November 10, 2013

GPUS Steering Com Conference Call Minutes – November 10, 2013

a. Facilitator — Jody Grage
b. Roll Call — Jeff Turner, Katey Culver, Budd Dickinson, Tamar Yager, Charles Ostdiek, Jesse Townley, Karen Young, Starlene Rankin. Absent — Darryl! Moch
c. Agenda revisions – none


a. Cash report to date report sent out, holding checks to keep from being overdrawn, more money coming in; bequest check sent to wrong address twice so not yet received.
b. Fundraising – direct mail piece to print on Monday, delivery early in December; Outreach Committee has materials together and will start fundraising this coming week.
c. Purchase of a laptop for office/media committee – Tamar
Not enough information yet; tabled to next call.

In the queue:
727 – Platform Amendment Process and Timeline for Non-Presidential Nominating Convention Years (Platform Committee). Voting 11/11 – 17.
728 – Approval of Audrey Clement for membership on the GPUS Finance Committee (VA). Voting 11/4 – 10. Has quorum.
729 – Expansion of GPUS Volunteer Pool (from the SPWG). Voting 11/4 – 10. Has quorum.

Received for the queue: See below – V. Strategic Planning Items

IV. 2014 Budget Approval – Jeff

Version 12 — begin discussion from line 84 on. (Discussion of previous lines are on last week’s recorded budget call.)

Line 90 web master – CONSENSUS – discussion of increase in hours $15 to $17.50 (usually bills other clients at $60), hour limit to remain the same at $40/month, written agreement needed.

Lines 98 — 100 — postage, ins, bank fees — postal rate increase in Jan 2014.CONSENSUS with Tamar standing aside.

Campaign School – $1500 self funding from CCC.

Discussion of paying all of state sharing or continuing to make progress; NY doesn’t need their money immediately; MD forgiving all.

Karen — recommends cutting spending on Direct Mail — details in her email, 4 mailings grossing less than 3 mailings did. Did delete older non-donors which accounts for lower costs and more effective mailings; this year added people from Stein list we didn’t have already and then trimmed non-donors; could do 4 mailings with fewer people in each; suggestion to give budget to FundCom to make decisions; consensus to cut $2k off mailing and $1k off postage in Tier 1 and Tier 2 leaving the decision of 3 or 4 mailings to the Fundcom.

CONSENSUS with Tamar standing aside.

Starlene -want to finalize Media Comm budget.

Based on MC priorities, transfer $ from equipment and advertising to Line 71 with authorization for up to $300/month for utilities, cell phone & internet. Noted email received from Scott McLarty outlining Media Com budget priorities.

There was consensus to approve the budget (Version 13) and have Jeff do final formatting. This will be sent out for online review and approval along with the income and expense narratives.

V. Strategic Planning Items – Karen

1) Mission Statement – There was consensus to expedite this and put it on the queue immediately with 2 weeks discussion. Expediting is necessary to get this done before the budget vote. Discussion could be extended if necessary. Floor Manager – Karen.

2) Strategic Plan Objectives and Action Plan –

There was consensus to expedite this and put it on the queue immediately with 2 weeks discussion. Expediting is necessary to get this done before the budget vote. Floor Manager – Karen.

VI. SC Online Endorsements and Approvals – Jesse (tabled)

VII. Committee Liaison Reports – 15 minutes (tabled)

VIII. Executive Session – personnel (No decisions made.)

Budd Dickinson