November 28, 2005

GPUS-SC Conference Call
28 November 2005
8:00 p.m. EDT

Holly Hart. Gwen Wages, Marc Sanson, Jake Schneider, Jody Haug, Emily Citkowski, Rebecca Rotzler (8:35p); Pat LaMarche (9:35p)

Facilitator: Gwen, first hour; Marc, second hour

Abbreviations used:
AC = Accreditation Committee
ANM, ANMC = Annual National Meeting Committee
BAWG = Ballot Access Working Group
BRPP = Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee
BC = Black Caucus
CC = Coordinating Committee
CCC = Coordinated Campaign Committee
CG SC = Campus Greens Steering Committee
ComCom = Communications Committee
DC = Diversity Committee
DIA = Democracy in Action internet service
DRC = Dispute Resolution Committee
FC = Fundraising Committee
FEC = Federal Election Commission
GP = Green Party
IC = International Committee
LC = Lavender Caucus
NPWG = Nominating Process Working Group
NWC = National Women’s Caucus
PEC = Presidential Exploratory Committee
PCSC = Presidential Campaign Support Committee
SC = Steering Committee
SPWG = Strategic Plan Working Group
[Brackets denote editor’s suggested corrections. Some punctuation corrections done with no content change. -ed.]

a. “Participated in first Outreach Committee, organized by Richard Scott. Attendance was good, about 7 people, representatives from Green Pages, Media Committee, Fundraising, GPAX. Talked about building the on-line activist tools to help committees, states and caucuses. Talked about developing print materials for nat’l; and templates to make available to states. Talked about a speakers bureau. Next meeting this Sunday. Also attended two free seminars on measuring on-line fundraising and outreach”

b. Staff/general work environment policy
Recent situation with a person making a request of Emily becoming abusive when Emily didn’t understand and carry out the request. Current situation seems resolved, but has occurred before, and has been going on for a long time.

Jake – asks for sample messages
Jody – just passed list etiquette policy, apply it here
Holly – this didn’t occur on national list, and didn’t involve an email list
Gwen – doesn’t policy address GP communications?
Holly – PROPOSAL: utilize legal team member or ombudsperson for policy; could use nat’l email list protocol as guideline
AGREED, consensus

II. TREASURER’S REPORT – JAKE – 5-10 minutes
Funds are “skinny,” but donations from recent direct mail solicitation are coming in. 2006 budget is up on voting page, but there have been only two questions (both answered) and little discussion.

Got signed lease back for DC office; Jake will send a copy to Emily.

New plan calls for more work with states; calls for Brent to step up fundraising efforts
Jake will talk to Brent about rounding up end-of-year large donations

FIN COM – Marc, Jake
Finance – on recent call, discussed information technology coordination regarding reporting

#190 – WI: Green Party Support for Divestment from Israel; adopted 11/21/05 “Human Rights is the Only Road to Peace”
Press Release is in the works, will have gone out 11/28/05

1) #191 received 10/25/05 – WIGP: Proposed Bylaws Amendment to Clarify Affiliation Agreement
Voting period: 11/28/05 – 12/04/05
Haug// 2/3

1) #192 – GPUS Finance Committee: 2006 Proposed Budget
Discussion: 11/16/05 – 12/11/05
Voting period: 12/12/05 – 12/18/05
Schneider// 1/2

2) #193 – GPUS Annual Meeting Committee: Approval of Policies and Procedures
Discussion: 11/21/05 – 12/11/05
Voting period: 12/12/05 – 12/18/05
Wages// 1/2

3) #194 – GPCA: Implementation Proposal for the Sevigny/Olson joint proposal
Discussion: 11/21/05 – 12/04/05
Voting period: 12/05/05 – 12/11/05
Scheider// 2/3

4) #195 – GPMN: Establishment of GPUS EcoAction Committee
Discussion: 11/21/05 – 12/11/05
Voting period: 12/12/05 – 12/18/05
Sanson// 1/2

received, 11/28/05 – GPUS Platform Committee: Approval of Platform Committee Rules, Policies and Procedures (final copy forthcoming)
Discussion, 3 weeks, Voting, 1 week
Wages// 1/2

#175, Delegate Apportionment Committee Elections
Still no news from the NC on what to do; we should probably remind them that we need a proposal either to use the STV method available via the voting page, or instruct the voting page crew to design and implement a program that will accommodate the method specified in the proposal

Holly – no one has offered a proposal; suggest we solicit a state to draw one up
Jody – PROPOSAL: to look at who was most interested and recruit from those who were interested; can send out a list and ask for volunteers
AGREED, consensus

Rebecca – was this workable, according to voting crew?
Jody – this needs to work manually also, to demonstrate transparency

Holly – need to hear more from voting page crew

Jody – PROPOSAL – to set up a conference call between Susan Dridi, Charlie Green (voting page) and Brent White would be advisable, those who would implement a program, to address any concerns
AGREED, consensus

Holly – question of whether alternates can be included on this committee

Gwen – issue has come up before and always determined alternates were not eligible

Marc – PROPOSAL – consider this to mean delegates only and state this in announcement, unless proposal is passed to allow alternates.
Jody – consider that since both are vetted for committee membership that this phrase includes both.
Marc – same argument made in earlier failed proposal
AGREED, consensus for above proposal

#182 – Appointments to SC Elections Working Group
Names and contact info have been forwarded to Steve Kramer
Rebecca will follow up with Steve

a. IDEALIST Conference in Nashville, TN, 3/3-5
On the last call, Jake had proposed leaving this on the agenda; we have until January 13 to make decision; divided opinion on SC, need more discussion and study.



