November 24, 2013

GPUS Steering Committee Conference Call Minutes
Sunday, November 24, 2013 – 8:00 p.m. ET

a. Facilitator – David Doonan
b. Start recording of call

c. Roll Call Jeff Turner, Katey Culver, Budd Dickinson, Tamar Yager, Charles Ostdiek, Jesse Townley, Karen Young, Starlene Rankin, Darryl! Moch

d. Agenda revisions – Charles wants someone to run BRPP election of their co-chairs and wants voting software for IC.


a. Cash report to date – We are a little short. There will be four of five days of web deposits added into the bank before the payroll disbursement, so that will be covered. At this time we are unable to pay several items.

b. Fundraising – Karen and Tamar reported.

c. Office computer – Tamar will work with Brian on purchase with assistance from IT advisors that Jeff and Darryl have. A vote was taken on this. Jeff voted no, Tamar abstained, Starlene did not vote, and all others voted yes.

In the queue:
731 – Strategic Plan Objectives and Action Plan. Voting 11/25 – 12/1. We decided to pull this because of discussion on Votes List, especially about the national membership issue. Karen – “We pulled this and 732 to re-work them, and also because in January, after the other proposals clear and after the holidays, we will all be able to devote proper attention to them.”

732 – Bylaws Amendment: Article I Name, Mission. Voting 12/2-8. We decided to pull this and create a process to reach a final proposal to be voted on.

2014 Budget – The proposal is on the queue. David will create an index with the 3 linked documents.

Received for the queue:

2014 ANM Site approval- The Green Party of Minnesota and the Green Party of St. Paul (and 4th CD) are excited to serve as hosts of the GPUS Annual National Meeting in July 2014.

The proposal will be put up asap.

IV. Committees Discussion – Karen and Starlene – Committees need strengthening. Need a baseline assessment, then work on key committees.

V. Internal SC communications ( Darryl! This includes video conferencing. SC members will give Darryl feedback on it.

VI. Committee Liaison Reports – 15 minutes

Darryl! – CCC doing monthly webinars and will have co-chair elections. Plan to relaunch DivCom in December.

Karen – IT – Karen now admin for the group. Working on fundraising for rebranding. $500 so far.

Jesse – PlatCom is working on revising 727 and its mission statement to address concerns brought up during the discussion and voting period of 727. It is continuing to accept platform amendments.

VII. BRPP elections – BRPP is reorganizing with old and new members currently holding co-chair elections; working to continue get newmembers for balance and perspective. Depending on internal BRPP deliberations, Jesse may run the elections for the committee.