Procedures for Changing Delegates

We need to know about when state and caucus delegates are changed, so that we can ensure a smooth transition for your state. We need to know:

  1. the names, email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses of new delegates and alternates;
  2. the names of delegates and alternates being replaced;
  3. whether “retiring” delegates or alternates will continue as observers.

The state or caucus chair or secretary should send this information to the GPUS Secretary. The GP Secretary will pass this information on to the appropriate parties and will also send a welcome email containing a lot of useful information to the new delegate.

The forum administrator will approve the subscriptions for people he/she has been notified about, and will request confirmation for others.

The online voting administrator will change the status of any “retired” delegates so that states’ delegation totals don’t exceed the numbers provided by the Accreditation Committee.

Any changes to representation on various GPUS committees should be sent to the GPUS Secretary, who will forward the info to the relevant committee co-chairs.

If you have questions about delegations, contact:

General questions: