November 4, 2001

SC teleconference Minutes – November 04, 2001 (draft)

Participants: Robbie Franklin (timer), Jo Chamberlain (facilitator), Tom Sevigny, ANita Rios, Nathalie Paravicini (notetaker)

Nov 4, 2001 Agenda:
Treasurer’s report
Current and upcoming votes
Accreditation – Progressive Party of MO affilitation
Establishment of Fundraising Committee
Bylaws & implementation of proportional representation
Committee Reports
Accreditations and state organizing
Presidential exploratory
Green Cabinet
Coordinated campaigns
Other SC business
SGP-Ralph Nader liaison report
Green Pages
Personel policy
Citizen’s Debate Commission
Green Party winter meeting?
Treasurer’s report Top

– USGP account: $8500. Since Nov, we received $6,500, so we are doing well. Jack has one $1000 and 2 potential larger donors. We are also getting books from Chomski and Zinn.
– We owe minor bills to Annie Goeke and David Cobb for travel
Current and upcoming votes

Accreditation – Progressive Party of MO affilitation
22 states voted, only 9 nos so far, technically it will pass.
Establishment of fundraising committee
13 states have already voted.
bylaws and proportional representation

Tom will be floor manager for the bylaws changes and Anita for the proportional representation. The SC is sending both proposals for a vote after Nov 16 when previous votes are ovr with.

Committee Reports

Coordinated Campaign Committee
– Ben to send bylaws proposal to SC to institute CCC as a closed committee. See above.
– the CCC and the media committee issued the press release to target specific races where national state representatives voted FOR FTAA.
– The CCC is also eager to institute a campaigns school, where people who have expertise in running campaigns could train greens. Several persons were specifically mentioned (Tamara Jones and the PVA organization from Houston being one.

Fundraising Committee (Jack Uhrich)
DC fundraiser: There is concern that targeting only DC greens won’t bring a sufficient response. Ben is to see with RN whether they will send invitations to some people on their list. We will also target VA and MD people.
Ben to talk again with Teresa Amato to confirm the date; we are looking at Dec 8.
Marnie to see with her graphic designer to create invitations. Jack asked to prepare for eventuality to hire a graphic designer.
Next mailings: Dean Myerson wrote an excellent letter, looking at prospective lists (The Progressive, $95/1000, 35,000 and will purge duplicates from our lists) to send letter right after FEC ruling.
– 1300 pieces of our letter are being mailed-out to MI mail-out is Jack sent an email solicitation follow-up to the Sept and Oct snail mail lists to Jane Hunter. If she does not send them out before the FEC ruling, we will adjust the message to reflect a positive ruling.
– Jack cleaned and eliminated duplications of all the emails from our Denver 2000 Convention list and am ready to solicit them after he arrives in SC and the FEC ruling is out.
– We obtained a list from the GPUSA. We will look at the list and send an informational message informing them of the FEC ruling, so all greens are informed, especially for when they want to donate. The message will be primarily via email. We will look for a small separate contribution to send a snail mail message to others on the list.
Personal solicitations: Jack had good conversations this week about cooperative with fundraising: Mike Wyman, Treasurer GP CA; Jerilyn Bowen, GP NM; Mike Livingston GP DC; Jacob Harold, one of RN’s people.
– Secured another $1000 donation and have had extensive contact with two other potential large donors. One here in NM said they couldn’t help this month, but thought they could give something by the end of this year.
– Contacted Nancy about Noam Chomsky donating signed books and joining as a sustainer, will try to reach hi also about the December fundraiser. Wants to do the same with H Zinn but needs Betty Zisk’s contact.
will write something for the top of the donor page to update our appeal with 9/11 attacks and FEC ruling.
Will send personal intro to the USGP-COO list once he gets to SC.

International Committee
– Dean Myerson, ANnie Goeke and TOm Sevigny will teleconference to prepare for the Europe trip. Neither the itinerary nor the agenda are ready. ANnie had an informal meeting with Tamara (?) and updated herself on the European green group. There is a possibility Helmut (?), former GP parliamentarian from Germany and one of the founders of the German greens will be in NY early december and will meet with ys. See aboput his presence at the DC fundraiser.
– There will be one of the first teleconferences of the IC this Monday, 8 pm.
– Upcoming meeting of the Federation of Green Parties of the Americas (FPVA) Nov 9-11. GOing: John Rensenbrink, Tod Sloan, Julia Willebrand and Nathalie PAravicini.
– Global Green peace action: the Japaese want to propose a statement for a global day of action.

Presidential Exploratory Committee

John Strawn, co-convener, is on holidays and Jane HUnter working on NJ elections.

Green Cabinet Committee

Slow in approving lists of potential cabinet members. They are reviewing the goals and objectives of the committee.

Coordinated Campaigns Committee

Ben is working with NGO’s on Fast Track and the committee is considering targeting representatives who voted for FTAA.

Other SC issues
USGP and Nader liaison report
From last week: report from Ben on heart-to-heart converstaion with Teresa Amato, in light of the fact that she was unavailable and did not reply to phone calls.
Ben to recontact TA regarding the DC fundraiser to reconfirm date
Democracy Rising: Kafouri is still draftng policy on how to coordinate with the GP. Jason is not well organized and we need to contact him daily to verify whether there were changes, etc.

Green Pages
We finally received all the receipts from the printer. WE still owe money on printing for 2 issues and shipping. The SC decided to do a special 4 page supplemet for the DC event, to take advantage of the CA tax rebate for 4th publication. Dean to send a projection of the costs involved (mostly shipping.)

Employee’s Handbook
Jo sent the proposed personel policy to SC for comments. Jo suggested we may need to contract Human Resources attorney as some issues are state related.
Citizen’s Debate Commission (David Cobb)
Suggested: Citizen’s Debate Commission Link
– Jeff Milchen (ReclaimDemocracy) Jeff Cohen (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) and Sam Husseini (Institute for Public Accuracy) are glad to hear that Nader has an interest, but all three agree strongly with me that having Nader publicly visible on this project would destroy any possibility of success.
– Scott Harsbarger (new Executive Director of Common Cause) and Larry Noble (Executive Director of Center for Responsive Politics, Noble worked at the FEC and is aware of the situation) have expressed significant interest. David CObb is to meet with them in DC Jan 14/15.
– Anita indicated she tried to contact George Fahrar, Nader’s assistant researching the commission, but has received no response from him. ==> Anita will try again. Anybody who knows an NGO interested should refer them to David Cobb.

Green Party winter meeting?
There was confusion as to whether we decided in Santa Barbara to hold a meeting in winter. It was decided not to do so, but to hold a midterm convention in Philadelphia. One of the reasons is that proportional representation will have to be implemented at next meeting and it will be too difficult to do so in such short notice. ==> Anita will send a meesage to the CC.
The SC needs to meet face-to-face again to draw the major lines for the upcoming year. Late January and Texas were proposed initially.