No committee oversight.
Duties: provide minutes, notes, and summaries; set up conference calls; articulate agenda; receive and organize submissions to voting queue; respond to inquiries and requests for information; provide official documentation/notification, etc.; website management

No committee oversight.
Duties: oversee and manage finances of GPUS

Finance Committee
Fundraising Committee

Coordinated Campaign Committee
Officeholders Network
Ballot Access Committee
Presidential Campaign Support Committee

Peace Action Committee (PAX)
Platform Committee
International Committee
EcoAction Committee

Bylaws, Rules, Policy and Procedures Committee
Dispute Resolution Committee
Personnel Committee
Accreditation Committee
Annual National Meeting

Campus Greens
Diversity Committee
Merchandise Committee
Media Committee
Green Pages Committee

Communications Committee

No committee oversight.
Duties: oversight of internal legal affairs; management of external legal relationships; assist in legal aspects of electoral status; provide states with legal assistance for ballot access matters.

Strategic Plan Committee
Liaisons from several/many committees
Outreach call took place recently;
Jody – wonders how Outreach fits in.
Emily – Outreach is more “techie” stuff

Jody will add portfolio list to minutes, then send out to committee co-chairs with explanation, then to NC

Discussion: monthly reports are probably too frequent for some committees, suggestions of quarterly or twice-yearly reports.
Rebecca – each portfolio manager could set up a timetable with each committee for getting written reports
Gwen – slightly different turn: instead of written monthly reports, have monthly reports recorded in SC minutes, not generate another layer of work
Marc – it would be helpful also to make a list of things we want in the report (new, active, dropped off members; current officers; rules updates)

Jody – PROPOSAL: will send out with draft of intro, ask that portfolio managers start contacting their committees while we are working out rest of this.
AGREED, consensus

a. News circulator still temporarily suspended, some progress in reaching Lexis, hope to be resolved, soon – will submit official request to Lexis; MedCom is also looking into other options
b. Tulsa reports from committees/events – will go send to webmaster this week, whether anything else comes in or not. Any more reports given in Tulsa can be sent to Holly if they aren’t already online
c. Proposal Document – wrong format is on webpage; 2001 was updated about 6 mos. later, in voting page. Marc just posted 2001 proposal; Holly will track down updates and make sure correct language is what’s on our webpage.
d. Received notice that some committee web pages and contact info are out of date; will look into them one by one; suggest that portfolio managers could take this up with their committees and make sure web pages are up to date.
e. Correcting websites with wrong GP URL. Contacted all but four (had no contact info); responses from 2-3 that they’ve made correction, will continue to follow up with others.

IX. Personnel – Draft Contract – Marc
Marc – PROPOSAL; will re-post tonight. Make top priority between now and next call to finalize this.
AGREED, consensus

X. Explanation of Rules/Threshold
Rebecca – maybe have something on the voting page, more visible?
Jody – suggest adding it in the menu bar; have on the voting page and in policy document
Marc – would like eventually to have all proposals submitted through voting queue
Holly – good idea, but expect there will be difficulties in trying to implement online form

XI. People’s Convention – Request for Co-Sponsorship
Jody was contacted by organizer (Monterey County, CA); he sees this as a fundraiser for people outside the two major parties to get together to talk (not looking to field a common presidential candidate); Jody is concerned that it would take a lot of energy, not sure it wouldn’t be better used in GP

Rebecca – where is the money coming from and where will it go?
Jody – humongous concert with every famous progressive; 1/2 to event itself; 1/2 split up among sponsoring groups

Holly – PROPOSAL: will stay in touch with him and keep SC apprised of any developments
AGREED, consensus

XII. Meeting (Conference Call) Times
Early on we had calls at 9pm EST, switched to 8p EST. Some evenings are more difficult for some. Rebecca would like to keep the same dates, but go to 9pm EST.

Gwen – we should hear from other east coast people, first
Jake – if Sevigny/Olsen passes, might need a different day
Jody – PROPOSAL: next call start at 9pEST, take it from there
AGREED, consensus

NEXT MEETING: Monday, December 12, 9:00 p.m. EST
Facilitators: Jody, Rebecca

Holly Hart
Secretary, GPUS
Minimally edited and HTML formatted by Charlie Green