November 4, 2012

GPUS Steering Committee Conference Call Minutes – 8 to 10 p.m.ET, Nov. 4, 2012

a. Facilitator – David Doonan
b. Roll Call – Steve Welzer, Karen Young, Budd Dickinson, Jeff Turner, Charles Ostdiek, Susan Chnco, Darryl! Moch (9p.m.), AJ Segneri (9p.m.)
Absent – Farheen Hakeem
Observer – Jody Grage

a. Office Manager – Brian Bittner – report received; office unscathed from storm, mail not coming in yet.

b. Fundraiser – David Sacks – no report received since 10/20.

a. Cash report to date – report for end of October and through November 3rd sent. Cash on hand $12k after bills paid; it is time to replenish merchandise; another mailing going out soon.

Action Item: Jeff to speak with Brian this week and get merchandise ordered. The two will also develop a protocol for merchandise ordering so that it does not fall through the cracks.

b. Debt repayment – $5k was authorized last meeting; 2nd $5k to pay back state sharing and ballot access loans ($11k total); suggest those that donate loan money back be paid first; this $5k will pay all 2009 states that forgave 2008 state sharing and ballot access loans.

There was consensus to authorize the 2nd $5k.

c. 2013 GPUS Budget – discussion and approval to send it to the NC for vote. $10k debt payment included. FunCom recalculated 2012 income estimates based on higher amounts in September and October. $7k balance for January expenses.

There was consensus to send it to the NC. Edits to be confirmed online, then on queue on November 12 for 3 week discussion. Floor manager: Susan.

In the queue:
#688 Youth Caucus of the GPUS be immediately and fully accredited – voting 11/5 to 11/11; discussion of requirement that caucus members be members of their state parties.

Received for the queue: None

Jeff will work with staff on timing of staff reports now that the budget is nearly done.

Charles not on IC list yet. Suggests for non-functioning committees that SC liaison be listed so that interested people will have a contact. Karen, Charles, Budd and David Doonan will work on this.

Decision Item: The SC will take responsibility for seeing that committee info on web is updated.
– Karen to post list of committees with her impression of which are active and inactive along with liaisons.
– SC to post any corrections to that list.
– Karen and Dave D. to work together and get correct info on web.
– If cte is inactive, only SC liaison contact info and brief “English” description of what the cte does will be listed.
– If cte is active, current chairs, membership will be listed.

Susan reports that FinCom is looking for members, especially females for gender balance.

VI. STRATEGIC PLANNING – Approval of Karen’s proposal to go the queue.

Presenter SC, floor manager Darryl; webpage to post 2005 survey for background; July ANM discussion of plan implementation.

Consensus to expedite to queue on November 5 with 13 day discussion.

VII. PERSONNEL MANUAL – Darryl said, “Progress continues; current revisions are underway we should have a document to review once the budget goes into the queue. Then the ad hoc committee will work on job description. Darryl! requested that we have these items by the first meeting in December so we can complete the process by the end of December so the manuel and job descriptions can go into effect January 2013.” Karen said, “Final version should be delivered to SC by Dec. 1. Waiting for minor edits to be finalized. We will not have the job descriptions done by Dec. 1. I hope Jeff agrees that we can have the personnel manual ready to show the SC by that date. I think he was off the call when I opined that he should be able to get his edits done. The others on the cte need to sign off but that should be routine and quick. I think it’s possible, but not definite, that we could have the job descriptions done by year end. I have a lot on my plate, we have to discuss with staff, etc.”

VIII. NEXT MEETING – 11/18 Budd not available.