National Committee – Delegate Introduction

Welcome, New Delegates!
Updated 01.27.2009

Welcome to the National Committee of the GPUS! We’re glad to have you with us and hope your term of service as a delegate will be rewarding. To get you started, we are providing you with some basic information and resources in this e-mail.


In brief, delegates’ obligations are fourfold:

  1. To represent their caucus, state, territory, or district;
  2. To inform state constituencies of GPUS proposals, votes, actions, and other matters;
  3. To vote on proposals;
  4. To further the work of the GPUS by serving on committees, or help
    provide a replacement volunteer from your state party or caucus.

You should soon, if you haven’t already, receive notification that you have been subscribed to the email list: (natlcomvotes), where we discuss the current proposals before the National Committee (NC) and other GPUS business. There is another, optional, list for discussion (natlcomaffairs). If you would like to subscribe to this, please write


Green National Committee home page

Delegate Manual


Voting takes place on line, via the voting page. You will be signed up for voting and issued a password to access your voting page. Please keep your password and username in a safe place.

To contact the voting page administrator to get a login id and password, or report bugs, send an e-mail to

Proposals are presented to the National Committee for discussion and/or amendment on the “natlcomvotes” listserve. Each proposal undergoes a discussion period and a voting period. During the discussion period, the proposal is subject to revisions. Delegates register a yes, no, or abstention. (Non-participation in a vote is not equivalent to an abstention.)


All delegates and alternates are members of the National Committee by virtue of their selection by their state party. The National Committee is the national coordinating body of the GPUS and serves much the same purpose as a general assembly.

It is strongly encouraged that the delegates, or others selected by their state parties, serve on at least one other committee. Each state may have up to three representatives per committee for most working committees. For more information on individual committees, please go to

(you will be contacted with a request for this information):

  1. your affiliation (state party, caucus)
  2. a list of committees or caucuses upon which you are currently serving
  3. contact information (first and last name, address, city, state, zip, phone number, fax, e-mail address, website if any, and status [delegate, alternate, observer])

For the most current information, please go to the voting site at


The GPUS website
Includes press releases, party news, contact information, organizing tools, committee and caucus information, archives, etc.

Bylaws and Operating Rules and other Useful Information

Voting Page
Proposals, vote histories, voting page, delegate list and contacts

News Archives

The Green Party in the News

Press Releases / Archives

Links to useful publications and websites can be found here.

Organizing Tools


Voting and Proposals (official business) list

Discussion List

For these lists, you will be issued a password. Please keep your password and username in a safe place. Periodically, instructions are sent on how to access and change your account information. Having your password and username handy makes it easy for you – and the listserve administrator.


To Receive Assistance as a New Delegate To receive more assistance, please contact first your fellow delegates, then feel free to contact the Secretary of the party.

Secretary, GPUS