November 23, 2014

GPUS Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – November 23, 2014


a) Facilitator – David Doonan
b) Roll Call – Charles Ostdiek, Audrey Clement, Budd Dickinson, Jeff Turner, Starlene Rankin, Tamar Yager, Karen Young, Jesse Townley, Darryl! Moch.
Observer – Jody Grage
c) Recording started. (Secretary has # to call for any delegate interested in hearing it.)


a) Adoption of 2015 GPUS Budget draft for submission to NC for approval. Complete set of numbers were sent out by the treasurer. There is no narrative as yet but it will be written shortly for review on line. Charles will write the proposal introduction. Macalester College, ANM site, will be owed $8k in 2015. Budget draft was approved by consensus with Audrey standing aside.
Floor Manager: Charles Ostdiek


a) Treasurer’s Report – Jeff
Cash report was sent out that shows all bills paid and $5k in general fund. There is $1k coming in from fundraising by Bill Kreml and regular funds coming in to pay payroll and rent. Jeff wants to finish repaying state sharing mid December so checks clear before year’s end. Spending for state sharing and web site work have already been approved. There is nothing in the operating reserve fund now; though the reserve fund for committees and caucuses is fully funded.

b) Fundraising Report – Tamar
Next fundraising letter ready to go out after Thanksgiving.

In the queue: None

Received for the Queue:
Strategic Plan Objectives/Action Plan:
Goal 3: Create More Positive Awareness of the Party
Goal 4: Create Closer Ties with Movements, More Effective Issue
Advocacy/Policy Development
Discussion: Nov. 24 – Dec. 14, 2014. Vote: Dec. 15 – Dec. 21, 2014
Floor Manager for both: Karen


a) Sign on to Anti-TPP Fast Track efforts by Congress – Jesse
This was sent on 14 November by Kate Culver, former SC member. There was consensus to approve and to have it presented with our new logo.

b) Endorse Organizational Sign On Letter Asking EPA to Remove Support for Nuclear Energy From Clean Carbon Plan – EcoAction Committee – Audrey There was consensus to approve.

V. NEXT MEETING – 14 December – Will include a discussion of responsibility of SC toward committees with draft proposal to be written by Karen and Tamar. January discussion will be on general SC roles and responsibilities.

Budd Dickinson