

Received for the queue:

The next 6 platform amendment proposals:
GPCA – Education and the Arts
GPCA – Water
IAGP – Political Reform
IC – Iran
NC – EcoEconomics
Platcom – 10 Key Values
Charles pointed out 3 of these have no background. Audrey said this would be a finding, as a background section is required for NC proposal format according to the rules. A vote was held on whether to approve findings for the 2 GPCA and 1 IC prop due to missing background info. Voting yes: Audrey, Charles, Paul. Voting No: Tamar, Sanda, Jan. Abstain: Andrea. Absent: Jeff, Bahram. Findings failed, so all proposals will enter the queue on schedule. Jan offered to contact Platcom to get backgrounds if possible, and Sanda said that the CA proposals had backgrounds when approved at the state level and she thought she could find the wording. Jan will also point out to Platcom the inconsistency between formatting a proposal for Platcom and for the NC, something that can be addressed for later cycles.

6 PNC appointments:
Approval of Rachell Tucker as Credentialing Facilitator
Approval of Darryl! Moch as Credentialing Facilitator
Approval of Rich Zitola as Election Administrator
Approval of Andrea Mérida Cuéllar as Election Administrator
Approval of Dr. Margaret Flowers as Honorary Co-Chair
Approval of James Lane as Honorary Co-Chair
All 6 approved by consensus.


TOTAL TIME: 100 minutes

Entered at 9:46 pm – Present: Audrey Clement, Sanda Everette, Jan Martell, Andrea Merida, Charles Ostdiek, Paul Pipkin, Jeff Turner, Tamar Yager. Brief discussion of GPUS contract employee taking on work with the Stein campaign. Charles will research Fiscal