November 6, 2011

GPUS SC Conference Call – November 6, 2011; 8 p.m. EST

a. Facilitator – Nan Garrett
b. Roll Call – Budd Dickinson, Susan Chunco, Audrey Clement, Jeff Turner, Theresa ElAmin. Staff – Dave Sacks
Absent – Tamar Yager (on plane, reservations made before meeting schedule changed), Leenie Halbert (medical leave), Farheen Hakeem (religious holiday), Mark Swaney.
Observers – Frank Young, Jody Grage
d. Agenda revisions – Theresa brought up message from Mark that he is resigning. Budd said he needed to send it to the NC.

a. Office Manager – Brian Bittner – submitted, not on call.
b. Fundraiser Report – David Sacks – was in DC for Salsa database conference; worked with Brian on improved use of database; final 2011 resolicitation will drop first week of December.

a. Cash report to date – Oct month end $9500 in general/web accounts; t-shirt statement not received; regular beginning of month bills paid; $900 for 2008 state sharing paid to six states with smallest amounts and more soon as revenue permits.

b. Budget discussion – Review of income narrative from FunCom; Dave Sacks reviewed the income streams; about 1,000 new donors per year but only retaining 15% of those; phone banking contact every donor yearly; Dave will add more phone bankers and work to grow our lists; database improvements key to increasing income; will be prospecting for major donors.

Budget income is $381k for 2012; estimate $249k for 2011 not including December mailing; The difference is explained by the fact that the fundraiser was not fully functioning until May, 2011; increase will be supported by many new programs like phone banking, four resolicitations rather than the 3 in 2011, database efficiency. Weekly reports much more detailed beginning in 2012.

Jeff stressed that the income narrative be examined by section because that’s what explains the total revenue increase. The budget is scheduled to go to the NC by Nov 14; Jeff will send revised budget and expense narrative after Wednesday’s Fincom meeting.


Budd – inform Mark Swaney that resignations need to be announced to the NC.

Audrey – Employment Agreements for staff – Personnel Advisory Committee needs call; no response from members of committee. Need to get input from staff.

Jeff and Tamar – Personnel Manual revision – after budget. Need to get input from staff.

Liaisons – Request that committee co-chairs update their co-chairs, membership, and committee contact information on committee web pages.

All – study latest draft of proposed budget documents.

V. Forum Manager situation – need to recruit candidates; Frank says no complaints lately; Jim Coplen resignation probably in effect.

VI. Election for PNC Credentials Committee Update – Farheen sent post 29 October; candidates were asked to respond to Budd if willing to serve; no responses received.

In the queue:
Proposal 623 – Instructions to Budget Writers, Undoing Racism
Training – 2/3 threshold – Voting 11/8-14

Proposal 625 – To Sustain SC Decision on Threshold for 623 – Sustained

Proposal 626 – Amend Fiscal Policy to Eliminate State Sharing – Voting

Proposal 627 – Selection of Site for 2012 Presidential Nominating
Convention – Sacramento vs. Baltimore – Voting 11/14 – 20.

Proposal 628 – Amendments to the International Committee’s Rules, Policies
Procedures- Voting 11/14 – 20.

Received for the queue:
Apportionment Tabulation Committee (ATC) Report (see below) – Floor Manager – Audrey; 2/3 threshold; 2 weeks discussion, 1 week voting; Budd will put into queue this week if possible.

In queue when received:
Election Tabulation Committee Report – will include recommendations to improve process.

Written reports will also be included in the minutes.
Susan – both FinCom and FunCom report to the SC, Merch still not functioning.

Audrey – already reported on Personnel Advisory Group, PCSC in Leenie’s place and was on last call; willing to take on BAC.

Theresa – Diversity and Outreach will be going into high gear after elections since several interested people are running for election. From written report: “I’ve been in touch with Accreditation and was informed KY and US Virgin Islands are still not ready yet for consideration. Roger is in touch with organizers in both places.

On inactive committees (Diversity and Outreach), I decided to wait until after elections on November 8 when some committee leaders will be better able to respond to meeting requests. Platform continues to work on plans for updating the platform in 2012. Platform is a highly active committee. Media continues its focus on press releases and has good participation. I’m still shut out from BRPP.

IX. Budget call 11/13 – Theresa has schedule conflict and won’t be on. – need facilitator. Next regular call 11/20 – facilitator needed.

Adjourned 9:37pm

PROPOSAL: 2011 Apportionment of Green National Committee

PRESENTER: Apportionment Tabulation Committee


Earlier this year the Green National Committee passed Proposal 599, providing for a new apportionment model for the GNC, and creating an Apportionment Tabulation Committee to process the information and submit the final reapportionment proposal. This proposal represents the completion of the work of the Apportionment Tabulation Committee.

A full report of the committee is available online at:


The Green National Committee hereby accepts the 2011 report of the Apportionment Tabulation Committee, and accordingly, establishes that the new apportionment of the Green National Committee shall be as follows:

Alabama 2
Arizona 2
Arkansas 4
California 25
Colorado 3
Connecticut 4
Delaware 2
District of Columbia 2
Florida 3
Georgia 2
Hawaii 2
Illinois 12
Indiana 2
Iowa 2
Kansas 2
Louisiana 2
Maine 5
Maryland 2
Massachusetts 4
Michigan 6
Minnesota 3
Mississippi 2
Missouri 2
Montana 2
Nebraska 2
Nevada 2
New Jersey 2
New Mexico 2
New York 6
North Carolina 2
Ohio 3
Oklahoma 2
Oregon 3
Pennsylvania 3
Rhode Island 2
South Carolina 3
Tennessee 2
Texas 5
Utah 2
Virginia 2
Washington 2
West Virginia 2
Wisconsin 3
Lavender Caucus 1
Black Caucus 1
Women’s Caucus 1


The proposal provides for immediate implementation. Upon approval of the proposal, several state parties will need to amend their delegation information with the GPUS Secretary.


Proposal 599:

ATC Report: